I Actually Picked a Word of the Year!

And the word of the year is MOOSE.

one word

Just kidding, mostly, but hear me out here. Say seeing moose is one of my resolutions, which it is. To see moose, you have to do something. You have to move your heart. You have to move your body. There are logistics involved. And excitement, and maybe a bit of fear. As much as Scarlet is hoping one will wander into our yard, which my neighbor says happened once five years ago, you have to make it happen with moose. That’s how they are. So you have to do research. You have to do the work – booking a hotel, or planning a day trip. Getting camera equipment ready. Being prepared. Going. Seeing moose.

As I said on a comment on dear Iva’s blog:

“..I want to see more moose. That’s a resolution. However, that resolution includes getting out of my comfort zone and planning a trip. Not to mention the photography and writing involved with said experience. Is all of that cheating? I figured it was better than saying, “eat more chocolate.” (or cookies)

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My resolutions all meet in the middle. They’re all about being brave. They’re all about being connected. They’re all about being healthy. They’re about practicing what I preach. My #OneWord of the year is PRACTICE. I learned so much in 2014.

Did I put it into practice? Well, maybe some of it. I only get partial credit. What did I learn?

– I learned that I have PTSD-caused anxiety sometimes. I learned that it got worse than it ever had, surrounding the issue of my daughter starting kindergarten. I learned that it was a tragic period in my own life and that my body remembered more than my mind did. What I used to think was just a quirk has a name and is actually classified under mental illness. It’s ok to say it. It’s ok to yell it. 80% (or more) of us will suffer from depression and/or anxiety at some point in life, however fleeting. I’ve only just begun the descent into discovering more about my own. It’s scary. I don’t want to plummet too fast. I don’t want to decompress. I go down slowly – one step at a time – into the mess that is my mind. And into the memories of the greatest and earliest loss I know. I want to treat the cause and not the symptoms, although if it comes to that, so be it.

Maybe both at once.

One Word

– I learned that I’m surrounded by wonderful people, and that while it’s tempting to hide behind my computer and only focus on the wonderful online life (which is very wonderful and very real), I’m glad that so many of my in-person friendships have not only flourished despite my anxiety, but I’ve made NEW friends too! How does that happen? I feel like the biggest nut in the.. nut package.. always. Even today. I wasn’t feeling great. A friend stopped by to pick up Scarlet for a playdate, only to stay here with her daughter for four hours. We all lazed around or worked or even napped (ahem) and snacked. That’s friendship when you can be completely useless for an entire day and you’re still going to be friends and hang out next week.

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– I learned, through an anniversary road trip, that I live within easy driving distance of moose. I always have. I probably always will. I dream about them. It’s time to just do it. I don’t want to dream. I just want to do it more.

Moose, I’m coming for you!

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– I learned that although it can be hard to let people in and out of our hearts and lives, it’s a fact of life. Make those moments count. Kiss them full on the lips. Tickle them past bedtime, and always, always choose fort-making over laundry folding.

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

(In fact, I just realized I was festering up in my office before bedtime, so I quickly took a blog writing break and ran downstairs to make sure I got a proper goodnight to my kids. Last night of vacation and all! These things count.)

– I learned that I can comfortably photograph weddings and newborns and houses and candles and weird active chilled beams.

Mules too.

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– I learned that I have to drink more water. Why on earth don’t I drink more water, when we’re given the knowledge that doing so will lead to better health, better digestion, more energy, better skin, and magical rainbow unicorns?

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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– I learned more about writing. I learned about my writing with its dense background. Writing is as important to me as photography, but it’s more difficult. If it were the only thing I loved, I’d probably be screwed because what else would I do for money, when I’m so hesitant to write for money? That said, this was not a big year for writing outside of my blog. It was a year for photography and anxiety and data entry and puppy dog tails. Literally. As well as weird cats that I only like for 5% of the day. (it’s during that 5% because Bella is cutely on my lap right now) I spent a lot of the end of 2014 wishing I could be writing as much as photographing. 2015 will be a year for anthologies. I’ve been working on submitting to some already, actually. Stay tuned. (my fingers are crossed!) Speaking of which, I was featured in Touched Magazine over the weekend!

