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5 Ways to Add Immune Support to Your Family’s Health

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wellmune® through Kitchen PLAY; all opinions are my own

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Hey, everyone! I hope you’ve been keeping safe and healthy this spring.

I know it has probably been the most unusual spring you’ve ever had, as it has been for us, but we’ve been focusing more on family togetherness, family health, and immune support. I know that even during normal years, this time of year can feel strange. Since having kids, I’ve been forever bewildered that colds and other viruses don’t stop just because the calendar says March 21st. Also, with pollen season being heavy here for most of spring, sometimes we can feel sick even when we’re not. I know that personally, I have been researching ways to support my family’s health, even more than ever. With two kids and one on the way, I love to learn new things. Lately we’ve been learning about Wellmune®. And what it is and how you can find it!

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5 Ways to Add Immune Support to Your Family’s Health:

1 – Wellmune®.

Let’s talk about immune support with beta glucans. They are derived from oats, mushrooms, and yeast, but not all are the same! Yeast-derived beta glucans have been shown to have well-substantiated immune-supporting properties. And incorporating yeast beta glucans into your family’s daily wellness regimen is a proven way to help improve your immune health. While getting enough sleep, exercising, and eating healthy are all amazing ways to support your health, certain beta glucans can help support your physical health and mental clarity too.

Where can you find yeast beta glucans?

You can find them in products that contain Wellmune. Wellmune offers a proprietary yeast beta glucan that is clinically proven to help support immune health. And Wellmune is a natural ingredient that is used by food, beverage, and supplement brands (that you may know!) to create products with immune health benefits for people of all ages. It’s extracted from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast and is naturally gluten-free. It can be found in products all over the world!

#ad Find out how to add immune support to your family's health this spring! #Wellmune #WellmuneImmunity #bewell #staywell #immunesupport #immunehealth

Examples of products with Wellmune that we use or have used:

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Train + Recover
  • Kidz Prebiotic Freezer Pops
  • Olly Kids Mighty Immunity
  • NatrolProbiotic Defense+

For more info on products with Wellmune, you can click here! We love Olly Kids Mighty Immunity.

Why is Wellmune “the best in class” immune health ingredient?

  • It’s natural, it’s safe for the whole family, and it’s clinically proven, backed by unmatched clinical research and well researched.

  • It’s a next-level wellness practice beyond sleep, exercise, and healthy eating.

  • You can consume Wellmune regularly to help stay well, especially if you’re in environments that can compromise your immune systems, like being stressed, traveling, having sick family members, etc. Clinical research shows that products with Wellmune can help support your immune system.

  • Wellmune is a patented and award-winning global brand that helps people be more proactive with family immune support.

  • Wellmune can be taken daily and is clinically proven to help improve general immune health, maintain overall physical health, protect against the harmful effects of stress, and promotes healthy energy levels and mental clarity.

  • It works by activating billions of immune cells, helping them quickly find and kill foreign invaders (like bacteria and viruses) that may harm our health.

  • Lastly, unlike other yeast beta glucans, Wellmune is the only ingredient supported by over a dozen published, peer-reviewed clinical studies. It’s unique!

#ad Find out how to add immune support to your family's health this spring! #Wellmune #WellmuneImmunity #bewell #staywell #immunesupport #immunehealth

And now let’s talk about other ways to add immune support to your family:

2 – Give a boost with those fruits and vegetables!

This is totally the time of year. I don’t know about your kids, but mine are much more likely to eat the fruits and vegetables that come from our own garden and/or the local farmers market. Try to have everyone eat 4-5 servings a day, with the knowledge that serving sizes vary by age.

3 – Give your family a sleep boost.

It’s the oldest trick in the book (along with drinking water), and yet many of us don’t heed the warnings. Sleep deprivation can make you more susceptible to illness, several studies say.

4 – Exercise as a family.

Make it a regular habit. We got into the habit of bike riding together in the school parking lot, since it’s a local flat space to start out. Now we play in our yard daily.

5 – Prevent the spreading of germs.

Immune systems go through a lot, and the more stress you can prevent, the better. Have your kids wash their hands with soap before and after meals, after being outside, after playing with pets and other animals, after blowing their noses, and after using the bathroom.

#ad Find out how to add immune support to your family's health this spring! #Wellmune #WellmuneImmunity #bewell #staywell #immunesupport #immunehealth

*Special note for me, and others: Wellmune has been well-studied for safety and immune health benefits. There are no studies on the safety of Wellmune during pregnancy, so make sure to consult your doctor on usage.

So, do you have any ways to add immune support to your family?

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  1. Very timely help as we definitely can use all the help we can get with our immune systems with all the germs and illnesses out there now. So, thanks for sharing this product, as well as your tips, too.

  2. We can all use a little immune support and now more than ever! Thanks for all the tips! We are working on the fruits andmvegetables this week!

  3. I started the kids on an immune gummy back in February, but I am not committed to any one brand. I am going to grab some of these. Awesome!

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