I’m Going To Disney World, Part 4: Star Wars!

So, where were we?

Star Wars

Last time in Part 3, I dreamed a dream, of Des dreaming a dream, of a hotel we call “The Lightning McQueen Hotel”, which is actually a Cars family suite in the Art of Animation Resort. We arrived there just after sunrise, got our MagicBands and found out that our Disney travel agent ROCKS because Cassidy really did get a purple one. Meanwhile, our rental minivan was idling on the curb while Scarlet, Des and I were in a magical but real world of Cars dreams come to life. Sort of. Got that?


Star Wars

We drove from the resort to Hollywood Studios, which probably didn’t take too long. I was likely in a daze of sunshine, palm trees (transplanted or not), and the beat of my own heart, which beats in time to the Star Wars movie scores. Did you know that? Ask my doctor. It’s true! As you can tell from the first photo, everyone in my family was wearing a Star Wars shirt. In fact, we got to the park before the gate was up, and I noticed that entire families had Star-Wars-coordinated their outfits. These were my people! I was their person! Except, I don’t have a good Star Wars shirt or two (or three) apparently?

I do have Star Wars underwear, but sadly, no photos of that.

And so, it wasn’t a crowded day. We went through security and metal detectors and purse searchers, and everyone was friendly, of course. The gate finally lifted, and we bolted to line up to sign up for Jedi Training Academy. On line, we talked to many other Star Wars nerds fans and learned some good ins and outs of the park. We signed Scarlet and Des up for 2:00pm, even though they told us over and over they didn’t want to do it. We signed them up anyway, because Jedi Training Academy.

Heading to Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World? Here's everything Star Wars that we did, and all of this before 10:00. So much to see and do! #StarWars

Help me with something here, people. Throughout the day, we’d walk by the young Jedis training against Darth Vader and Scarlet and Des both looked at me like I had three heads. They said, “He’s a bad, bad guy, and also dead, right? So I’m confused. Why is he here, and why would you want us to train against a bad, bad guy?” Well oh my stars, they’re right!

They’re too young to stop believing that all of these princesses and Jedis and villains are actually REAL – (yes, yes, I know they’re real people, and that princesses and villains are real life things and that Jedis are kinda real too because of the power of the human spirit..) – but too old not to exercise sound logic. Cassidy and I spent a lot of time explaining why we’d take our dear children to a park teeming with dragons and awful villains. We explained that they’re reformed, or under control, or imprisoned, and that there are a heck of a lot of good guys there who outnumber them. And isn’t that based on reality?


Chewie is real! We loved on him and when it was time to say goodbye, he said “Bye” in his famous way.

Inside Star Wars Launch Bay, we saw a Jawa peeking around a corner. I shrieked. Then one came up behind me to scare me, and I shrieked, and it shrieked, and I asked where the Banthas were, and we all hung out for some quality time together.

(Des is THRILLED.)

Then, I went to meet Kylo Ren, while the rest of them chickened out and wandered around Star Wars Launch Bay.


Heading to Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World? Here's everything Star Wars that we did, and all of this before 10:00. So much to see and do! #StarWars



Heading to Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World? Here's everything Star Wars that we did, and all of this before 10:00. So much to see and do! #StarWars



Heading to Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World? Here's everything Star Wars that we did, and all of this before 10:00. So much to see and do! #StarWars


We chatted. He was not nice. He told me I was part of the resistance and I said, “Always”, and he said I was no longer welcome near him, and I said, “But should we hug or something?” And he declined, but I think he wanted to hug me.

Then we met back up, and the kids were so curious about Kylo Ren and why I’d want to hang out with someone who killed his own father. Excellent question, that. And why did I come back so flushed and giddy after hanging out with someone I would never let my kids near even in a galaxy far, far away? Iron-clad logic, that. Alas, the kids usually give in to the magic and wonder and stop asking so many darn smart questions. Just let the darkness and the light take you away, young Jedis!

Next up, we made our way outside because they were all going on Star Tours and I was going on The Great Movie Ride. There were always Star Wars shows going on at a main stage, and Stormtroopers patrolled through the park often. I even got stopped by an employee because there was a Star Wars parade crossing in front of me. Des saw two stormtroopers and said, “I want to go tell them they’re bad!” So we raced over to them and Cassidy said, “My son has some words for you”. They turned towards Des and he froze. Instantly bolted between Cassidy’s legs so scared. Then they started with the “Hold on there….calm down….calm down….calm down….calm down. The threat has been removed. You’re out of danger.”

Stay tuned and you’ll read about it!

Next up, more stories! FROZEN sing-a-long! More photos – and not ONLY phone photos like this post turned out to have?

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  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun at Hollywood Studios. The only time we took our kids to Hollywood Studios it was during a Star Wars weekend in May and it was so crowded. There were a lot of peopled dressed in costumes and of course t-shirts. My husband was proudly wearing his Star Wars t-shirt. However, it was hard to enjoy walking around because of the crowds. But we had a it of fun at the kid themed shows.

    1. Wow – around May 4th? Must have been NUTS!!! I bet people were in costume, but ours might be too hot to wear in May. I do love the spirit, though!

  2. We can’t wait to explore this area! Natalie is going to lecture Kylo Ren. And she LOVES Chewbacca and has wanted to meet him for “years and years.” I love your photos!

  3. No the Star Wars fun! I can’t wait until they build the one here in California. Love seeing all the photos of your trip and glad it was so memorable!

  4. I loved this! So much fun! You four know how to have a blast.

    I love the pics of you with Kylo Ren. lol You’re my hero!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Yay!!! Back at The Lightning McQueen Hotel. Does your heart really beat in time with Star Wars Movie Scores? That made me giggle. I want to visit the Jedi Training Academy. Ahhhhh I love Chewie he looks so friendly and sweet, we would be best buds. I can’t wait for the Frozen Sing-a-long 🙂 Have a great weekend Tamara.

    1. haha, sadly my heartbeat is rather boring. I guess that’s happily, actually!
      I really wanted Jedi Training but you had to be a kid. LAME!!

    1. I swear that I want to be a child in my own family!
      As for underwear, I have Ghostbusters, Star Wars, rainbows.. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, but the rest are more adult.

    1. Kylo Ren and I definitely talked about the current political election! You see, he has galaxy stuff going on and has no interest in our trivial stuff!

  6. I’m here laughing about that Kylo Ren meeting. Madison wasn’t interested in meeting any of the Star Wars characters at all. I’m hoping that she is the next time we go back. I personally like Klyo and just think that he’ll come to his senses eventually. 🙂

    1. Scarlet is aware that they’re not real life.. I think.. but was still petrified. I’m so confused by her confusion! I think Kylo Ren might turn out ok.. I’m with you there.

    1. I just can’t believe my kids didn’t want to do it! WE wanted to do it, but I think you had to be 12 and under or something like that.

  7. Haha, this is a funny one!! Kids really do ask smart questions. I’d like to say that sometimes we can’t actually outsmart them. LOL.

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