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And so, 2014 was a bit weird. There were wonderful, stable times..

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There were also a lot of times that felt like this..

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Or there were the times that I thought would feel like this..

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..but they actually felt more like this:

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I’ve been feeling a bit doubtful, despite 2015 having the sweetest start. I’ve been feeling like I won’t achieve.. anything. And that I’ll be shaking in a corner soon enough, and that I’m in over my head in every direction.

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And every now and then, I can believe. I can believe in myself. I can think “I’ve got this.” Time to put it into practice.

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**I’ve never picked a Word of the Year before. It’s true that I feared I would sound schmarmy doing so, but mainly it’s because I never had one speak to me. This year, PRACTICE spoke to me so I decided to run with it. Do you have a word?

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  1. Awesome word of mouth he year and I actually did pick one and will be sharing it this week, too. Mine actually was inspired by a bit of time off believe it or not and hopeful for more soon here πŸ˜‰

    1. I can’t wait to read yours! Hopefully it posted today. I didn’t pick it so much as it picked me. That’s why I’ve never done a post like this before.

  2. I love your word!!

    There were years I did pick a word. Last year I did not. I’ve been thinking about doing it again for this year, but I don’t have quite the perfect one year. I feel close, though.

    1. That’s awesome! Last year I felt close, but nothing ever resonated. I just wanted that one perfect word that made up so many parts of life.

  3. I love your word of the year! I think moose is perfect… and I thought of all the things that you did when you said it. Look forward to seeing how MOOSE inspires you! Congratulations on the feature!

  4. Choosing a word is kinda cheesy, but I’ve had it be really good before. And sometimes just so-so. It usually comes to me in the first few weeks of the year. I think my word this year is STEADY. I need it after all the change from last year! And I want to be more of a steady person, not that wildly heart-beating feeling when my son drives me crazy or I can feel a fight brewing with a loved one.
    Happy new year — may you find many, many moose!

    1. That’s such a good word! I thought it was totally cheesy last year, and I was turned off by doing so. I think it’s more because a word didn’t speak to me the way it did this year.

  5. I love Practice. It makes so much sense for you. For anyone really. I don’t pick a word or do resolutions. I just try to kick ass every day. Some days are better than others of course. I mentioned to a friend that Conquer comes to mind if I were to pick a word for this year. Also why is it so darn hard to drink more water?

    1. I’ve been wondering that for ever. It’s the simplest thing and it’s a privilege that we have fresh water.
      I’ve never really been about resolutions or words either. This year, it found me!

  6. ohmygosh I totally thought that you picked moose and then when you started talking about what seeing moose actually means and involves, it seemed perfect. But practice? I love love love it. It’s so perfect and so powerful. You have learned so much over the year and you’ve totally got this. PS I want to go moose hunting with you too!

    1. Definitely come! I’m picking up Michelle and Jennifer along the way. Wouldn’t that be just the best series of blog posts if we all really did this? I’m in.

  7. I don’t have a word for the year; I’m noncommittal that way. But practice is a great word. Put things you’ve learned into practice. Practice what you love and want to get better at.

    I think this is the Year of the Moose, too.

  8. I am so happy that you found a word that spoke to you. I have not picked a word because I don’t think there is one single word that can handle everything that I have going on. I loved seeing what you learned over the year and as always, your images and words flowed together like magic!

    1. That’s usually the case for me. This year, the word found me.
      I love that you noticed that my images and words went together. Those pictures are from June, and that’s where I am in my back up work, so it just fit.

  9. I want one of those cookies.

    I also need to drink more water. I’m trying.

    Moose! It’s a fun word. If my daughter ever saw one, she’d want to keep it.

