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I Was Thankful Then, and I’m Thankful Now

I was thankful then, and I’m thankful now.

I'm thankful. I'm linking up with Finish The Sentence Friday for another great prompt. This week's topic is

It was only in November that I wrote my first 10 Things of Thankful post.

“Finish the Sentence Friday” and “10 Things of Thankful” are sort of.. sister linkups. Cousin linkups? I didn’t always participate in other people’s linkups, because I used to host my own! I co-hosted “Ask Away Friday” for a hot spell and looked forward to it all week. Personal blogging sort of died, or at least many of the original personal bloggers dropped off and found their own things. There are many of us still here, and many starting blogs every day. It’s nice that we still find places to call home every Friday. To gather, unwind, and breathe it in together. To connect.

I know I will always need a space to do this at least once a week.

I need deadlines and prompts, accountability and reliability.

In other words, I need to come here. If they build it, I will come. If they don’t build it, I’ll build it myself. I’ll share all my phone photos, silly stories, Facebook statuses, writing prompt reactions, and 10 reasons I’m thankful. So much changes day by day, week by week, and year by year.

So I want you to know that you’ll always find me here.

I'm thankful. I'm linking up with Finish The Sentence Friday for another great prompt. This week's topic is

10 Things of Thankful Right Now:

1 – Work opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

Sometimes it seems like doors are closing in my face, which is the nature and name of this game, but somehow it always leads to much better doors opening. It’s like every setback leads to an amazing client seeing the real me, and liking it. I am beyond my 5 or 10 year plan now. It’s basically just another plane of existence. A different path. There will be setbacks and I’ll feel like I’m going back in time instead of forward, but I know it isn’t true. The dreams are getting bigger.

The dreams are getting dreamier.

girl in striped dress holding American flag

2 – That my kids have teachers worth fighting for.

I’m a big believer in being on the right side of history and there are some really strange things about this magical place we call home. I’ll never understand why they don’t plow the roads, pave the streets, or pay teachers enough. You might see Iron Man, but don’t underestimate the Incredible Hulk inside. I don’t think you want to see an angry Bowman. In fact, I don’t either.

Iron Man in front of City Hall

this would not happen at Hogwarts sign

boy holding political sign

3 – New friends for coffee dates.

And how I get to come home and tell my dogs about it! They love to hear about new friends.

basenji husky

4- And, old friends for belated breakfast dates.

Now when it’s a friend’s birthday, despite whether there are also parties, cards, gifts, I suggest breakfast, ice cream, or ice cream FOR breakfast – my treat. At the place of their choosing.

Sometimes I even take Scarlet’s friends for ice cream – all the way in Vermont.

5 – A fresh new house renovation.

Boy, I missed it. I love the sounds of cement mixers and power tools in the morning, and how the workmen – who had become like family – are right back in our lives again. In the right place.

Scarlet is watching Astro watch Scarlet – in the place where a rotting deck once stood.

new deck construction

6 – That a new friend saw photos of Scarlet and said that she looked like such a happy soul.

And she really, truly, wholeheartedly is.


7 – I’m thankful that Des is too.

Every day, I’m thankful for this.

I'm thankful

8 – I’m thankful that Cassidy is pretty ripped.

In fact, I knew I was going to photograph him in a tee shirt that’s his normal size, but I didn’t factor in that he’s been so active, that he needs a size down to show the muscles. ah, well.

You get the point.

Hanes tee shirt

9 – That I asked Cassidy to help me name a thing of thankful and he said, “Astro.”

And I was going to say that anyway on this list, but it’s true. Astro let me spoon him today. He’s totally melt in your arms, schmoopy, love. He’s also totally bizarre. He is mischievous but super submissive and walks into rooms with his head ducked down and his ears curled, but then is totally wild and loud when he needs to be. He’s so weird and cute and not cute and majestic and goofy and awkward. Oh my god. He’s me. Why didn’t anyone tell me this until now?

chihuahua pomeranian german shepherd white swiss shepherd

10 – Lastly, I’m thankful for the health of my family. (childhood immediate family)

And the ways in which we’ve been given, or have given ourselves, chances to grow closer. There have been slight scares, and extended family members with worse scares and that weighs on me. I’m thankful for the health of the original seven – and how we’ve grown and will grow.

family photo

I'm thankful

Well. That took a turn!

I’m linking up with Finish The Sentence Friday (FFTS) for another great prompt. This week’s topic is “10 Things of Thankful (TToT)” And there’s still time to write yours. Link up HERE.

So, what would you say?

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  1. All great things to be thankful for. Right now, I would say I am thankful it is Friday and that this long week of school ending activities is over for now. Next week is another story, but at least for now the weekend and so much needed relaxation is in sight 🙂

    1. I get that! Field Day today. Next week is a field trip, Des’ birthday, the last week of school, house guests, a party, a half day.. arghhahghagha.

  2. Thankfulness can never be overdone! Many of my “thankfuls” are around my family and friends. I’m thankful to live in a free country, and for all those who sacrificed so I could. I’m thankful that my parents are still alive and in decent health. I’m thankful for jobs and food and clean drinking water. I’m thankful for all those whom I’ve “met” on the internet, including YOU!

