I Wanna See You Be Brave.

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As Cassidy says, “I’m all for the eradication of fear.”

And I give you permission to laugh at me during and after you read this post, but I think maybe you’ll understand that we all fear different scenarios and experiences, and different levels and layers of those experiences. Different triggers. Different outcomes. What has me quaking in my boots? Might be something you did when you were ten. Or maybe when you were four-years-old.

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The line was long and I had ample time to chicken out. It didn’t help that I saw two kids in front of me get spooked and turn back around. And the family behind me had to leave because of an unfortunate urine incident. I had a lot of time to suss out my ride peers, and even to realize that many of them were around four to six-years-old. And that my daughter had already been on this ride twice with Cassidy. None of that mattered because I had seen the warning signs that said, “This is a glider-style ROLLER COASTER.” And I had only seen half of the ride when I photographed Cassidy and Scarlet on it. What happened during the other half of that hidden loop of the flying dinosaur ride? Spinning? Speeding? Falling? Climbing? I mean, what, really? I had stood in line long enough to see people go off on their merry way, only to come back two minutes later. It was a short ride. Without enough time to get eaten by an animatronic T-Rex. Then again, the people who made this ride made “Jurassic Park.”

That fact did not go unnoticed by me!

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Perhaps, their imaginations weren’t even as keen as mine was. Keen by fear. Slightly paralyzed by fear.

So to the front of the line we went. More signs warned of skipping the ride if you get motion sick (I don’t), get dizzy (well, a little), are pregnant (heck no), fear accelerated speed (yes), fear climbing (no), fear dinosaurs (sometimes), have high blood pressure or heart conditions (don’t think so), or get ridiculously anxious about seemingly small things, while feeling no fear at all of shark and eel-filled tunnels. The same tunnel that Jaws broke into in Jaw 3. (that last one wasn’t on the warning sign)

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Anyway. *You weren’t supposed to see a SeaWorld photo yet. So..shhh..

Back to the ride and anxiety at hand. My mind rambled then. My mind rambles now. She had been on the ride twice already and still she clutched my hand. She wanted a hug. Wait, she was scared? Oh. I have to be brave. She wants to see me be brave. One of her biggest wishes of this second day at Universal Studios was that “Mama would wise up and get the heck on the ride I want to go on with her.” Well, she didn’t say it like that but she did repeatedly say she wanted me to ride with her. There was no way out. Why would I want a way out? I put her in the front of the ride, buckled her, and then got in myself. Heart beating faster.

One grin and a thumbs up to the adorable French teenager helping us on, and we were off.

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Yeah, so..no one thought to take a photo of me doing this. Really? Granted, they probably didn’t know the internal anxiety dialogue I was having just to GET ON THE FREAKIN’ RIDE WITH MY KID, but still. A little help here, next time? Cassidy will have to be my stand-in even though he probably looks calmer than I did when it was my turn. This was what the ride looked like:

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And what did it feel like? It felt like out-of-control, where-is-my-stomach, letting-go, let-it-go, heaven. And hell.

And I’d do it again. Now that I know. What it feels like to be brave. In small, laughable doses. That are oh so big to me.

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There were a few parts where the glider, coaster thingy didn’t just go straight ahead. It swung from side to side.

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I didn’t love that. It felt too crazy. Each time, though, it stopped. Of course.

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And we settled down, after Jurassic Park, into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Seuss Landing.

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Scarlet screamed and cried on E.T. (which I loved) but went on this roller coaster four times in a row:

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And the jury’s still out on this little one.

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We all fear different things, and we’re all made brave in different ways too.

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You may laugh at me, but on my end, something big happened. I let go. I flew. Literally!

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So I celebrated the best way I knew how – a butterbeer and fish and chips at the Three Broomsticks.

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*Special endnote: These are my photos from Universal Studios, and I have yet to post about Disney World and SeaWorld. I planned to finish uploading all of the photos over the weekend, but life happened. We bought our very first king-sized bed! (high five there for the fact that we finally have sleeping room for Cassidy’s six feet tall legs, Scarlet’s starfish sleeping position for when she joins us at 6:00 am sometimes, our future puppy, kitten, pony, goldfish, and baby moose all in one bed.) For the rest of the weekend, I wanted to spend time with just the family. So as much as I am a blogging/commenting/photo uploading machine, I wanted to spread out my photos from the trip, to re-live them for another week, and to not rush them when I finally get them off my camera. It will most likely be next Monday! I have special co-hosting duties the rest of this week. Stay tuned for all!