  10. I love your word also. It seems like you’ve got a lot that’ll be going on & your plan of attack sounds great. I suffer from anxiety horribly on a daily basis so I’m in the same boat as well. It seems like you’ve got a great support system who’s willing to help conquer those bad days with you. I wish you the best of luck in your new journey.

    1. I don’t think I realized that you have anxiety daily. I hope you find ways to manage it well. Sometimes I just throw a few things out and see what sticks.

  11. I love your word of the year! I have a feeling that 2015 is going to be huge for you – both in moose sightings, personal/family things and definitely with your photography business and writing!!!
    I don’t know if I have a word – cuttingmyselfsomeslack – how’s that?!

    1. Please do! I didn’t see anyone use it as their one word, but I have seen people talk about practicing what they preach, and enough of seeing that inspired me. So I borrowed it too.

  12. I, too, have a word. Some of what you said about your word, Practice, resonates with me and my word. I find that interesting. Anyway, this is my second year picking a word and it’s much more intentional than last year. Though I think last year turned out OK. You’ll have to stay tuned to my blog though, for the word announcement! πŸ˜‰

  13. Geez, i don’t know what happened to the rest of my comment. I phones are tricky. Love this post! You can do anything you want with great success! You’re so talented! Moose–look out!

  14. Tamara I must admit I had to look up schmarmy. I think there is a subtle link to all the words that begin with sch…like schmooze! When I see or hear the word moose I think of one of my all time cartoon faves, Rocket J. Squirrel (Rocky) and Bullwinkle The Moose. What cool Saturday morning cartoon. I hope this will be a wonderful year for you and your family in every way. Thank You for taking us along on your life’s adventures, and your family’s too! All the exciting, entertaining and heartwarming stories, and all of your colorful and wonderful pictures. It’s been the coolest, funnest Tamara-Go-Round! Happy New Year!

    1. That’s funny! I don’t even really know what the word means, but I know how to use it in context. I think I read just one one-word post last year that was schmarmy. And the word I used is recognized by urban dictionary, but it’s not a real word!

  15. I think that it’s a very good word.I love having just a word for the year, instead of resolutions, because it frames everything – plans, goals, intentions, actions – into something doable. It roots you. That’s what my words did for me in 2012 (calm) and 2013 (do). I didn’t have one for 2014, because I couldn’t figure it out, although in retrospect, I believe it was Survive. I’m still playing around with ideas for 2015 though.

    May your year be awesome!

  16. Good choice of word – I know I definitely need to practice what I preach more often! I haven’t got a word of the year, but love the idea and will definitely be thinking of one of my own.

    I’m totally in the same boat when it comes to writing; I love writing but am not that good at it. I’m improving all the time but it still feels so much more difficult than taking photographs! One of my goals for 2015 is to have some of my writing published in a magazine or paid for online, so will definitely be trying my best to improve it even more!

    1. I wish you much luck with that! That’s an awesome goal. Writing is actually my background degree, but I fell in love with photography both before and after college.

  17. Cool word – hope you see lots of moose this year!

    I don’t think I’m good at picking a word – or making resolutions – lol

  18. I really liked this, Tamara. I wish I could write as well as you and I’m crossing my fingers with you on the submissions front. The world needs more opportunities to see your writing!
    And how blessed we both are to have such supportive families when we’re dealing with our demons. Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you so much! I have found some that are semi-good fits. I haven’t really found an anthology that just screams my name. Yet.

      I could be better about showing my family how to support me. That’s the goal!

  19. I’m terrible about drinking enough water! For awhile I had a drink water app on my phone, that would periodically make the sound of a pouring glass of water to remind me to drink more. I think I need to install it on my new phone!
    This is my second year choosing a word, and this year is creativity. I need to infuse it more into my life outside of my business. I don’t think you sound schmarmy at all with your word, and I think it sounds perfect for you!

    1. I can’t wait to read your post!
      And I’m laughing about that app. It would be funny if my sound was on and I was in a meeting and it just started making water pouring sounds.

