How to Sell Merch as a YouTuber

Selling merchandise is highly incorporated by several businesses worldwide. Here are the best tips for selling merch as a Youtuber.

How to Sell Merch as a YouTuber

Selling merchandise is highly incorporated by several businesses worldwide, especially when trying to grow their services through YouTube or social media.

The merch items consist of office supplies, clothing or related utensils used by different organizations. In this case, you have to customize the branding of the merch items to promote your business amongst other clients. Here are the best tips for selling merch as a Youtuber.

Make use of merch shelf

Having YouTube channels with many subscribers creates a favorable opportunity to offer your merch products to your subscribers. This is the best opportunity to cash in your follower-ship. With great merch products as a Youtuber, you will be surprised how the viewers of your content will be interested in the products you are offering on the merch shelf.

The merch shelf can only be used if you are eligible to use it. It’s one of YouTube’s greatest tools that showcase your products directly below the videos posted on YouTube. You can automatically add about 12 products on the merch shelf and tip it with a logo to ensure that you promote the brand of the products you are dealing with.

Link YouTube with online shop

One of the best ways to sell merch on YouTube is ensuring that the target customers can visit your website and view the products that you are offering. It ensures that the customers can easily find the merch you are selling and buy it without facing many challenges. That’s made possible by providing that you link the online shop with the video details of the content you are posting.

To offer quality links to the online shop as a YouTuber merch, you should ensure that the ad blocker is off to avoid interfering with the merch descriptions. Turning it on will block the viewers from seeing the products you are offering on the online shop. Visiting, especially the blogs section, will teach you how to sell your merch on YouTube effectively.

Wear your merch in presentations

Not only are the viewers interested in the content that you are creating, but they are also interested in the products that you are wearing during your presentations. Most of them think that it’s what makes your presentations as great as they appear. Wearing your merch in your presentations also shows that you are very confident in your products to the target customers.

Keep in mind that most customers like being associated with certain celebrities, and as a YouTuber, this offers a great chance to utilize your popularity. It also signals to the viewers that the merch exists, and they can easily buy the products at their base prices in their countries. Make sure that you reply to the viewers in the comment section on the issues related to the merch that you are wearing.

Customize your merch

As a YouTuber, you should ensure that you are well-conversant with your subscribers. You should also ensure that you know what they value most, including their tastes ad preferences. It’s only through understanding what the target customers need that you can customize your merch to make sure it fits their specific needs. Here, you have to create merch designs with the viewers in mind.

Of course, there are ones who will buy it after all because it seems pretty good to them. But others keep their values so much. Does your merch branding align with the cultural values? If possible, collaborate with a designer to customize your merch on the YouTube channel.

Create strategic promotions

Strategic promotions on the merch being sold on the YouTube channels entail content that provokes the target customers to make purchases only. The content of the message should not interfere with the content being shared on YouTube. These strategic promotions involve announcing promotions on the local social media accounts and significantly more on the YouTube Community tab.

You can even announce it in the comment section so that the viewers can have something else to find out after watching the content of the video presentations. The comment pinned on the comment section should be viable only when the promotions are running and be removed immediately when they are over as it may end up causing great confusion. That’s customers ordering the merch that’s not available. 

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