    1. I’m thankful for you too! You always seem to say exactly what I need to here, and gently, and at the right time!
      I’m thankful for everything you said as well! Until fairly recently, my parents’ parents were still alive. That blows my mind! I’m so thankful for mine.

    1. Thank you! I thought that was one of my weaker ones so that makes my day. It’s like trying to take a photo of him. He’s already out of the frame – so fast!

      1. I did a piece about trying to capture my daughter, who has a movement disorder—so her limbs are often a blur. I love the stories that action photos can tell 🙂

  3. I’m so happy for you! It sounds like things are going really well for you right now. Family, health, friends, a good dog, good teachers, home projects, and work opportunities–wow! Thanks so much for linking up with the TToT/FTSF mash up!

    1. There’s a lot of good, for sure. I’m trying to drink it all in and not let my anxiety get the best of me. Thanks for chiming in!

  4. So much to be thankful for. The photo of Des already out of the photo is one of my favorite pictures ever ever ever. You guys rocked your protest signs and I love that Cassidy dressed as Iron Man! I want to be in a protest with you and your family for sure. We could go for ice cream afterwards. Or, before. For breakfast. Sometimes, I miss the way blogging used to be and the bloggers who no longer blog, but I love that new people start them every day too. I’m so happy for you that business is going so amazingly well. One of these days, I will (!) get to be somewhere where you can photograph Tucker!

  5. I love your TToT list Tamara, and I’m sure you have even more. I have more than 10 things too, and having more than 10 is something else that l’m very thankful for! These include warm and friendly places, family, friends, and loved ones past and present, teachers, and all life’s lessons l’ve learned until now.

  6. Hi Tamara, I got goosebumps when I saw your photos of your beautiful kids demanding teachers receive more pay. I completely agree and how awesome that you had your kids picket for their heroes – TEACHERS! Your photos radiate such emotion and make your post pop so gorgeously.

    1. Thank you! It’s so crazy. It’s still going on right now. How will they have school in the fall if the town won’t budge?
      I love your comments!

  7. I’ve always enjoyed posts with photos.
    (Not only for the sake of a different medium, but because, like writing, the photographer shows through the photos as much as the author their words).

    bloghops totally made a difference for me when first arriving in this world… like the first day of school, except I ran into people who invited me to join them.

    In fact, it was through Finish the Sentence Friday that I met most of the online friends I have to this day.

    “The dreams are getting dreamier” (icon-indicating-appreciative-approval-of-a-phrase here)

    pass my compliments to Cassidy for group photo #2 lol
    dogs are perfect lifeforms.

    Thanks for co-participating in the ‘versary here at the TToT (co-participating… now if that doesn’t make you think of school gatherings grades 7-10 nothing will).

    1. Cassidy and Des will both take your compliments.. haha… That was a fun photo.
      And yes, dogs are perfect lifeforms, although ours ran away today and came back six hours later – all muddy and pukey. PUNKS!

  8. So glad to see you linking up here at TToT with all your beautiful photos!
    Seeing the paint colors on your house looks so much like the paint chips I picked up this past week. (A week earlier I thought I knew what I wanted—my husband was leaving the decision up to me, but last week I changed my mind.) The only difference is that we will be using the gray as the main color.

    Yeah, for being on the right side of history and also for standing up for teachers!

    1. I think I’d prefer gray as the main color! I constantly talk to my husband about painting our house rainbow colored and he just shakes his head as if I’m kidding. I’m not!!
      Thanks for the supportive comment!!

  9. I’m back! Sorry I missed so much, but this was a lovely post to return to. Being thankful is good for the soul in a way that nothing else is.

    Happy June my friend!

  10. I love love love that you are still doing link ups weekly to keep anchored to your first and true love of writing! And my gosh, this list is awesome, Tamara! I’m SO grateful for our history- our moving forward to new things, yet still staying connected to one another. I LOVE that you have taken OFF on your incredible career with every single gift you hold bring used to their FULL potential!! And the joy in your kids and Cassidy and YOU are the best thankfuls of all. I can literally feel it from here. 🙂

  11. I’m so glad you have so many wonderful things to be thankful for. I remember way way back (on another sister-hop linkup) when you were worried about how your career was going to turn out, and I’m so pleased for you that it has taken off in ways you maybe didn’t believe were possible. Hooray for all the goodness in your life 🙂

  12. Love this Tamara! I saw some of the photos online when I was travelling this week. I LOVE that your kids are standing up for something they believe in – it is one of the greatest things we can teach them.

  13. This is a picture of a good and grateful life and I was smiling as I read through your list and looked at photos! You are indeed blessed and you know how to value the little things along with the big ones. Astro is beautiful! Where you live looks lovely. I love your idea of taking birthday folks out for a breakfast celebration! I know they must look forward to it, I sure would! 🙂

  14. Love all of your thankfuls! You always project an attitude of gratitude (catchy, huh?) – and I appreciate that about you. I’m thankful you’re still here in this space, and that we’ve come to know each other through the magic of the internet.

  15. I think I’d prefer gray as the main color! I constantly talk to my husband about painting our house rainbow colored and he just shakes his head as if I’m kidding. I’m not!!
    Thanks for the supportive comment!!

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