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Tamara is a professional photographer, a mama of two, a Lifestyle Blogger/Social Media Influencer/Brand Ambassador, and a nearly professional cookie taster. She has been known to be all four of those things at all hours of the day and night. She is a very proud contributor to the book, The Mother Of All Meltdowns, the Stigma Fighters Anthology (volume 1), and The HerStories Project: So Glad They Told Me. She is also a proud Community Lead and a regular contributor to the SoFab Food blog, and the Target Made Me Do It blog. After two cross country moves, due to her intense Bi-Coastal Disorder, she lives with her husband, daughter, son, dog, cat, and 11 chickens in glorious western Massachusetts.


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    • I would never go on those! I have a video of them from Disney (and photos you’ll see next week) and I put the video on Facebook with the caption, “Does this really look like fun to you?”
      I can’t spin at all. Not even as a kid when someone would pick me up and spin me. Ugh! And I was a terrible ballerina because of it.

  1. Wowww great job to you!! Scarlet’s face is full of happiness. She must have been so glad you’ve joined her on that rollercoaster! I love the rides!! I’m this type of person who want to try all rides in a park or carnival even the rollercoaster, it sounds really liberating! 🙂

    • I would love to be that type of person! Cassidy went on everything, even the scariest things. I like feeling like flying and I don’t even mind speed so much as I mind spinning or those flight simulating things they have in Orlando. Where you feel like you’re doing so much, but if you close your eyes, your body isn’t do as much as the screen would have you believe! Yuck!

  2. Oh my goodness, i LOVE all of these pictures! reminds me of when we were there! We rode that Pterodactyl ride and I was so scared my four year old would fall out! He did fine tho.. it was just me panicking as always…

    • haha! It does look so scary! What’s funny is that at Universal Islands of Adventure, they say the most mellow ride is that train that goes up on tracks very high. My daughter wasn’t tall enough for THAT, but she went on a ton of scary rides. It was just the way the restraint system works, they say.

  3. Oh I am SO PROUD of YOU!!!! And that Cassidy- ohmygosh I just adore his JOY!!! If I ever go… can I take him with me? 🙂
    Good for YOU for taking time with your family… so so needed!!! And I just love that you are spreading out the photos and stories!! No rush- we love to soak it in little by little… fear by fear… beautiful and gorgeous photo by photo!!!

    • Yes, you can take him with you! Is too Cassidys too much for one outing, though? People should totally hire him. He’ll wait with your stuff/you/kids if others go on rides. And he’ll go on any ride there is.

  4. Oh man, I don’t know if I could have done it! I can do roller coasters (kind of) but I think that the swinging around and literally flying would have done me in. That and the big pirate ships that goes back and forth and swings higher each time? No way to that one. And Cassidy? He looks like he is having the most fun of all!

    • The swinging around was ridiculous. It was like someone was standing above us, a giant maybe, and swinging us like a pendulum! It was very brief, though.
      Cassidy is a giant kid. He needs to be let loose on theme parks more often.

  5. Wow! I love how you took us through those feelings and that dialogue. Though I can’t imagine for you at the time that it was that fascinating at all. Funny that Scarlet cried on E.T. but readily got on those rollercoasters! I love the picture of Cassidy and Scarlet at Seaworld. So my husband saw it on Facebook. I think he has liked your page because I did when I was using his account for a while lol. But he showed me the picture and was telling me how he wants to go to a place like that with us one day. I told him oh that’s Tamara’s husband and daughter. The one I am always telling you things about. hehe. I love the lady waving in the background when Scarlet is on the merry go round lol. Take your time with your photos. I’ll be happy to see when you are ready to show! I hope you have the best week ever! xo

    • Thanks to your husband for liking my page! There is a SeaWorld in California and I actually drove from San Diego to Arizona pretty easily during that trip. I don’t know if it has the tunnel this one has. And do not watch Jaws 3-D before! Honestly, it wasn’t scary at all.
      Although I said the same thing about E.T. and Scarlet was miserable. And she likes being spun in teacups and that’s my worst fear!
      Have a great week! xo.

