In Which Des Takes Over My Ask Away Friday.

Hey Girl…

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Er..I mean, Hey Guys. I mean, Hey Everyone! Des here today. My mama is still sleeping off publishing her intense Disney post two days ago, doing a hard photo job, and having Scarlet sneak into her bed and steal her covers or kick her in the head. Even in the BRAND NEW king-sized bed! So she’s going to rest today and this weekend, if you all don’t mind. You know she loves you all and can often be found smiling into her computer screen. And they say I have imaginary friends! She can really only sneak in her blog time while I’m asleep, because sometimes I try to climb into the garbage, give Lambie a bath, or flush toy cars down the toilet.

So I am pleased to tell you that I am taking over Mama’s #AAF, and I am swapping with an OLDER woman! She is two-years-old and already a blogger at Growing Up Madison! Our moms are friends and we are fated to be friends, or get married, if our parents get their way. Our moms have become very good friends, both on the blog and off, and we’re excited to swap questions.

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To see who else is participating or to learn how to join the fun, head over to visit hosts: Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County, Amber from The Bold Fab Mom, Tiffany from Mrs Tee Love Life Laughter and Stacey from This Momma’s Ramblings. #AskAwayFriday is their beautiful and ever-growing creation! And contact me if you want to swap some time!

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To read Madison’s answers to my questions, go HERE. And here are my answers to her questions:

1. Everyone loved your tips on How To Give Your Mom a Meltdown and you will be two very soon, has your sister Scarlet given you any tips on how to handle the terrible two’s?

You know, Scarlet has told me a big secret. She said that she was a perfectly adorable angel during her whole span of being two-years-old. And rightfully so, because Mama was pregnant with me during most of that year! And then, when I was born and Scarlet turned three, she really turned on the difficult and argumentative behavior. She said that two was a time of exploration and learning to run and jump and speak in full sentences. She said that our whole family gets high and giddy on life, and that we’re always seeking adventure. She told me that I was lucky to be born into this family. Scarlet also said that at age two, she was able to watch TV and eat sweets. And she said that Dada is the softie with that, and Mama will mostly say “no.”

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2. Since your advice, has there been anything newsworthy that you have done that you want to share?

I did learn something amazing in the last few months! I learned that to signal that I’m done with a particularly delicious and messy Mama-made dinner (chili quesadillas, anyone?) I can smear all of my food into my hair! It’s particularly great on a bath day, when I’ve ALREADY had my bath. Mama loves that! She also discovered that after I learned to walk, I learned to run. After I learned to run, I learned to run away. At crowded airports. Right into those weird, beeping golf cart things. And the icing on the cake is that on one particularly bad morning, I needed a diaper change right before we had to leave for preschool dropoff. And I may or may not have reached my hand into my diaper and smeared some of it into my hair. This fabulousness is not easy to wash:

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3. I’m the baby of the family just like you are. I do have 2 big brothers and a big sister unlike you. Do you think your mommy may make you a big brother some time soon?

If at all ever, it won’t be anytime soon. Mama says I’d only be a big brother if pigs started flying. Or if Scarlet was old enough to babysit, I was old enough not to crap my pants, and my parents suddenly won the lottery. So, we shall see, in other words.

4. What’s your most favorite thing to do with your mommy or daddy?

When Dada comes home, he likes to lift Scarlet and me into the air and dance around the house singing. It ends with him throwing us onto the couch.

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I love Mama’s hugs in the rocking chair. I like to subtly tell her I want her to read to me by throwing a book at her shoulder and yelling, “Me!” Somehow she always gets the hint, though, and we snuggle for about 30 seconds until I throw the book on the floor or start turning the pages all out of order, or trying to rip them. And then I repeat this 17 times.

5. Is there something you look forward to doing on a daily basis?

See above. I also really like eating. I yell for my food. Sometimes I even beat my chest. I wake up in the morning and I yell, “Mama! Dada! Waffle!” I also get excited whenever Dada turns on the TV, although he puts on boring news shows. Whenever the fridge is open, I look forward to someone spraying whipped cream into my mouth. It doesn’t happen very often, though.

