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How to Say “I’m Pregnant” with Song Lyrics

How about just “I’m pregnant” and couldn’t come up with a song this week?

I'm pregnant, and can't find a song title to write this to! So if you're hearing this here first, welcome to my 4th pregnancy announcement!

Yeah, that. So if you’re hearing this here first, welcome to my fourth pregnancy announcement! It is not my fourth pregnancy announcement on this blog, but it is the announcement of my fourth pregnancy on this blog. And it’s my third pregnancy announcement on this blog, only because I didn’t have a blog when I was pregnant with Scarlet. In fact, I didn’t have a blog until she was about 9-10 months old and I was inspired by all of my photos and emotions, so I started writing again after a long drought. And I haven’t looked back since, so that’s pretty powerful. It’s important to remember our roots. So, like I was saying, if you’re reading this here first, welcome! I also announced it on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, and Twitter. I did not announce it on Pinterest, because I couldn’t figure out how exactly to do that. And I didn’t announce the fourth pregnancy in skywriting, but that would have been rather fun, right? Maybe next time?

Totally kidding! About next time. Not about this time.

I don’t think there will be a next time. I didn’t even think there would be a this time. Sort of.. You see, I’ve been keeping this secret for about 11 weeks. When I started that new playlist? I was starting a new birth mix. Instead of writing the song posts after the birth, I was writing them before the birth, and compiling my playlist. I’ll still do that, probably next week, but this is my break to talk about it. My mom says that now that she knows, she can see the little hints that I sprinkled into my previous Friday posts. Did you see them? Did you suspect? They were subtle! We didn’t necessarily mean to wait until the second trimester to announce this, especially since I announced at around 10 weeks with both boys, and maybe around nowish with Scarlet (but I wasn’t a blogger then, and Facebook was still new). This fourth one has been a journey so far.

I'm pregnant, and can't find a song title to write this to! So if you're hearing this here first, welcome to my 4th pregnancy announcement!

Scarlet was my happy surprise, but both boys were planned, and yes, even the one that came seven years after the other one. This fourth bookend baby was not planned. Now this is my blog, so I can get TMI with you, and this isn’t even very TMI. What I’m saying is that I WAS on the pill. It was the sensitive low dose pill, but still. And at my age, pregnancy isn’t super likely anyway. So I was flabbergasted, to say the least, to find out the news. I cried to Cassidy right before I took the pregnancy test. I said, “It’s either peri-menopause or pregnancy, and either one means my life is over.” And he smiled and assured me that both would be ok, and that we would deal with them. Well luckily, or unluckily, it sure isn’t peri-menopause. So, I am 15 weeks pregnant with baby #4.

And guess what?? We aren’t finding out the sex of the baby until birth this time. WHOA!

It’s been a long journey of guilt and shock and shame, to now feeling excited and celebratory. I worried I couldn’t carry this one out, and thought about that. I worried it wouldn’t stick, and that was the bigger worry. Of course I worried it was all in my head so I rambled to the ultrasound technician (now my 7th ultrasound, but 1st for this baby, with the same wonderful woman) that I was afraid it was a missed miscarriage, multiples, an empty sac, an alien, or maybe just all in my imagination. She took it all in stride and said, “Well, let’s see what’s in there.” It didn’t take long for her to confirm it to me after the gel had been applied and the wand was gliding across my stomach. “You’re pregnant.” And, only one baby, and a healthy heartbeat. Then things got real.

family holding pregnancy announcement signs

After, I had a full exam and a giant panel of bloodwork and NIPT testing. I was SO nervous. Nine vials of blood to look for anything: white and red blood cell counts, scary blood pressure stuff, A1C to check my blood sugar averages, STDs, genetic anomalies, and more, more, more. The test results started rolling in that same night, and didn’t stop for 36 hours. What I couldn’t BELIEVE, still kinda can’t believe, is that they were ALL normal and good. Even my A1C, which I’m always paranoid is high, despite no evidence that it would be. Then, after two weeks or so, I got the call that my NIPT testing all looked great. So, this was big. If it hadn’t, well, that can be big trouble.

It was only then, that we started to make the plans to tell.. anyone! Everyone!

I'm pregnant, and can't find a song title to write this to! So if you're hearing this here first, welcome to my 4th pregnancy announcement!

I had told my dentist, a co-worker (because I was being a terrible co-worker and needed to tell her why), as well as one client, because I was doing a lengthy photoshoot and needed her to know that I may need fresh air, rest, water, etc. We told the kids two weeks ago, by putting Rider in the shirt he’s wearing in the cute announcement at the top of this post (Scarlet took the photo) and seeing if the kids would notice. Scarlet noticed in two seconds flat and said, “WHAT? WHAT? WHAT?” She said it was a very weird week, because the day before that, we had told her the origin of the scar on her right cheek (dog bite the day before her first birthday, with surgical micro-stitching). Both kids said that they would have been mad if the surprise was another dog. Four kids = good. Four dogs = bad. Got it! Des was excited to tell friends. I love the way he did it.

“My little brother is going to be a big brother!” Cute!

So then last weekend, we celebrated Rider’s first birthday with the six grandparents. My best friend from high school stayed over that Friday night and I told her. I had to! She left the next morning and the grandparents came for the party. We told them with signs (seen above) and in song. “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, You’ll be a big brother..before you are two!” BOOM! It all caught on in a wave. Two of them cried! Everyone was happy! That’s probably what surprised me the most. Not that people wouldn’t be happy, but I thought that someone would say, “FFS! Another one?” And yet, no one has. At least not out loud. Telling loved ones in person, over the phone, by messenger, by text, and by email, was amazing. Telling people on Facebook was awesome too. It feels good to bring another super loved, and sure to be loving human into this world. It needs it. The littles will be 18 months apart. It’s like two sets of two kids.

And I can’t wait to see how it will all turn out, with our limitless capacities for love.

I'm pregnant, and can't find a song title to write this to! So if you're hearing this here first, welcome to my 4th pregnancy announcement!

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  1. Aw, huge congrats my friend and your reactions here sound so similar to the way I reacted with my second pregnancy which was btw a complete and utter surprise. But in the end, she was and still is the best surprise I know I have ever gotten in my life (might sound cliche, but seriously just the truth). So, excited for you all and cannot wait to be on long even just a little bit here with you. Hugs ❤️

  2. I also can’t wait to see how this all goes! Two girls and two boys? Three boys and one girl? It doesn’t matter. This baby will be loved and nurtured with a magical childhood.

  3. You crazy kids! Congratulations!

    I was looking at my kids the other day and was like wow, those baby and little years really do go by so fast. I remember thinking it would never end, but they did. Now I love still having a little girl to mix in with the teenagers 🙂

  4. YAY! Oh, my goodness! I’m late here (no pun intended). Congratulations, Tamara and family!! How exciting. I didn’t catch on at all and I thought the title was a trick, LOL. I usually pop onto your Friday posts as I look forward to them weekly. Last Friday, however, I had a day…and missed you. What a one to miss! I’m so excited for you and looking forward to hearing your play list as you create it. HUGS. And the pic and t-shirt for Rider are so adorable.

  5. I can certainly imagine your surprise! A lot of women end up getting pregnant as they approach menopause (I think we are dumping extra eggs). Every life is a blessing, and I’m so happy that everyone in your life is happy and that you are healthy and the baby is healthy. Another lucky little one being born into this loving family!

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