How to Relax Once Your Little One is Asleep

How to Relax Once Your Little One is Asleep. Here are some ways to relax once your little one has gone to sleep.

How to Relax Once Your Little One is Asleep

Sometimes, it seems to take an age to get your little one to calm down and go to sleep, that by the time they’ve drifted off, you’re not sure what to do with yourself. Instead of hovering around the house feeling like you’re being unproductive, why not indulge in a little you time? Here are some ways to relax once your little one has gone to sleep.

Play Some Games

No, not the kind of games your kid loves – you’ve surely had enough of those! Play games that you enjoy, such as console RPGs, fun phone apps, or even 5 pound deposit bingo. Games are a great way of switching off while doing an activity, so allow yourself a little time playing something just for you.

Curl Up with a Book

When was the last time you finished a novel? Even the most avid readers find it difficult to reach the last page when they have a baby or toddler. The next time your little one is finally giving you some peace, why not catch up on your reading and curl up with a good book? Don’t forget the warm drink, biscuits, and a blanket!

Run a Bubble Bath

Why not mix a little relaxation with something somewhat productive? Rather than a rushed five-minute shower, indulge yourself in a long, warm bubble bath. Once you shut that bathroom door, it is only you in the world, so allow yourself some complete peace while the water gentle moves below you.

Listen to Your Favorite Podcast

Podcasts are a great way to enjoy an activity without actually having to do anything. The chances are you’re completely tired out from looking after a small child, so instead of moving more, sit back on the sofa (or your bed) and listen to someone else talk for a while. It’ll be nice to hear an adult voice rather than a child’s!

If you’re stuck for a good podcast, have a look online or on Spotify for some inspiration. There are podcasts of all kinds, including history, self-help, and film, so pick the one that appeals most to you.

Do Your Full Skincare Routine

When was the last time your skincare routine consisted of more than a splash of water and a slap of moisturizer? Give your skin the attention it deserves by taking the time to cleanse, tone, do a mask, and moisturize. Use all the fancy products you have and let yourself feel like you’re at the spa; after all, you deserve it!

Binge a New TV Show

Are you sick of your friends asking if you’ve seen the latest Netflix hit yet? After telling them you’ll watch it soon for six months, now is the time to make do on your promise and binge it in one sitting while you can.

Watching TV can be very therapeutic, especially for those who are busy, as it takes you far away from the life you’re currently living.

Take a Nap Yourself

Take the opportunity to catch up on sleep while your little one sleeps. It might not feel productive, but sometimes, a little more sleep is the best thing you can do for your body. Enjoy your doze!

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