How to Shoot Family Photography Like a Pro

Family photos are the best way to keep memories alive! So, here is a great guide for how to shoot family photography that you are looking for

How to Shoot Family Photography Like a Pro

Family photos are the best way to keep memories alive! So, whether you’re just starting a new family or looking for the best way to capture those precious moments when everyone is reunited, here is the best guide for how to shoot family photography that you are looking for.

What Makes a Good Family Photo?

cute toddler girl clothes

To create family photos that are treasured memories, you will need more than just basic photography skills. Besides a decent background, camera, or a suitable theme, the family outfits are also something you should consider. From cute toddler girl clothes for your daughter to a stylish suit for the man of the family, deciding what to wear is one of the most visually-grabbing elements of a photoshoot. So, just make sure everyone has the right outfit for the day!

When everybody is dressed up nicely, choosing a perfect location for the family photoshoot is what you should do next. It is always good to have a place with soft diffused light or an aesthetic background. Besides that, choosing some family poses in advance will help you create beautiful family pictures easier while also showing a strong bond between every member.

Camera Settings For Indoor Photography

Family photos are the best way to keep memories alive! So, here is a great guide for how to shoot family photography that you are looking for

The biggest challenge for indoor photography is lighting since not all indoor spaces are well lit. That’s why choosing the right camera settings is essential if you want a bright, clear image. Also, we suggest using a tripod or monopod to keep your camera steady for longer shutter speeds. Below are a few tips to choose the best setting for your indoor photoshoot:

  • Keep your ISO as low as possible (around 100)
  • Choose f/4 or lower aperture for portraits and f/11 for wide shots
  • Shoot in RAW photo format for better editing
  • Always use a custom setting for the specific lighting conditions or choose the white balance preset

Note: Keep your shutter speed to at least 1/100 to avoid blur from camera shake if you don’t use a tripod. Additionally, you might also need to increase the ISO up to 800 or more to maintain a fast shutter speed in low-light conditions.

How to Work With Outdoor Lighting Conditions

Shooting outdoors comes with a number of technical challenges. Even though you’ll have less control when shooting outdoors than in other environments, doing this will let you access more subjects and possibilities. So, here are a few things you should remember when shooting your family photos outdoor:

  • Keep the sun behind you so it will illuminate your scene rather than overwhelm it.
  • Early morning and evening when the light is softer and more diffuse are the best time to shoot outdoor family photography.
  • Outdoor photography requires the right equipment like a standard 50mm, tripod/monopod, and lens hood.
  • Shooting in RAW will take up a lot of space on your memory cards, but the results will be worth it since you can freely edit your pictures and adjust the white balance.

Best Cameras For Family Photography

One of the most important parts of creating stunning family photos is to find a camera that you know how to use. There are plenty of videos out there to teach you basic photography skills. However, you need to feel comfortable with your device so that everyone can relax when posing in front of the camera. Below are some of the best cameras for family photography:

  • Sony A6500 (Best Overall)
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7 (Budget Option)
  • Nikon Z50 (Mirrorless Pick)
  • Nikon D5600 (Best DSLR)
  • Sony A7III (Pro Level Pick)
  • Sony RX100VI (Best Point and Shoot)

However, if learning how to use a new camera is just too complicated for you, shooting with your smartphone isn’t a bad idea. Some iPhone models like 13 Pro and Pro Max feature great camera features and can shoot amazing portrait photos. This can save you a lot of money spent on expensive equipment. 

A Few Family Photo Ideas To Try This Year

Standing together

This is a classic one and it just works all the time. We always like to start with basic shots before trying anything new. That way, you can always have great photos in case your other ideas don’t work out. All you need to do is arrange everyone close together with those on the outside turned slightly inward and kids standing in front.

Shooting With Interesting Backgrounds

While the focus of your family photos should always be the people, a decent background is also necessary. Introducing new elements or other scenery can dramatically alter the look and feel of your family photos. Just choose the right decor or a favorite family place and start shooting!

Group Hug!

Family photos should be all about love and togetherness. So, what better way to show that than doing a group hug! Simply get the children to snuggle up with the adults so everyone’s close to each other.

Showcase The Generations

When doing a family photo session, it’s always a good idea to get at least one shot showing the elders as the main character. Position your grandmothers and grandfathers in the middle and surround them with their children or grandchildren. This creates a sense of closeness and family bonding that immediately shows anyone who looks at the photo afterward.

Group the Genders

Even though this idea isn’t exactly new or groundbreaking, it’s a tried-and-true formula for a successful family photoshoot. This is all about spontaneous and casual. So, you don’t need to think about any poses for this shot. It’s important that everyone has fun together. We’re sure your family will have a lot of fun doing your family photoshoot.

Family photography is not only a rewarding way to preserve memories but also a great experiment to improve your photography skills. Follow our tips and ideas to capture the most memorable moments with your family that everyone will remember forever.

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