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I Took a Breather.

You probably don’t know this, but I just took a three day break from projects. Projecting, actually – that’s my new verb.

Which means to tell you that I read a whole Jodi Picoult book this weekend. “The Storyteller” – and holy crap on that one. I’d write about it but I’m no book or movie or even food critic other than the obvious, “It made me feel great” or “It made me feel awful.”

I also took care of at least one kid at a time all weekend. Sometimes two, but the tag team efforts of my garden-loving husband are still very helpful even when he’s out in the field at nearly all hours of the day. He has a little station set up for Scarlet, complete with kid gardening gloves, and even an exersaucer set up for Des. We never even use the exersaucer anymore since keeping him in one place is no one’s desire, unless it prevents him from eating compost, hay, rocks and bees. That’s when it’s our temporary best friend.

We also did tons of anniversary celebrating with lots of new recipes. And hit two tag sales. (and did I mention I read a 450 page book) And I wrote out an outline for guest post I’m writing for another blog. And played with my new lightbox that Cassidy made me for our anniversary. I also replied to several work related emails and caught up on a few of my TV shows. I think I’m up to ten on the DVR.

And that to me is a breather weekend. ‘Cause it involved TV and reading a whole book.

And the truth is – I felt totally calm and normal until I sat down at this computer. In my enormous rush at all times to provide creative content on a regular basis. In my enormous rush to get my business off the ground and into instant success. In my enormous rush to have Des crawling like a “normal” baby and even walking, which to be honest, is a terrible idea. He’s only ten-months-old and he is mobile, just in his own way, and it’s exhausting. Although his social, verbal, fine motor, breaking hearts and bunny-hopping developments are awesome. I don’t literally rush him into anything. I just wish things were faster sometimes.

Which is stupid and I never learn. All kids do beautiful things in their own time. Adults should too.

And just writing that makes me feel normal again, and lose the tiny bit of anxiety that was threatening to creep in and darken this astonishingly bright Sunday. You can’t tell I took a break, because I’m still here to blog. For myself and for other blogs. And I read a whole book and watched some shows. And I caught up with some photos. Yet usually I do twice the work with none of the books/TV.

It felt pretty darn good. Even if I got interrupted exactly 1,000 times:

The rest of the photos are not brand new, hence the early spring snow, but they offer a glimpse at our days:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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  1. I can just "hear" Des rolling his r's in that photo! Sounds like a productive time, just enjoying life. Try to remember that you didn't drawl until 11 or 12 months? I probably didn't crawl until then either. But we sure do a lot of productive things now, don't we?

    1. Yesterday he rolled his "R's" really convincingly to a woman speaking Spanish at Trader Joe's. I think it worked because she started speaking fluent Spanish to him and he was giggling and patting her. Love.

  2. Your pictures are stunning.Gorgeous. I'm not sure your weekend sounded much like a "breather" – but impressed you read a whole book on top of what most people would do in a lifetime!! Amazing!

  3. The Storyteller kept me gripped. I was horrified by what I read most of the time but I was so engaged in the story. Another good book is Family Pictures by Jane Green. Also, I'm reading Gone Girl finally. Everyone kept telling me how good it was and it really is, so I also recommend that one.

    1. I just put Family Pictures and Gone Girl on my hold list at the library. Can't wait! Also Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. The Storyteller is still with me days later. She really gave it her all. One of her best!

  4. I love that you say adults should be able to do things on their own time – just like kids. We all rush ourselves to pieces most days! I am glad you caught a little break.

  5. It sounds like a lovely weekend and we all need a breather sometimes!! Although your breather sounds like it was pretty busy…but I know what you mean, because I feel like I had a relatively leisurely weekend too…hubby was off with daughter to SC for a soccer tournament and I found rides for the boys to their games, because I went to a mini Bloggy Boot Camp in NYC, which was amazing! Kids always do their own thing in their own time…I love how you are documenting so many precious moments!

  6. Your weekend sounds lovely! I worked all weekend but managed to almost finish a book as well while I was there. I'll be finished by the book club meeting Sunday. I love the wkd recaps when I'm coming off my work rotation. It's so tough to work all wkd, you miss so much. I just live through you all!

  7. I read one Jodi Picoult book, and it had me bawling like a crazy person ON THE SUBWAY. I vowed—never again.Des will be walking SOON! My first started walking at 15 months, my youngest at 13 months, but trust me I was in no rush 🙂 When I am trying to blog or "be creative" at home usually my kids are screaming, the youngest is like banging on my laptop and my oldest is usually begging for me to sing something 😉 Not much creativity there!

  8. LOVE Scarlet's pretty pink springtime dress! Although I think she needs a tiara or a wand or something.Your weekend sounds fantastic. I love devouring a book in a couple of days like that – it's a totally different experience mentally than reading in 10 minute spurts over the course of a couple weeks. Glad you took a break 🙂 I really stress myself out with the blogging and sometimes it weighs over my head (how many days did I post last week? how many total did I do this month? is it enough? is anyone even reading this crap? [no.]). It's nice to give yourself permission to just let it go for a couple of days!

  9. I love those weekends when we can just enjoy life without having to worry about the projects and the work and the stress of it all. I'm glad you were able to have that break! 🙂

  10. Thank you! Those pictures show how little alone, relaxing time I actually get. That was my break! She was like a caged animal pounding on the door. So I did what I do – I took pictures of it!

  11. Oh man – which book was it?! She is a tear-inducer, that one.Yes my first was walking at 15 months too! Which is perfectly amazing. I was at least 18 months and my mom was 23 months and she's one of the most active people I know!

  12. Oh she totally has a gazillion tiaras and wands! Don't know why they're not in those photos. That dress is from JCPenney's! I was so heart-warmed by their stance for marriage equality that I went there just to buy something, anything to support their progress. That dress!

  13. Thank you! The next two weekends will be killer. Pride weekend in my town (parade and rally and partying) and then a Cape Cod weekend. And then a trip to Jersey after that. Sigh.

  14. Ahhhh, my soul slowed to breathe as I shared in the delight of your weekend. I just love warm spring weather in New England. Don't you? So very sweet! Your pictures are darling!

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