  20. Isn’t it terrific that life is a journey where we learn and grow EVERY year? We never top out!! I think that is amazing. I have a flood of wildlife on my little property, but so far no moose. Bummer.

    1. It is always funny when I say I’m going to go get that moose. Or go shoot that moose. There are people out there who really shoot moose with guns! I’m only armed with a camera!
      Happy new year to you!

  21. I think this is the first time I have heard “practice” as a word of the year and I think its perfect! I agree on the water. It’s mandatory for all good things in the world.

  22. I know why is it so easy to forget to drink water?? Especially when I feel so much better when I drink it! I have never seen a moose, but last night on a walk just before dusk we saw a huge and ugly javelina. It was scary!!

    1. I looked for them once in Sedona! I even ate at a restaurant called Javelina’s. No dice. Although I’m sure seeing them at dusk is scary.

  23. Great word. I have a couple of words bumping around in my head, but I haven’t pinned one down yet. I love practice – it is a very proactive word. My word last year was GO (as in, just go and do it.) I think I had moments where I did. Others when I didn’t.

  24. I love this: your writing, your word, you! I cannot tell you how much I am happy for you, you accomplished a lot in 2014, and although, hard, needed. This year, chase the moose, your dreams, your passions, and drink water, lots of it.
    “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea.” –Isak Dinesen
    Wishing you all the best this year and always!

  25. LOL As soon as I read the line about drinking more water I took a sip. I just forget, I’m always in my own thoughts and that doesn’t involve drinking water. Yay thanks for the mention πŸ™‚ Makes me feel.. special *tear*.. I have the WORSE case of the Mondays – I think it’s been about 6months or more since I’ve felt this heavy. I don’t have a “word” as much as a phrase which is just “get shit done” – Less thinking more doing – I’ve thought enough in 2014. Time to just do! I want to run away!! Someone help me LOL Ahhh xoxo -Iva

    1. I think the phrase is totally valid!
      Scarlet was watching a show today that was about drinking more water and it made her go drink a whole cup. It made me wonder why I don’t do the same.

      1. Lol that’s awesome – glad I wasn’t the only one who had that initial reaction πŸ˜› I’m a sipper so I can’t just drink a whole cup of water, I take small sips throughout the day of just about anything. If there were healthy alternatives to using Crystal Light I’d be all on it to increase my water intake. Unfortunately, “cucumber water” does not inspire me – I tried and my body said “you’re a lying sack of sh*t” – so my water intake has, sadly, not improved.

        1. Ha! Well as I was saying another comment, I have nothing I’m very attached to, drink wise. So I’m basically just putting nothing in my body. I would think that even juice is better than nothing!

          1. Haha exactly ungrateful body! Eh I have a few drinks I’m attached to but none that my body should have more than 8 ounces of any given night Lol πŸ™‚ 8oz too many and support groups would be involved.. Lol!

  26. I love your word Tamara! You are so right about not just picking a word, but that it truly requires action and movement. I am sending oodles of positive thoughts your way for the coming year for your journey and pursuits (including the moose). My word is SIMPLIFY for this year and I have already implemented it with respect to blogging and social media. Cheers to positive change!

    1. That’s wonderful! It’s so great to already implement words. One of my resolutions is to meet more blogging friends and I did that on the first of the year!

  27. If you continue to practice in all areas of your life, you definitely will come out at the end of 2015 achieving a whole lot! Good luck on submitting your writing this year! I think I’ve chosen my word as HEALTH and doing everything to make it better and maintain it.

    1. That’s such a great word to because there are so many aspects of health. Mental health, physical health, emotional health, career health, financial health, I could go on…

  28. I think it has been an incredible, if freaking difficult, year for you. Practice, your word for 2015 is perfect. Because you will practice leaving the yard and then it will become a thing you do rather than a thing you fear. Practice being proud of your accomplishments will give you encouragement and confidence to do more, to be more, to be so freaking proud of Scarlett & Dez’s mom the best legacy you can leave them with in 2015.

