Is it hot in here?

I love lists. I especially love Top Ten lists. I want to do my own Top Ten lists. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood to write out a long and introspective blog entry. I’m sure there are many coming, though!

My first list will be what’s been on my brain since the other night’s “Lost” episode. I present to you:

The Top Ten Hottest Male Losties:

1. Desmond. My first, my last, my everything.

2. Sawyer. It took awhile for him to grow on me but he has undergone one of the greatest character transformations I’ve ever seen a TV character undergo and I’ve grown to lust him. I realize the proper term is “lust after him” but I like my version better. Sawyer is shirtless for more than half of the show which I usually find obnoxious and weird (Hello, Taylor Lautner) but it meets my approval here. And the odd thing is – I rarely find myself checking out his body at all. I can barely get past his bad-ass attitude and Disney prince hair. I realize those two traits don’t quite go well together, but they do with Sawyer.

3. Sayid. His accent (I know it’s fake), his lips, his eyes. There’s a lot of blood on his hands but I can forgive him. He has such power and persuasion and he always, always gets the job done. Can you even imagine what it’s like to be alone in a tent with him? I can’t.

4. Jack. Not my favorite character but there’s something about him in the new season that is so, so sexy. Maybe it’s because he’s been keeping his mouth shut more. His hair is looking good and he fills out that T-shirt oh so well. He asked Sun in the latest episode, “Do you trust me?” And she couldn’t help but nod yes. As Tori Amos sings, “The sexiest thing is trust.” And that line is followed by some pirates along the coast lyrics. She gets it.

5. Jin. Jin is just beautiful. It also took time for him to grow on me but he’s softened up quite a bit. And that’s only in the attitude department. His face and body are hard, sculpted perfection.

6. Richard Alpert. I read in an interview that Nestor Carbonell does not wear eye-liner. His eyes are just that exotic and beautiful. His character finally got an in-depth back story episode and while it revealed a lot of new information, I almost didn’t notice it because I was too busy staring at the muscles showing through his shirt.

7. Boone. I have to throw a shout-out to Boone. Not sexy, not powerful, not charismatic, not…alive. The actor is quite good-looking, though.

8. Jacob. I can’t tell if Jacob is hot or not. It’s a lot like that “Seinfeld” episode in which Jerry’s girlfriend looks beautiful in some lights and terrible in others, and his emotions run hot and cold with her depending on the lighting. It’s also like Claire Danes in “My So-Called Life.” What was with that? Sometimes, I think Jacob is definitely not hot. Yet when I do think he’s hot, he’s hot enough to make my Top Ten.

9. Frank Lapidus. He’s older and very grizzled when we first meet him, but when I saw him as the clean-shaven pilot of the ill-fated flight to Guam, I gasped out loud and not just out of surprise at seeing his character return. I gasped because, damn – he looked good. What a silver fox.

10. Paolo. Umm..just because I needed a 10th and Charlie and Hurley (and Locke and Ben) just don’t do it for me.

P.S. I lied a little. Sometimes I have dreams that I’m dating Ben. He’s so creepy but I would make out with him.

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  1. OMG! I totally agree with you on everything except I wouldn't make out with Ben. Eew! Hahaha!! I also totally forgot who Boone was. Or, maybe I haven't met him yet? I'm behind a few episodes. 🙂

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