Introducing A New Pet Into Your Household When You’ve Already Got One

Regardless of the pet, it's important to understand how to make sure that everybody can get along. How can we do this? Introducing a new pet into your house

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Introducing A New Pet Into Your Household When You’ve Already Got One

The addition of a pet to a household can make all the difference. It can make people happier and families can feel closer together. But when there’s already a pet in the household and you decide to introduce a new one into the mix, this is when things can get pretty interesting! Bringing a new dog into the family can be exciting from the perspective of the pet but it can also create a lot of stress. Regardless of the pet, be it a dog, cat, or falcon (!) it’s important to understand how to make sure that everybody can get along. How can we do this?

Picking a pet to match the personality

When you are considering what type of pet to bring into the household you’ve got to think about the equilibrium. You don’t want to upset everything and cause a lot of conflict between the animals. When you are looking to bring a new puppy or dog into the home you’ve got to set reasonable goals and this could mean understanding the dogs’ backgrounds and temperaments so you can see how well they will socialize. This also means that you can manage the situation better if there is any conflict. You may want to choose a more sedate dog like a Pug rather than something like a Collie. You can find more info about Pugs online just so you can understand it from a personal perspective. And you should also make sure that you pick a dog that suits your temperament as a family unit. This can be a lot of work but it’s worth it in the long run because you will have fewer stresses.

Introducing the new pet

Bringing them straight home can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, it’s important to introduce the new dog to your current pet into a neutral location. For example, a park can stop your resident dog from feeling their territory being threatened. Remember to keep yourself relaxed so the dogs don’t pick up on any of your stress. And don’t try to force them to interact with each other just give them the opportunity to walk near each other. We have to remember that these things take time. Keep an eye on the body language and take caution if you see any signs of dog tension, such as growling or prolonged staring.

Bringing them into their new home

The trick is to minimize conflict over possessions, especially in terms of your resident pet’s toys and bed. When you bring a new dog home you have to keep them separate and on a leash when you are walking them around and showing them where they will sleep and eat. It’s also important to show them where the other pets sleep and eat. It’s crucial to establish boundaries straight away by using baby gates or closing off rooms while the pets acclimatize to the new environment.

It can take some time to settle into this but if you are struggling, you can get external help. There are qualified dog trainers that can help to minimize conflicts but it is a short-term concern. Just as long as you establish boundaries and give it the time it requires, they will get along famously soon enough.

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