  29. I can’t even begin to pick a word of the year. But I like moose. It’s random enough but relevant enough to be quite awesome. I always start my New Year horribly. It’s like.. a fact of life. But reflecting on the good of the previous year motivated me to get to the good parts. πŸ˜‰ As always, love your photos. <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

    1. I never liked New Year’s as a kid, because it always meant we went right back to school. This year it was rather fun.
      Wishing you a great 2015!

  30. I checked over at your business blog and thought, wow, she’s got talent!! I’m glad you can do wedding photography. I remember those days of loving it still. You make me miss it but not enough to go back. Lol. Liking the word for this year!!

    1. Thank you so much! And I wonder if I will ever like weddings. I’ve only signed on to do more unique ones. The 14 hour days of stress? I don’t think I have it in me!

  31. Tamra, you had me at Moose, oh my gosh I was laughing out loud at your first line. It’s actually a pretty great word the way you break it down, but I think I love your actual word even more, Practice. So so good… I’m always thinking everyone else’s words are better than the ones I’ve been coming up with and at some point this week I’m apt to steal someone’s πŸ™‚

    Your writing is as lovely and honest and inspiring as your photographs (which are truly gorgeous) and I look forward to more of both in 2015!

    Oh, and the water thing, I’m right there with you! For some reason I almost never drink water. I am not sure how I’m still alive. Must be all the water in my coffee…

    1. You should totally steal someone’s word. I give you permission to use mine! Not like I made it up or anything.
      The water thing is so weird. I don’t drink soda or juice very much, and I can’t drink coffee unless it’s decaf. So basically I’m putting nothing liquid in my body. I’m ridiculous!

      And thank you for the beautiful comment.

  32. Good word. And more importantly good that you learned so much this past year! Sounds like you are ready for more..what an exciting time for you! And btw…I love how you use your pictures to tell your stories. It’s incredible really…you are a true blogging pioneer!

    1. Oh, thank you! I never even thought of it that way. Surely there are many bloggers who are also photographers who have mastered this more than I have.
      My third word of the year is Disney. Can’t wait!

  33. Practice is such a great word for the year. Good luck on writing more, drinking more water, and seeing more moose. If I had to pick a word for 2015 it would be Chill. I want to be less stressed this year.

  34. I have never chosen a word of the year either, but after reading several posts like this one I have given it a lot of thought. I think my word would be “confidence.” We have several decisions we need to make soon and I want feel confident about our choices. I also want/need to work only self confidence with my writing, my body image, and my job. Which anthologies are you planning to submit to? I just sent one to Crystal and I’m trying to find time to write something for the another one she is doing.

    1. I think that’s a wonderful word. I need a lot more of that too.
      I am thinking of doing the one about children in Iraq, even though I only have 10 days to do it! I also I’m going to try to do that “It’s really 10 months” anthology. Lastly is a one about mental health. And that’s just this month. I’m sure there are many more I will look into. Definitely Crystal’s Mother’s Day one.

  35. First, those cookies are calling me. Can you share the recipe? Love your word – it sounds perfect for your plan. There are no moose around here, just lots of city pigeons and raccoons. Want a few? Ha ha.

  36. I love your word! I kinda sorta picked a word this year. Mine is balance. I desperately need to bring some balance into my life this year!

    And congratulations on being featured in Touched Magazine! I’m keeping my fingers crossed on your other projects! That’s awesome!

  37. I feel like this should be a Cool Runnings moment, but instead of telling you to go get your palace, I say, “Go find your moose!” Also, magical rainbow unicorns would definitely be an incentive for drinking more water πŸ™‚

  38. Well, that sounds like one of the best choices for word-of-the-year. In so many ways, I’m happy that you figured out the underlying cause of your anxiety. Knowing that can help with managing triggers; and it sounds like there will always be some kind of trigger. I need to choose more fort-making moments. Thank you for that reminder.

    1. There will definitely always be triggers, but I wonder if I’m past the worst of them or this is just the beginning. either way, it’s worth exploration!