6. You get to go to some really nice places with your family. What has been your favorite place to visit thus far?

The problem with all of the previous Doctor Who conventions, Renaissance Faires, dinosaur museums, jumping pillows, theme parks and state fairs is that I either slept through them or I was confined to my stroller because I either couldn’t walk yet, or my parents didn’t totally love when I ran off into crowds. (who knew?!) So it’s a bit of a tie between Truro in Cape Cod because my parents let me sit on the sand and put it into my hair, where it stayed for days, tied with all of my grandparents’ houses.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

7. You seem rather fearless in your photos but do you have any fears?

Fears? What are those? Although I am a bit petrified of being dressed like a bunny.

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8. My favorite word is “why?”, what’s your favorite?

Oh, easy! It’s “Me!” I pretty much just yell that out for anything. “Who wants ice cream?” Me!” “Who knows anything about Hanukkah?” “Me!” Sometimes if I’m excited and want something but I forget the word for it, I just point to it or bring it to my mama and yell, “ME!”

9. I love to read and I hope you love reading too. What’s your favorite book to read?

There’s this book about ten racing ducklings, and one of them squeaks! I get SUCH a kick out of that book.

10. Since we are going to be married in the future, are there any quirks I should know of now?

Oh dear. Where do I begin? I’m an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Or is it a mystery wrapped in an enigma? I’m pretty sure my Dada thinks I get that from my Mama. I’m sensitive. I go through phases. You can make me cry easily on one day, and not the next. I eat like a trash compacter. Or like the beast in “Beauty and the Beast.” I never make a mess, though, except for above said hair incidents. My mama thinks I’m strangely clean, but it’s really because I can’t bear to waste even crumbs. I also love having my hair in my eyes. I sleep with my butt in the air. I’m in love with a girl named Lambie. She’ll have to sleep with us when we are married, ok? And it’s not terribly hard to make me happy. And when I’m happy, it’s contagious.

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Author Bio: Desmond Bowman is the hungriest boy in the entire world, but this fact hasn’t been recognized by “The Guinness Book of World Records” just yet. He resides in western Massachusetts with his Mama, Dada, older sister and a slew of imaginary pets. He loves running through airports with his right arm swinging in circles, pushing around a toy shopping cart, eating two waffles in under two minutes, hugging his parents, running away from everyone else while pretending he’s going in for a hug, and yelling, “Cheese, please!” Favorite toys include a well-loved lovey, Lambie (and he doesn’t know she has four spares hiding in his closet), one car or truck in each hand, and bunch of balls that always get stuck under the couch. Desmond Bowman gets at least 53 hugs, kisses and “I love you’s” a day.

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  1. I love it! Fears? What’s that? That just makes them.perfect for each other because Madison is afraid of everything. One at night she went into the bathroom saw her shadow and ran out screaming. I thought it was too funny. Now she’ll have a brave someone to take care of her. And when pigs fly huh? Guess we really will see. I’m in my hospital bed drugged up but just had to read his answers. Happy Friday.

    1. I honestly couldn’t think of one!! I’m sure they’ll develop later, like they did with Scarlet. Although hers aren’t really consistent either!
      I am sending you such good vibes today!!! Er..I mean.. my Mama sends you good vibes! Des here, of course.

  2. Des, if I ever have a daughter, promise me you’ll consider meeting her before you commit to anyone else, okay?
    Also, you should meet my compact trashcan… er, I mean, my youngest son. You’ll love each other!

    1. I absolutely promise that! There is no doubt that a daughter of yours would be as gorgeous as you are. (Sorry. I know I’m one but I’m a little Romeo)
      My Mama shows me your photos of your sons and I feel like we’d have so much in common!

  3. I hate to say it, but the eating only gets worse. I keep waiting for my boys to slow down and it hasn’t happened yet! Also, we should start a Hey Girl meme with that first picture. Just saying. Great job, Des. Happy to see you are giving Mama a break.