  6. Ok I look at that ride, and I think, OMG, legs hanging off into nothing, barely anything but a flying chair, and I quack in my boots. I am not sure I’d be as brave as you. But yay you!

    • This is making me feel so good! I should always write about my anxiety because I honestly thought no one else would think that was a scary ride! I guess when you’re AT a theme park, everyone seems brave because people who despise theme parks tend to stay home..I guess.

  7. I would have been scared, too! I do’t do roller coasters. I have tried talking myself into them, but I just can’t. For us it works out because my hubby hates and the rides that go in circles. I do the teacups & carousels; he does the roller coasters! 🙂

    • Too funny! The teacups scare me the most. Carousels are fine, from what I remember. I don’t do them a lot because I have an obsession with taking photos of them. I’ve had that since I was a kid, but especially as a parent because my mom has a famous photo of me on a carousel when I was four. So now I try to recreate it..

  8. Isn’t it so typical that nobody thought to get a picture of you up there! I love how our children teach us things about ourselves and the world. Lessons we would never learn if their precious little beings weren’t here. There is something so magical about that. I can’t take the Harry Potter pictures. Envy. Envy. Envy. 🙂

    • Harry Potter was so great and they’re building it even better for this summer! So now I want to go back and my free ticket is retiring in March. Boo.
      I can’t believe they didn’t take photos of me! Granted, they were watching Des and the line for the ride was so long and you can’t really see until it’s nearly too late when the people you know are soaring above you. But still, I got photos of them on it! Slackers.

  9. Oh I am so loving the photos. I don’t think I would a have done it. I refused to get on any of the rides when I went to Disney. I’m very much afraid of heights and while the kids had a blast I stayed behind and cheered them on. I guess you finally realize that you are much braver than you thought you were but I always knew it. Can’t wait to read of the rest of your adventures. BTW king size beds are amazing!

    • Heights are surprisingly not my problem. I don’t bat an eye from great heights. It’s the other stuff. And the unknown. Eeek!
      You always know/see the best in me, don’t you? That’s why I like you so much!
      I cannot WAIT for that bed delivery!!

  10. This sums up exactly how I feel about roller coasters. I’m always suuuuper freaked out, then I force myself to go and I have SUCH A GOOD TIME. Except when I’m terrified. We have a little theme park near our house that we go to occasionally (people around here get season tickets & guest passes) and I’ve actually managed to start enjoying them — especially the ones I’ve gone on several times so I know just what to expect. (Barn swing!)

    Your husband has the best expressions. Beautiful photos of your kids as always. And seriously — I need to get myself to Hogsmeade, stat!

    • We have a Six Flags only 20 minutes or so from home. We flew over it on our way home, actually, and it looked fun! I imagine we’ll be season pass holders with Scarlet.
      Not only do you need to get to Hogsmeade, but go this summer or after! They’re doing a MAJOR renovation with the Hogwarts Express and more stores, rides, restaurants galore.

  11. Your photos so far did not disappoint one bit and I think if I go to Disney anyway soon, I may need you there just to take photos! But I am with you on the fear of the ride, but then loving it afterwards. Last summer when we went to Splish Splash near us, I wanted so bad to go on this one ride, we went but let me tell you how much anxiety I was filled with until the we were done with the ride. After coming off of it my legs felt like jello and felt like I may fall through the ground. I loved it, but still the aftermath had me definitely shaking a bit. Crazy, but just so true! And yay to the king sized bed 🙂

    • I mean..could you? Isn’t it some sort of tax writeoff? I’m your employee and it’s also for blogging purposes. I think we should…
      Disney Jr. Live is coming to NY/CT/MA in April and May. We are totally going!
      Anyway, that was a tangent.
      Thanks for your always awesome comments! I always get to you later in the day, but I always do get there!

  12. Those signs warn you of every possible fear you might have! I try not to read them when we go to Six Flags. 🙂 My daughters are very different from each other; Lily tries every ride she is big enough to go on, and my Emmy is much more cautious.