  39. I think Moose is your perfect word. I can’t even read the word Moose without thinking of you and how much you admire these animals. Congrats on the feature, congrats on being so brave, open and honest in 2014. Watch out 2015, Tamara is coming for you!!

    By the way, I have always wanted to do a word of the year but it is so hard to come up with one. I think it should be a homework assignment for me this week: find your 2015 word!

  40. I don’t have a word. Last year passed and I didn’t have one and now this year, I don’t have one. I can’t choose one! There’s a reason why I call myself deliberate– it’s because I’m not decisive LOL!

    Practice is a lovely word. It means growth, learning, exploring, expanding, and mastering. I love it!

    Congrats on the magazine feature too!

  41. Hey – Congrats on the magazine gig! Awesome!
    As for Word of the Year – I don’t normally pick a single word. I don’t even really do “resolutions” per say: although, yes, I suppose I do have yearly goals. But it’s really pretty much always the same: just keeping growing and blooming. that’s it. Feed the stuff that matters, and watch it grow.
    As to that, your word is actually really great!! Because I have this theory that the people who put into Practice the true callings of their hearts/souls/minds – those are the happiest people. They have unity between Thought and Action; Talking and Walking: they live their heart song. Something we all could benefit from putting into practice I am certain.

  42. AW!! What a beautiful T-like post to come back to!!! I LOVE your word, and I love how you reflected on your year full of FULLNESS. So much. And GROWTH. I say that would be your word for last year… if I had a say! πŸ˜‰

    You are exactly where you need to be. Do you know that? Each moment… whether napping and ‘wasting time with a friend’ or searching for moose, or diving into your photography, or being published on a magazine. Whether you are writing right here or playing with the kids. Kiss it all FULL on the lips.

    Stay true to YOU and YOU will always make the right choices…

    1. That makes me feel so good. To think that I’m exactly where I need to be. I was just having a moment in which I was reflecting on still having anxiety in certain situations, and I thought that I was not exactly where I need to be. Maybe it all feeds into the same wonderful stream.

  43. Love this. I feel like practice is similar to the feeling I have for what I want to do this year. I feel like I’ve learned so much, and now it’s time to DO IT. And I agree, if you can lay around and do nothing with someone else, that is a true friend!

  44. For some reason I picked “Furniture”, it brought me back to childhood, only I was 8 and moving huge furniture around and around my parents’ house. I can’t believe after 25 years it is a reality…whether in my own house, my booth, in the garage, from other’s garage or to others homes…When you talk about anxiety, I could not see how you manage to even have blogged, man, where do you get all those strengths?! I hope I have that gf that can hang out at home with a little one just like yours…. but my life is now furniture , other than marriage and motherhood.. I guess it can happen…Happy New Year Darling!

    1. Happy New Year! Furniture is the most perfect word.
      And thank you about the anxiety. It makes it hard to do most anything, but surprisingly, this is one of the easier things I can do during it.

  45. I picked courageous. I really like “practice” though, because you can’t be courageous without doing something – anything – and you have to do it over and over to get beyond the fear. Happy New Year and may it be filled with moose!

    1. I think you’re right! And the water thing is ridiculous. I think I’m doing okay today, but I did just have a big coffee. Not exactly what I intended to drink.

  46. I love the word practice, Tamara, because it supports action. There is an objective element to the word practice that makes it easier to quantify and measure. I cannot wait to read what you decide to do with practice. Good luck.

  47. I like your word. I like when I read about how you are figuring things out. Love that you are determined to make your dream of writing more and seeing more moose a reality!

  48. This might be my favorite ‘word of the year’ resolution I’ve ever read, Tamara. And I totally get how it’s so much more than ‘moose’. But also, at the end of the year – there will be moose. πŸ™‚ Happy 2015!

  49. I like your word, but I like the meaning behind it even more. Mine will be posted probably next week, I have so many topics in my mind ready to go but I decided to slow down a bit this year as well because I have a lot going on which will be explained in that post. However, my word is focus and it really resonates with me this year.

