I’m On Vacation!

So, I intend to complete August in a spectacular fashion.

Not one to let it go easily, this week of the last month of summer will be filled with pony rides and John Deere gator rides and sunsets and day trips and overnight trips. I’m at my parent’s farm right now, getting the kids some much needed grandparent time. The Wi-Fi here is challenging at best, so I’m trying to finish the book, “All the Light We Cannot See” in the meantime. I’m also meeting with a bride about photographing her wedding, and eating spectacularly carby food.

For the next week or two, I have prescheduled a bunch of sponsored posts. Feel free to skip them if that’s not your bag, but they are all pretty interesting brands that I hand-picked myself because I like a good challenge.

There will be photos. There will be stories. There will be gravy. Not literally but that’s a saying you may or may not get the reference from…

See ya soon! I’ll try to take many pony ride photos.

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