How You Can Make Your Home More Dog-Friendly Ready For The New Arrival

As you know, we just welcomed a baby into a home with three dogs less than a week ago!
How You Can Make Your Home More Dog-Friendly Ready For The New Arrival. Knowing you have a dog on the way can be pretty exciting, right?

How You Can Make Your Home More Dog-Friendly Ready For The New Arrival:

Knowing you have a dog on the way can be pretty exciting, right? Well, it’s more than just a little exciting if we’re honest. Everyone loves pups, and anyone who says otherwise better have a darn good reason! They’re the loveliest little things, and they’ll stay loyal to you (and your close ones) for as long as you want them to. Not only are they cute, but they’ll provide unconditional love and lift your mood whenever you feel as though you need a little boost. Everyone, in their minds, has the perfect pooch, and they’re all correct as each one is perfect for the family that has adopted them!

Bringing in a pup and letting them into your lives is a big step. Once everything is handled, and it’s confirmed that you’ll be taking him or her back to yours, you’re then responsible for a lot of things. A fundamental job you have from then on is to make sure your home is now dog-friendly. This doesn’t have to be too much of a renovation job, but it is something that will take a little time, work, and patience. Here are a few things you’ll have to handle: 

Have Everything Prepared 

Before they arrive at your home, it’s wise to have every piece of equipment ready for them to indulge in. This isn’t completely necessary, and it wouldn’t be a huge issue if things weren’t sorted, but it just makes everything so much simpler going forward. Get the kennel, the cage, the bed, the insulated doggy door and the food situation all handled – you won’t have to quickly panic and buy lots of things in a rush. 

Prepare The Kids For The Arrival 

Suppose you have a family in your household, of course! It’s going to be quite the change to the usual situation. They’ll obviously be happy to have a new friend in the home, but they aren’t going to be the focus on attention for one-hundred percent of the time anymore, so they’ll have to understand that. They’ll also need to learn a thing or two about taking care of a little pet!

Mind Your Loose Items

Puppies especially like running around and causing all kinds of havoc. They don’t do it on purpose, of course, but they do it nonetheless. If you have vases, photo frames, souvenirs or any kind of loose item on your smaller tables, then you might want to think about placing them in harder-to-reach areas for now – you know, just in case!

Think About Your Flooring And Furniture

A pup can do some real, lasting damage to the flooring you have in your home. Again, it’s not hugely essential, and a completely necessary change, but dogs can leave real marks and odours on things like flooring and furniture. Think about getting some laminated floors or some tiles if you’re worried about this kind of thing. If you really want some wood flooring, then elect for harder woods. In terms of the furniture, leather is fantastic for keeping away stains and odours that they may bring.

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