  50. I love love love your word. Practice is something we can apply to so many different facets in life… and it always always will make us better. That’s so wonderful, isn’t it? I also love moose and I hope you get to see a lot of them this year πŸ™‚ Stepping out of comfort and into new, scary scenarios isn’t something I’ve ever warmed up to either, but I’ve been forced into them lately, and you know–they’re not always as scary as we make them out to be.

    XOXO and hope you have the best 2015 ever. Even if it started a bit bumpy… I believe it’ll get better from here on out. Why? Because you’re so darn awesome, that’s why πŸ™‚

    1. You know, the year actually started pretty nice for the most part. Lots of perks. And we get to go to Florida soon! Too bad there are no moose in Florida. Instead, they seem to like these cold lands!

  51. What a wonderful word! I actually had read this on Monday morning, but then I was in a rush to go to school and work and then…I got hit by a virus. Nothing too bad, just an achy-I-think-I-need to lie down kind of virus. But I’m so thrilled that you were the first to link up to the Spin Cycle this week! Practice makes perfect. πŸ™‚

    1. Wow. So glad it wasn’t a terrible virus. This sounds like something Cassidy had of weeks ago. It came on very suddenly and didn’t last more than 24 hours.

  52. Visiting via the Spin Cycle! First of all, congrats on being featured in Touched Magazine. Second, you have a full-size Han Solo in Carbonite statue!?! How cool! Of course, I’d have no room for that in my tiny condo. Third, I want those cookies at the top of your post. Seriously. Like, now. And finally, yes I have a word of the year. This is my third time picking a word, and this year my word is “grace.”

  53. Did you learn the root of your PTSD? I’ve heard that REM therapy is highly beneficial for PTSD, and it can also benefit anxiety. I have depression and anxiety and have come such a long way. My latest discovery for reducing anxiety is lavender essential oil. I rub it on my wrists and the back of my neck every morning and throughout the day. My anxiety has almost disappeared entirely (unless my depression comes out, anxiety always tags along).

    1. Oh I just love this comment! It’s timely in ways you couldn’t have imagined. As for the PTSD, I do know the trigger of the really bad anxiety from the fall. I imagine there is more than one trigger.
      I just got a lot of young living oils in the mail. lavender is actually too strong of a smell for me because I tried it when I was pregnant so now it makes me feel a little sick. I do love a lot of their others though.

  54. Love your word! (Mine is intent – similar!). And I move this post. 2014 was a similar kind of year for me. I learned so much. I have good feelings about both of us for 2015!

  55. That’s excellent! PRACTICE is a great word. It means continuous learning and I like that. Because that’s really what life is about — learning, at least for me. Mine is ENJOY. I felt like I was too worried on not achieving my goals last year that I sometimes missed to enjoy little things in life. For the most part, I felt so overwhelmed and overworked! But I’m gonna take things a little lightly this time. Hoping for the best! And wish you all the best too!

  56. Sometimes it just takes longer to put the word into play, that’s all. 2014 sets you up for 2015. It happens in its own time. Think of the movement you made in parts of 2014. In all directions.

    I love that fort-building trumps laundry-folding. It should always.

    Try this: These 12 minutes are the most important – the 4 when a child first wakes up, 4 when a child first comes home, and the last 4 before she goes to sleep. Stop for these, and you’re golden.

    1. That is the best advice ever! Scarlet went to bed late last night, but before bed I put my hippie dippie essential oils on her back so that she wouldn’t cough, and we cuddled for a while. Definitely more than four minutes.

  57. i like both words of the year: moose and practice! scrolling through your pictures, even though i have no fear of heights, made my stomach dip. just swinging along looking at amusement park pictures, then BAM, high up in the stratosphere. i felt like i was dangling along in some of those photos. it was the strangest and most real reaction, which is often how i feel reading your blog because i love how genuine you are about life and how it can be: normal, hanging out, anxious, nervous, whimsical, magical. that’s what life is. it’s all of that!

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