    • That’s what my husband says, “They have to cover themselves so the signs are way overprotective.” I bet there are people who need those signs, but saying you get motion sick on maybe a boat, and saying you get motion sick on literally 30 seconds of a roller coaster are different things!

  13. Your pictures are amazing, as usual! You have such a great ability to bring us right into your photos..it feels like it’s happening right now! I cannot ride roller coasters at all. I get horrible motion sickness on them and my stomach is done for the end of the day! 🙁

    • Motion sickness isn’t even my problem! I imagine spinny things would be the end of me, though, if I ever did them. I did go on the Cat in the Hat ride with Scarlet and it had tons of spinning warnings and it did spin, but not enough to make me too upset.

  14. You are making me crave a trip to Universal Studios– and I need to find a child to take with me:) I am a total chicken on rides.. don’t enjoy speed. But hey, I have other strengths. I figure if I can stand in front of a crowd of unlimited size and speak, then the fact that I don’t love hurling on a roller coaster is no big deal… more people fear public speaking than roller coasters, right?

    • Yes. Definitely! You have us beat. I’m afraid to do BOTH, but I think public speaking will be more in my future. Although if we do get season passes to the Six Flags in Agawam, MA, I may be doing both at some point. Kids makes us brave and all.

  15. I tried to stay focused, and I did read everything… but throughout? I kept wondering why Scarlet was dressed in the clothes of a regular pretty girl. I mean, where are her real clothes? Her princess clothes?

    The pictures are wonderful! We took our crew to Disney in 2000. 2000 is so long ago now! Some of my favorite pictures are from that trip.

    • Well a little birdie, the same one who didn’t take a photo of me on the ride, probably told her that Disney and Universal are mortal enemies. So we all left our Disney clothes at home that one day. Yes, even I had an Alice in Wonderland/Doctor Who shirt in my suitcase.

    • I feel so validated right now! I thought it was really scary too! So many people were going on it, but hey, we were at a theme park. So of course people were going on rides.

  16. Honestly, I’m not sure I would have gotten on to the ride. I have such depth issues, that it goes beyond fear. Or maybe that’s the fear speaking. Who knows. I’m proud of you for going on that ride with Scarlet. I understand how hard it must have been for you!

    Also, Cassidy looks like he’s having a ball! And I think you might need a bigger bed to fit the baby moose.

    • I remember you saying you nearly got sick from taking a photo from a height.
      Cassidy is honestly made to do things like this. He should be paid to ride theme park rides.
      Wanna meet at Six Flags soon? We can skip rides together. I just use photography and/or Des as my excuse.

  17. Little people can make their parents do big things! I would have chickened out! I always volunteer to guard the stroller or hang out with my little one for the roller coasters! Since my daughter is very short, it will be a while before my family needs me to round out the number of riders on the ride. The photos are beautiful! It looks like you packed everything into the trip 🙂

    • Yes, I was just saying that for a little while longer, I have Des as an excuse. And my photography is always a good excuse.
      Scarlet is very short too. She’s in the 10th percentile or so for her age. So she couldn’t do all of the rides, but next summer, it’s ON!

  18. I don’t think anyone is laughing at your fears, Tamara. But we sure as heck are high-fiving and slapping your ass for your bravery! Love that you overcame your fears and created a memory that you and Scarlet will remember for a long time. I also LOVE that Cassidy looks like a very happy, big kid in all of these photos. The trip to Disney was really for him, wasn’t it?

    I do have one sad note. That king-sized bed may feel gigantic now, but just wait. Once the 6-ft (+) hubby, the dog, and two kiddos stretch out, you’ll be clinging to the side and fighting for inches!

    • Thanks for that ass slap! I can always count on you.
      I am actually surprised by the amount of people saying they thought it looked scary. I thought I was really alone in my ride phobias.
      I admit it – Disney was for him and Scarlet. Des and I were just like..”Yeah..uh..where’s the food?”

    • Thanks! I am so happy to know it’s not just me. I really thought it was, growing up with daredevil siblings. And the people I was with wouldn’t really let up on asking me if I wanted to go on rides. I’ve been very clear for 33 years! If I want to go on a ride, wild horses won’t stop me!

  19. I was doing really well until that last pic, now I’m melted all over my office cubicle. 😉 You were so brave!! Good for you!! Didn’t the smiles make it all worth it though?? Thank you for these highlights, I’m going in August and I want to make sure universal is *small* kid friendly too.