  4. Ok, the bunny costume and response made me giggle. Des is seriously such a little doll and hope to get to meet him soon! As for his answer to a baby sibling, sounds the way Lily would have to answer this one, too. Because I certainly have the when pigs fly mentality, too here. But seriously, loved that Des and Madison swapped today and now have to head over to see how Madison answered Des’s question. Have a great weekend and don’t work too hard!! 🙂

    1. I won’t work too hard! Unless it’s too hard at waking up before 8:00 am and beating my chest for my morning waffles!
      My Mama, however, will probably work all weekend. She just took on a hard photo job and she’s such a perfectionist. She needs to take a chill pill and maybe throw the ball with me for awhile. It seems to help her.

    1. Maybe I’ll be a writer one day like everyone else in the family!! Mama would love that. Dada would think, “Oh no! Another crazy person in the house!”

  5. Monkey is going to be heartbroken that Des is already spoken for! Actually, I don’t think pining and heartache will be Monkey’s style. Des, you better lock up the big wheel. Tire slashing rage is more her MO!

    Love it when Des takes over the keyboard. Plus, the pictures. So adorable!

    1. Thank you, Nicole! My Mama is still resting off her bender…err…I mean her long night of Photoshop. Poor dear. I think Monkey sounds EXACTLY like my kind of girl.

    1. We might try that, actually! I really like this blogging thing. I can see why Mama loves doing this. It’s almost as if you are all…real. Right? Unlike my Lambie?

  6. Des is so charming it’s just absurd. I actually know a kid (who is now … 19! Where did the time go?) who Des reminds me of so much. They have the same hair, eyes, and off-the-chart charm. I feel sorry for you Tam, when he gets older and you have a parade of giggling girls through your house. Oh dear!

    1. I need to meet my alter ego!!
      And my Mama always says that she shudders to think about Scarlet and me dating. She wants me to promise I’ll stick to dating only her friends’ daughters. So far, I like what I see!

  7. Des is a heartbreaker alright! I love this, what a great twist to the AAF! The soiled diaper right before we leave is usually the case for us…and its even worse when he has on ALL of his snow gear. Lordy!

    1. Ooh, I’ve never tried the snow gear trick! Thanks, Nellie! I thought I had done everything I could to make my Mama insane, when it comes to soiled diapers.
      She actually thinks she’s going to potty train me right when I turn two, like she did with Scarlet. Hilarious, right??

  8. Des, You are the cutest not quite two-year old blogger that I know! I love your answers and your cheekiness! Thanks for giving your mom a break today. Being so awesome all the time must get exhausting for her!

    1. Aw, you are so kind! I couldn’t resist reading this aloud to my Mama, who is laying on the couch with Scarlet after a bad bout with trying to comb my hair.
      She doesn’t often feel awesome, but she feels that all of her awesome friends make her feel greater than great!

  9. THis is beyond ADORABLE! I am so anxious to do a swqap between Kiddies now! So much fun! Welcome to Blogger Land Des…you definitely have your Moms humor and gift for holding a reader’s attention…maybe we will see more of you? 😀

    1. I hope so! And thank you. I like being compared to my Mama because people often say we look/act alike sometimes.
      If you’d ever like Scarlet or me to swap with one of your younger kids, we’d love to!! Scarlet is 4.5.

  10. Des is such a charmer! This is the most adorable post I have read in a long time. By the way, that fist picture is just too gorgeous for words!!

  11. Des! What a great set for Ask Away Friday. I loved the clever spin on this, Tamara and the cameo of Malone’s red and black checked hoodie!

    I think the bunny picture of Des is one of my favorites of all time. I can’t believe he’s almost TWO!!

    Poop in the hair is one of the most glamours things mamas have to deal with. The only thing worse is POOP in the tub during bath time.

    1. My red and black checked hoodie is ace – thanks! I like the cute young lumberjack look.
      I have to say that I have pooped in the bathtub a few times, and when I do, my Mama usually looks around for my Dada. Since it always happens when he’s not home, she sometimes looks at me and says, “I honestly don’t know what to do right now. I might go breathe into a paper bag.”

