Is a Winter Wedding on Your Bucket List? 5 Reasons To Add it

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Is a Winter Wedding on Your Bucket List? 5 Reasons To Add it:

If you want to pull off an effortlessly cool-warm and cosy wedding, then summer is a perfect time. However, if you want to achieve a unique, unforgettable and outstanding wedding, winter would be a great time.

Weddings are the most exciting and life-changing events in a person’s life. The thought of spending the rest of your life with your partner is great, but planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience.

There is a lot to consider if you want to achieve the perfect wedding. Most people think and know that a perfect wedding is during summer. To some extent, this is somewhat true, and there are various reasons to have a summer wedding.

At the top of the list is good weather and everyone will take advantage of this by dressing elegantly. Another reason to have a summer wedding is that summers are vacation periods meaning no work stress. Besides, you can have various flower options to choose from as many flowers blossom during summer.

However, various drawbacks might make you reconsider having a summer wedding. Foremost, summer is a high peak season where travel costs are expensive, and flights are always fully booked, forcing some family members and friends to miss out. Besides, most people have their weddings during the summer, limiting your venue options.

Fortunately, you can avoid such inconveniences by having a winter wedding. Here are some of the best reasons to have your wedding in winter.

More Venue Options

Winter is an off-peak season. People travel less, events and ceremonies are fewer. This can mean more venue options to choose from. During summer, venues book up quickly, and it can be hard to get a venue of your dreams.

If you are lucky enough and did not manage to book in advance, most venue options can give you a two to three months wait. But who wants to wait that long to finally reunite with their loved one.

If you cannot wait, it would be best to have your wedding during winter. If you could not get a specific venue during summer, you have high chances of getting it during winter. 

There will be minimal activities taking place, and you can book your favorite venue with a date of your choice. Besides, you will not have to compete with anyone for a venue slot.

Best Prices

Summer prices can go above and beyond, making it hard for someone to achieve a perfect wedding. Best prices for gifts, travel flights and venues are guaranteed during winter. You can even get services such as catering, bartending and photography at an affordable or lower price. 

Traveling is cheaper during winter, but necessary precautions need to be taken amid the pandemic. All your family members and friends will have no reason to miss your wedding apart from snowstorms, which can limit movement.

Accommodation is cheaper as you can take advantage of off-season discounts. Besides, you can buy gifts at a high off-season discount. Venues are also less expensive during the colder months.


Having a winter wedding can guarantee free decorations. Imagine not spending a dime on wedding decorations as most venues will most likely have Christmas decorations. Besides, Christmas decorations may have discounts which you can easily buy to decorate your venue.

Another decoration benefit is the use of dancing snowflakes to decorate your venue. Also, your ice sculpture may not melt quickly compared to having one in your wedding during summer. These are great reasons to finally have that winter wedding.

Immaculate Photos

It would be best to choose Villa wedding for immaculate wedding photos. If you want to achieve perfectly clean or tidy wedding photos, then it is a perfect time during winter. There are so many wedding photography ideas you can incorporate during your wedding.

A chilly winter photo session doesn’t sound cosy enough, but you can achieve fairytale photos if you hang in there till the photo session is over. Once your wedding pictures are taken, the results are breathtaking.

Winter provides the perfect natural lighting reflecting from the white snow. Besides, black and white colors are great if you want to include winter landscapes. Most probably, these colors are what the bride and groom wear.

A Unique and Memorable Wedding

Lastly, having your wedding during winter is one of the best ways to have a unique and memorable wedding. Winter weddings are uncommon, and it will be a fun and exciting experience for everyone who attends.

Plus, other things add uniqueness such as having blankets over chairs, hot chocolate at the reception, to mention a few.

What are you waiting for? From the above reasons, it’s about time you add a winter wedding on your bucket list if you haven’t had a wedding before. But who said you could not renew your vows during winter?


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