    • Universal is awesome. I’m not sure there will be as much for your little one, but he’s older than Des so maybe I’m wrong! Des spent a lot of time napping, snacking and chasing birds.

  20. All the colors!! And way to go being brave, Tamara. I was that person who got to the top of the water slide, sat down, then got back up and walked back down the stairs because I just. couldn’t. do. it. (And that happened just last summer, BTW!) So yeah, I’m SO not laughing at your fears, girl!!!

    • Lots of colors, right? I will not forget what it was like to walk around the parks!
      I’m proud of you for standing your ground on the waterslide! Those things are scary to me. I twisted my side on one once. Ouch. And those tunnel looking ones give me claustrophobia just by looking.

  21. Wait a sec… no real dinosaur beasts were present, as replicated from frog/human/dino hybrid DNA? Can you get your money back??

    ((totally loving your photography gallery, by the way))

    • Right? I saw the movie. I thought of the scientific possibilities and lack thereof..I decided it should happen. Without the trauma of the first movie, though.
      And thanks!!

  22. I am the person those “motion sickness” signs are warning. I am a terrible ride person. Nothing that spins or swings or dips. My boys don’t even ask me anymore. I did have a similar experience in the Fall, though – on a waterslide. It had been ages since I have been on one and I suddenly felt scared to do it again. But I did it. And it was awesome. Glad your ride was, too.

    • Wow! So you are very sensitive to these rides then. Even the two minutes or so? How are you in cars and planes?
      Honestly, sickness was the least of my worries. I was just afraid of a panic attack or something! I don’t know why!

  23. Katarina is not a fan of roller coasters….and she had the same fear reaction to that ride the first time we went to Universal. But then she conquered it, and she loved it. It is one of her favorites now. I’m glad you took the leap, and flew.

    • Oh coo! I thought you probably knew the ride. It’s so much fun. Now I’d do it again and again. Although to wait on line for 30-40 minutes for such a short ride is a bit of a bummer, because we miss other rides. Cassidy and Scarlet were able to go on it a ton of times on our first day there.

  24. I TOTALLY know how you feel about roller coasters, and I do NOT think that you are being silly at all. For some reason, I hate roller coasters. I don’t like that feeling in my stomach when the ground falls out from underneath me. I don’t even like it when I’m on a plane and the pilot goes a little too crazy and descends too fast. So I applaud you for being VERY brave and for doing it! And I’m glad that it felt like flying and not like you were going to throw up!

    • Ugh, I hate turbulence and I hate plane landings. I used to hate takeoff the most, actually, but it’s a bit more mellow. I think if I don’t fly for years, I forget that it’s not really that bad. Or bad at all. So last week I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it really was.

  25. I think of brave as happening whenever we’re called to step out of our comfort zones and we rise to the occasion. And I think our personal definition of bravery changes from one day to the next. You were brave. You ARE brave. I love that you share these moments with us.

  26. I wish I could be on vacation right now! I absolutely LOVE roller coasters; though, the hubby hates them (and heights in general). There has only been one that I chickened out on going on. Last year when I went to Bloggy Con, we went to Cedar Point and there was a roller coaster there that freaked me out a bit. I’m going again this year though and I am determined to get myself on that ride, haha. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! Amazing pictures!!

  27. It’s so true we all have different fears. Theme park-wise, I can’t stand anything that spins around and around. I also can’t stand up and down roller coasters. I also hate anything that just drops down. Hmm… does that totally just eliminate all the rides? Lol. I guess you can say I don’t like roller coasters.

    I’m all about the fantasy, ET, Peter Pan, Small World (wussy) types of rides haha.

    But your gliding ride reminded me of a recent vacay I took with my family. It was my first time on a ski lift, and I was a bit nervous the first time too. I mean, you’re just sitting there dangling, with a mere bar holding you in.

    But yes, after the first time, the fears are conquered, and you’re able to do it again and again.

    • I’m SO with you. I love the rides that are relatively slow and mild, but that play with your heart and mind. E.T. Peter Pan was my favorite always! I love Small World and took Des with me. And the new Little Mermaid ride is awesome for the same, as well as many rides at Epcot.
      Ski lifts don’t scare me at all! I love heights, but not spinning or speed. I’m glad you went on the ski lift!