    1. Not at all! My Mama loves it because she thought I was so cute in my bunny suit, crying or not. And I even had a little puffy tail!
      Come to think of it, Mama never knew that I buried that silly tail at the bottom of my closet and she’ll never find it!

  12. I think this is the cutest, most genius Ask Away Friday idea I have ever seen!! I must say that Des has taken over the blog quite amazingly and I’m sure has charmed all the ladies reading! I love his bunny costume and especially the sand dumping picture. Why do all kids love that so much? Oh yea, it’s because Mommy has to get clean out all the sand in the hair after!! So great, loved reading this today.

    1. I still remember the feeling of sand in my scalp! I think it bothered my Mama a lot more than it bothered me! In fact, I plan to do it again this summer.
      Thank you so much! This genius idea was actually mine. I wanted to take over her blog for a day and get my side of the story out there.

  13. Love, love, LOVE this take on Ask Away Friday!! You’re totally set now, Tamara. Des can just take over whenever you need a break!! 😉 Oh, that last photo just melts my heart…well, all of them…but that one…SQUEE!!! (and I don’t blame you for the bunny tears at all, Des!!) –Lisa

    1. It was very humiliating being dressed as a bunny for Halloween! I really wanted to be a dormouse in a ballerina tutu! Next year, sigh.
      I do plan to give my Mama more breaks by posting every now and then. Scarlet too. Mama needs breaks! When she takes breaks, she gives me such nice hugs.

  14. this is adorable! what a great idea for a post. I would love to do this at some point too! you know how Des signals he’s done eating by putting his food in his hair? The kid of one of my friends used to go to a day care where they were taught to put their hands on their heads when they were done! how silly is that!

  15. You, my brilliant friend, outdid yourself with this one. I LOVE Des’ voice and his appetite and well, HIM. And his cool hair. The rest of his family ain’t bad, either. HAHA to the post-bath hair smears. Those are my favorite, especially when we’re late going somewhere. Hm.

    1. My Mama says, “thank you!” She’s still too lazy to come to the blog today so I’m filling in with comments. She told me all about you, though. You’re her sister wife, which makes you kinda my mom. Or something!

  16. I used to rock with my Mommy every night in my rocking chair. I was very sad when I turned 5 and Mommy said I was getting too big to rock before bedtime. But I still make her sing to me every night, and sometimes I’ll get out of bed and tell her she forgot to sing to me so she’ll do it again! She tells me she already did, but all it takes is one look with my big blues eyes and she’s all mine! ~Emmy

    1. Hi Emmy!
      Scarlet here. Des had to go to bed and I’m taking over for a bit. I am 4.5 and I still sneak into my parent’s bed a few times a week. They even bought a king-sized bed last week because Dada said, “Maybe we shouldn’t let her sleep in our bed but one day we’ll miss it so.”
      So you keep on having your mommy sing to you!! Forever and ever!

  17. Best post ever!!! The rubbing of and putting stuff in the hair is funny (since I’m not the one doing the washing) – although the diaper incident…..UGH!!!
    The thing about the fridge and someone spraying whipped cream in his mouth made me laugh and then I reread it and laughed again – poor Des, if I meet him I will totally spray whipped cream in his mouth and even his hair if it makes him happy!!!
    There are days that I want to channel his favorite word and say ME because some days I feel like people need a reminder of ME!

    1. Well Kim, you’ll be happy to know that today I pointed to the fridge and when my Mama opened it, I pointed to the whipped cream. She really wanted me to say “whipped cream, please” but you know how it is at my age. Why talk on command when I can just surprise them later? Anyway, she let me have some in my mouth and my Dada said, “I can’t believe you just did that!”
      And Mama defended her actions. She said, “Honey, why don’t you try spending 12 hours straight with Des, ok?” Dada backed off.

  18. Oh how I LOVE this post! GENIUS idea!!! I would give Des can after can of whipped cream…how could you say no to that precious face and those beautiful brown eyes? I think Morrissey should re-write his Brown-eyed girl song in a toddler version for a cutie Brown-eyed Des. Sweet!

