How To Safely Organize A Kids Party During The Pandemic

Have you thrown a kids party during the pandemic? Here are some tips to help you organize a safe kids party during the pandemic.

How To Safely Organize A Kids Party During The Pandemic

Many aspects of people’s lives changed due to the pandemic. For one, mass gatherings and simple celebrations are more challenging to conduct due to the risk of getting exposed to the virus. Just like adults, your kid may also have difficulties getting used to the changes in their environment. For instance, they may miss going outside and meeting their friends to play. 

If you’re thinking about cheering your child up for their birthday, throwing them a party may be a great idea. However, you still need to be cautious when organizing one to ensure no one gets sick as an aftermath of it. So, here are some tips to help you organize a safe kids party during the pandemic: 

Get Everything You Need Ahead

If you want to pull off a kids party for your child, one of the first things you need to cross out from your checklist are the materials you’ll use for the occasion. These can include the decorations, props, and gift giveaways you’ll share with the attendees. It may be a great idea to purchase everything you need as early as possible so that you’ll have time to disinfect them. 

It’s a must to keep all items sanitized as they may contain viruses that are harmful to one’s health. Keep in mind that children may be more prone to getting sick than adults. Hence, you should take extra precaution when organizing an event for them.

If you don’t want to risk your own safety when shopping for the party essentials, you can also get them delivered to your door. This way, you’ll also lessen your contact with other people. It may prevent you from getting infected and ensure you won’t spread the virus, especially when the party is only a few days away. For instance, stores like Gage Beasley have online platforms where you can check out various toys and other kids’ items. Another option is Factory Direct Party ( FDP ) who are known for their low prices and high-quality products that customers continue to order from one birthday to the next.

Require Everyone To Wear Masks 

Nowadays, wearing a mask when around other people is normal, and, at times, even essential. It can protect people from getting sick and ensure individuals can interact with each other with less worries. So, if you plan to hold a party for your kid’s birthday, it may be a great idea to require everyone to wear medical-grade masks. 

If you’ll send invitation to parents, you can add a note requiring everyone who’ll come to use a mask. This way, they’ll also have time to prepare before the day of the event. In addition to a mandatory mask guideline, you should also have some extra kids’ and adults’ masks at hand. This way, if anyone needs one, you can simply give it to them. Being prepared will ensure you won’t need to pause any activity in case someone fails to wear a mask. 

Conduct An Outdoor Party 

It may be better to hold the party outdoors instead of an enclosed room. Some viruses may thrive in closed spaces faster than open ones. Furthermore, an indoor venue may not have enough ventilation, which may increase the risk of infection. 

There are various activities you can conduct outdoors that’ll entertain your guests. For instance, you can set up games, like an easter egg hunt, so kids can enjoy themselves without the need to have close contact with each other. Other activities, like a painting or movie session, can keep children occupied while ensuring they stay a few feet apart from each other. 

Do It Virtually

If you’re unsure whether organizing a party in person is safe for your child and other kids, it may be better to host one virtually instead. Although it’s something different from what your kid has been used to, there are still ways you can make it fun and interesting. Furthermore, choosing this party option will keep your peace of mind since all the attendees can participate without risking their health.

You can inform their parents of your plan so they can set up their equipment with a clear video and audio. This way, your child can see their friends, even if it’s only through a screen. To make a virtual party fun, you can prepare online games, like guessing or drawing games. 

There are various platforms you can use to conduct online games, so you won’t need to worry about keeping the children occupied. 

In addition to playing virtual games, you can also extend the party atmosphere to the attendees by sending them a simple goodie package. For instance, you can deliver gift bags to their homes as a way to say thank you. It’s a compromise you can do when you’re unable to come near other people during the pandemic. 

Final Thoughts 

Organizing a party in the midst of the pandemic can be challenging. However, simple steps, like conducting it outdoors with a mandatory mask protocol or holding a virtual version instead, may help keep all the attendees and your child safe. 

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