If I Could Tell You

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“When you go see a fertility specialist, the first thing they do is tell you that you’re broken. Then they tell you your options.”

I didn’t walk into the film – If I Could Tell You – blindly at all, or so I thought. The movie is raw and REAL and hopeful. I didn’t have fertility struggles. My daughter was an unexpected surprise, a bit before I was ready. My son was planned, and I didn’t want too much uncertainty so I did read books about fertility and I did track ovulation. I only had to do it for a month or two.

Then I got my news that I was about to be a mother of two.

When I first brought my firstborn – my daughter, Scarlet – to a newborn baby group, that’s when I fully understood that it was not, and is not, as easy for other parents. Many of my friends and family members have struggled with fertility. People don’t always talk about it, until after the fact, and that’s if they talk about it at all. This movie was as eye-opening for me, as the firsthand accounts of my loved ones have been. We are all different people, but our struggles can be similar to one another.

The main character, Abby, is humble, likable, and relatable. I figure she is about my age. Her facial expressions of hope, vulnerability and even desperation were so on point! I was glued to my screen. The actress, Avery Clyde, plays the part so powerfully because she was also on the fertility train with her husband at one time. She gets what it feels like and infuses her role with that authenticity. Sharon Lawrence runs a seminar weekend called “Breakthroughs and Miracles” in the movie.

The movie asks more than one important question.

One is about what YOUR miracle is.

And the other question is, how far are you willing to go for it?

Avery and her husband, Michael, have been trying for years but have obstacles in their way. They have decided to stop trying, but Abby is still riding that fertility train. The movie will have you wondering what NI is, and if it’s something she will pursue.

If I Could Tell You had me questioning what I would do, ten years older than I am now, and without my beautiful children. I’ve always felt it was my miracle to have kids, and I was so lucky that it wasn’t hard for me. I never forget that. With my second, we did try, and I found that experience so difficult for me. It was so much uncertainty, and so many questions. I think every day about how lucky I am. I hope everyone watches this movie and thinks about their own breakthrough and miracle.

“Everyone always says relax. Stop trying.”

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