  19. Des, you have excellent vocabulary for a not-quite two year old. Keep the hair a little long in the front – the girls go for that. It was a pleasure hearing from you today; if we ever meet in person I will bring a container of whipped cream just for you!

    1. My Mama did tell me that girls like my hair! I sleep on my head a lot so it gets very frizzed out in the front and she obsesses over it.
      I think we shall meet! At my grandparent’s beach house? At a blogging convention??

  20. Oh! I love this!! “I eat like a rash compactor.” Ha! That last picture is just perfect. I think all my girls are too old for Des unless he decides he likes older women, so I’m glad he and Madison are a match!

  21. Des, you sound like QUITE the deal. I love to eat too, so I totally get that eating like a trash compactor thing. I feel sorry for your mama having to clean all the mess from your hair though. THAT’S never fun.

    I was looking back through my recipe binder a few days ago and I always make notations on a new recipe the first time I try it … who liked it … who didn’t. One said “Juliet obviously didn’t like this, because she threw her plate on the floor.” When it happened 7 years ago I’m sure it wasn’t funny, but thinking about it now sure brings a smile to my face.

    1. haha!! Juliet sounds like my kind of gal.
      Working with my Mama was really fun. It was like “Take Your Food-Stained Toddler To Work Day.” That should be a new holiday! And I’m not big enough to type without sitting on an adult’s lap but she read a book and didn’t feed me any of my lines!

  22. I LOVE the bunny outfit even if you don’t, Des.

    And I LOVE that you were named after a character in Lost. “See you in another life, brotha.”

    1. Thank you, Amber! Maybe I’ll grow to like it. My Mama might try to wrestle me into it again, although I’m getting so big! And I did eat the bunny tail.
      Also, she told me all about you and your funny family!

  23. This was awesome.
    I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop laughing at the image of him tossing the book at you to read. I mean, I’d be furious if mine did it, so sorry — not sure why that amuses me.
    Unfortunately I’ve had several poop incidents here too…… so, your turn to laugh now. 🙂

    1. Thank you for laughing! Sometimes my Mama doesn’t pay attention to my OBVIOUS messages, like whining, stamping my foot and yelling, “Book!” So I throw it at her! Then she reads it. Like magic!!!
      I’m not laughing at you about the poop incidents but I do kinda want to high five your kids! (Des)

    1. I will! However, Mama gave me whipped cream straight from the can tonight and Dada said, “See what you just caused?” And Mama said, “Remember when you gave Scarlet a bag of gummi bears and ice cream and she had diarrhea for a week?” And Dada said, “Did you have to bring that up in front of our guests?” And Mama said, “It’s just that..I’m right. I’m right!”
      (That may have been an inaccurate portrayal of what actually happened)

        1. I had actually switched the identities of my parents! The unfortunate gummi bear incident belonged to Mama, and Dada will never let her forget it…
          I think I’m almost old enough to shoot pool! And eat sandwiches without choking.

  24. Des, you are adorable…and very hungry! I love that you shout for waffles in the morning. Your bunny costume is super cute but I could see why it is scary to become a white rabbit. You will be very lucky if you turn out to be sensitive like your mommy, she is an amazing lady- but you already know that because you’re a smarty pants. Give Lambie a kissy for me and have fun this weekend!

    1. Isn’t she, though? Madison has my heart! Mama said you used to live in our town and she said you should come visit and go shopping together. However, I won’t stay in my stroller and I will most definitely run through the mall while trying to take my shirt off! (true story) — Des

      1. Oh you will have the running company of Henry! And please know there is nothing I would want to do more! I miss Massachusetts so much especially looking at your mommy’s gorgeous pictures!

        1. Bring it on, Henry!
          We “think” spring might come soon. And that’s when our home becomes so glorious with hummingbirds, butterflies and strawberries! (trying to tempt you here – Des)

  25. Oh goodness. This is so adorable!! I have to admit I love Scarlet’s expression in the bunny rabbit photo. I would die to know what she’s thinking there!