  28. I would never laugh at you for doing something brave for you, even if it’s no big deal for me. Because I’m sure there are things that are no big deal for you that scare me. Great photos as usual, but they had me wishing you could send copies to the people sitting behind and in front of your family – they are great photos of them too! Maybe one day they’ll find your blog and see themselves – how cool would that be?

    • haha, right? I love the one of Cassidy on the red fish, blue fish ride and the two tourists behind him are giggling and enjoying their little spin on the toddler ride. Hello, people that were at Orlando when we were. Tag yourselves!

  29. I want on that glider thing!! Love it. We had a similar thing at our local fair, but you lay down on your tummy like you are para gliding. so cool.
    but you will not catch me in the haunted house. chicken. And I am highly like to react by punching something in the face if it jumps out and scares me. probably would be frowned upon.
    beautiful pictures – can’t wait to see the rest.

    • That’s what’s funny. I wanted to go on the haunted mansion ride, like I did when I was four, 11 and 19, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy to think my daughter would like it. Yet, she loves thrill rides! I don’t like people jumping out at me, I admit, but the haunted mansion is just spooky without any of the nonsense.

  30. A king sized bed?! I am SO jealous. We just have a queen. And it never feels big enough.

    That glider ride looks like fun! I can do rides like that. Roller coasters? No. We must go to Universal now. As I said before, we’d have to take taxis to the various places but I suppose it’s worth it! My kids would love the Universal characters and rides.

  31. It’s amazing how we can be so terrified of the simpliest things, right? I am glad that you were able to overcome your fear and ride with Scarlet! And Whoooo hooo on the new bed! Can’t wait to see more of the Disney World pictures!

    • haha! He’s not really by himself! Scarlet had to ride on the inside and he towers over her. I wanted her on the outside for photos, but the attendant didn’t allow that because she’s such a peanut.

  32. I think we all have that moment as moms where our child is expecting us to be brave, to do something we would have never done before. I have had this experience many times so far with Adrian (being a boy mom means lots of being brave, get ready for it) from injuries, to rides to food. To him I am his super brave mom that does anything when deep down inside I would love to crawl in a hole and never come out!!! I am so proud of you!!

    • Food too! I am not brave with food. Scarlet isn’t either. We’ll see with Des. He’s been known to surprise us all with his eating habits.
      And thank you for your kind words! I was so relieved.

  33. & of course, the song in my head is “Be Brave” by Sara Bareilles which is probably my theme song right now! SO excited for you & I LOVED this post, photos & all & I love ya, Sweet T. XO! ~A~

  34. Isn’t it such an amazing feeling when you accomplish something that paralyzes you but you get to overcome that in front of your child? You become their hero.
    Amazing mama!! I know you would do it again too!


  35. HEY! YOU DID IT!!! And no one got a picture…geeze people! lol that is so typical. But hooray! You did it! That ride looks quite scary. These photos are amazing, as usual! I love them all. Your husband is so enthusiastic, but what else can I expect from a guy that brings a whoopee cushion to your delivery? Love it!

    • It is so typical! I kinda wish there had been a phone video or something! My husband was slacking big time.
      He really is an enthusiastic guy! That’s the exact word I’d use.

  36. Yay you! I’ll try anything once. I think I am stopping by to give you some comment love from SITS…those of us who didn’t sign up even though I thought I did but didn’t get the email so I’m on this list. Yes, I know I made a long sentence with no pauses. 🙂

  37. Having kids makes us brave in ways we don’t even realize yet. I think you just earned your mouse ears.

    Remember – if you’re not brave, just fake it. No one can tell the difference.

    • Oh, good! I wanted to earn those..for awhile.
      I love that thought. I’m not very good at faking things, but bravery is actually something I can pull off even when I’m not feeling it. Sometimes.

  38. Oh my goodness, I get SOOO anxious when getting on coasters that I have never been on. In fact, in order to be completely honest, I must say that I really don’t enjoy them all that much. I am not the adrenaline junkie in the family, and my teen is just like me. The toddler, I fear, will be like her dad and climbing 14ks and jumping out of airplanes. I will say, when I made myself ride Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom, it quickly because one of my favorite rides of ALL time! I just LOVE it!

