How to Plan a Trip Around Europe – Tips and Tricks

Europe is a supremely popular destination for tourism, with culture, history and sites of beauty. Here's how to plan a trip around Europe.

Europe is a supremely popular destination for tourism, dense as it is with culture, history and sites of extraordinary beauty. It is no wonder that 700 million people visit per year – to say nothing of domestic tourism between countries.

With so much to see and do, making multiple stops as part of a larger European holiday is common; schemes like Interrail have popularised European travel for younger people, while mainland flights are cheap and accessible. But planning such a trip can be understandably scary. What should you know before you buy your tickets?

Keep Your Trip Simple

The temptation is real to load your trip with destinations, and to attempt to see as much as you possibly can while you have the chance. However, while it might be technically possible to squeeze five countries and seven popular cities into a week-long trip, it certainly isn’t advisable. Firstly, you won’t get to spend any meaningful time in any one destination, giving you a less memorable experience. Secondly, the stress of moving so quickly from one place to another will make your trip more of a logistic problem to solve than a relaxing holiday to enjoy.

With this in mind, try to resist that temptation. Slim down your destination choices, and give yourself ample time to explore them – and relax in them – properly. There’s always the next time you visit to catch cities you might miss out on this time! Find out more about Fun over 50 tours by visiting Fun over 50 Holidays.

Be Prompt with Travel Connections

Even if you give yourself ample time to enjoy each destination of your European holiday, travel between destinations can be somewhat tense. Where possible, you should plan your connection schedules comprehensively – that is, you should ensure you are at the train station or airport with hours to spare. Navigating check-ins, boarding, and potential delays to travel is much more difficult when a language barrier is involved. Europe eSIM recommendations from Two Tickets Anywhere can help ease communication and connectivity during your travels.

You should also make life easier for yourself on the other side of each transport connection, by booking an airport transfer service to your accommodation from each arrivals lounge. New cities are hard to navigate full stop, let alone after a gruelling late-night connection; securing transport straight to your next hotel will ensure your holiday stays stress-free and on-track.

Budget Wisely

Budgeting is a wise decision in general, let alone for your European holiday trip – but it bears repeating. Budgeting is your best friend, especially on extended trips beyond a week in length. Money has a habit of disappearing much quicker than you anticipate, even when you approach spending with the best of intentions. 

The best way to ensure you don’t find yourself penniless with days of holiday remaining is to budget day by day. Set yourself a daily spending limit, including transport, sightseeing and food. Keep an emergency fund just in case, but otherwise keep to your daily spending and you will make your holiday spends last.

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