  26. This is sooo wonderfully funny!! I love how you were able to get right into Des’ eye and write as if you were him or he was you. It’s perfect.. I love his photo of playing in the sand. It’s cute but when it happened to my son, I panicked because it’s so hard to get the sand off his hair. Lol! AND the bunny picture is just so adorable! Haha he really looked so scared..

  27. I love this, Tamara! I mean, Des. Especially the bio at the end. And really all of the answers.

    Are you guys Buffy fans too? That’s what the bunny suit/fear of bunnies made me think of 🙂

  28. Awesome interview! Poop in the hair. Okay, but here’s a trick for you from my son who is now 22 years old. This is how he handled poop when he was your age, Des. You know how you like to read books and with your mama? Well, if you put the poop between the pages they stick together. Mama doesn’t think it’s funny and it usually takes a few minutes for her to figure out what it is. She might even sniff it to see if it’s chocolate. You’ll get a big laugh!

    1. I am totally cracking up! How genius of your son! I’m wondering if I should try that? I generally leave my books alone in that department because I tend to eat them. Yum! (Des)

  29. This was such a clever exchange between you and Madison! I loved it! Des is quite the character. I have to say he might top JR on some of his antics. Then again, this may only be the beginning of what I will have to go through because Des is baby number 2! LOL.

    1. Brittnei, I think I’d have a BLAST with JR. My antics are few and far between because my big sister gets me in line. I wonder if your second baby will keep JR in line! Not sure how it works! (Des)

  30. Oh Des! What an awesome #AAF. This made my day and I actually read it as if it were Des actually answering the questions 🙂 He sure does seem like a handful with all those hair mishaps and running through airports! What a cutie pie!

  31. It was so great to learn more about you Des, your mom shares you pictures and you look like such a fun little dude! I get the fear about the bunny suit, though you can take comfort in the fact that you look absolutely adorable in it! And your smile is definitely contagious!

    1. Don’t tell anyone this, but after that photo was taken, I ate the bunny tail and stuffed the ears in the garbage under the stinky onions. (Mama HATES onions)
      So they’ll never get me again!! (until next Halloween)

    1. Thank you! I do know but I’m going to bottle this all up for when I’m a teenager and I really need to remember. Hope to see you this summer! (Des)

  32. Wow it’s Des turn this time!! Thank you for making me smile! It reminds me a lot of the wonderful milestones and funny moments of my son!
    I also like to say that the Disneyland experience you had is a dream…wish to see it for real myself.

  33. Aw, Des, I’m bummed you’re already spoken for. You’re such a cutie, and I kinda like older boys. Maybe one day you can teach me this whole eating neatly thing. I’m not yet eating solid food, but that sounds like a neat trick for when I do! (I’m sure my mama would like that….minus rubbing it all over my hair. Like you, I have a nice full head of it that I’m sure will be loads of fun for her to have to clean food out of one day.) -Eve

    1. Hi Eve!
      I’ll tell you all about rubbing it in my ear. Mama loves when I do it with something REALLY cheesy so it will stink later. You may be too young for mac and cheese but if you do eventually enjoy it, it not only smells – it gets stuck in your hair!
      Try it.
      And let’s hang out sometime?
      Love..I mean..Hey,

  34. Now this has GOT to be the CUTEST AND MOST CREATIVE IDEA EVER!!!

    Oh Des- you are simply a heart breaker!!! You keep doing these interviews with all the ladies, and oh boy- You will score BIG with the gals!!

    1. Thank you!! I feel like there are so many great girls for me in this world! Of course, I don’t think that way quite yet..but my Mama loves to put words in my mouth!

  35. i see a competitive eater in the making. this kid is going to make you rich! this post was so cute and adorable and hilarious. please have des post again soon. he cracks me up!

  36. Oh my sweets…
    Poop is not good hair gel.
    Believe me. My son used to shoot the poo and it would get near my facial region and sometimes in my hair and it never looked right.
    You scare me as a bunny.
    Kidding. You’re cute.

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