    • Thanks! Wish I could have timed the lighting better to take the photo when a giant shark is looking down on them! In reality, the sharks weren’t much interested in us!

  39. Beautiful pictures ! Looking at all those rides makes me want to go there as well and enjoy. You did a great job Tamara. Everyone have different things they are scared of. I am scared of haunted houses, I get nightmares for 2-3 days. Cassidy’s pic with the cop car is quite funny. Congratulations on getting a King Size Bed 🙂

    • Aw, then no Haunted Mansion for you! Oddly, it does absolutely nothing to me. And yet I freak out on the carousel! (slight exaggeration)
      Thanks about the bed! It’s not here yet and there’s a big storm due by the end of the week so I sure hope we get it first.

  40. Umm…you are far braver than I am!!! I feel like at 44 I have finally made it to the point in my life where I don’t have to ride rides that scare me – so I don’t ride rides!!!!
    I love all the pictures – hard to tell who is having more fun – Cassidy or Scarlet!!!

  41. So glad you were brave! Fears are odd. I will happily go on roller coasters and just about any ride that won’t break my old body but crossing a bridge puts me into a panic mode for days. I prefer not to do that. I ride is meant to go up and down. A bridge is meant to stay up but I have no idea if it will.

    And Scarlet not liking ET but going on the roller coaster over and over. We like what we like and that’s just all there is to it. Can’t wait to see more of you reliving your moments.

    • My sister always had a bridge fear! And she freaked out on the water rides at the theme parks, while I hated the outer space ones, but thought nothing of the water ones! And she’d go on Space Mountain without a second thought.

  42. Good for you! That definitely looks like the kind of ride that would make me apprehensive. I used to freak out on roller coasters…but grew to love them by the time I was in college. Love that Scarlet seems to have NO FEAR on that front.

    • People seem to go on roller coaster phases! With age and whatnot. I never entered that phase, but I imagine I wouldn’t have hated it, had I started earlier. Speed isn’t always my problem. The unknown is!

  43. You are braver than I Tamara! I’m so chicken with certain rides…which is odd considering I rode those same rides in my middle school years! Thanks for sharing your Disney pics! Re-living events like these are golden!

    • Thank you! I’ll have more up soon. I’m so chicken and I never realized it was more common that I thought. I’m generally the wimpiest within my bunch, but that’s just within my family and friends!

  44. Looks fun, glad you got over the fear. If the kids want to go, you can’t chicken out. When they do, it’s ok if you do – lol.

    Love all the photos 🙂

    • See, I never even started those days! Maybe it’s not too late for me! I do have a friend who is over 40 and just started roller coasters.
      And thank you! You shall have more photos! xo.

    • It really is different. A LOT longer, but smoother. And pretty vital. I’m weird about flying but I really do ok on planes. It’s the buildup before that gets me.

  45. I wet my pants just thinking of spiders, so I’m not judging.
    My guy would have died to see spongebob set up. Actually, I just showed him the picture and said “Awwww…I wanna be there. Can I go there?” and then I told him he had to get a job.
    He didn’t like that response.

    • Ack, spiders. They’re everywhere! Well I hate vomit and I had kids. So yay for me because that’s everywhere too.
      Poor Chunky!
      You need to sell body parts to get there. Or have a grandfather leave you money in his will that you will one day use, ten years after his death, to go to Orlando. #TrueStory.

  46. OMG, Universal! I knew as soon as I saw the photos that’s where you were. I see a lots changed since I last went…17 years ago, yikes! I remember the Jaws and E.T. Rides though. They were my fave! I know you all had a ball! Your kids will appreciate Universal even more when they get older. I can’t wait to go back myself. Can’t wait to see the rest of you all’s adventure! 🙂

  47. I haven’t been to Universal in ages. We keep promising the kids – maybe someday we’ll get there. Before graduation, hopefully. And I’m with you on the roller coasters – they scare me. It all happened after the kids came. Naturally.

  48. You rock girlfriend! I am not a huge fan of rides, but when we took the kids to Indiana last fall, I got on those circular swings with her and wasn’t sure that is was going to end properly! LOL! Hope you are having a great week!

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