How To Photograph Children And Moose, But Not Together!

As Eli says when he’s a guest poster on another blog, “I’m on the road again.”

And so, I’m on the road today at Eli’s blog, or maybe as he might say, it’s an away game. I’m the home team traveling to an away game? I’m the traveling team at a home game? My sports references are meager at best, but you get the point. Eli is so generously hosting me today as I tell you about photographing children and moose, but never, ever together!

Unless the moose is stuffed. Or you’re in a getaway car hundreds of feet away, with your moose-paparazzi lens aimed out the back window:

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  1. Great post over there, Tamara!! I really need to work on my pictures – I never cared much until I started my blog but now since I take pictures almost every day I think I should get more serious!

  2. Hey, it's not mooses? lol. I've never seen one in the wild. I dont know if I would stick around long enough to take photos! I'll check out how to take photos of them though.

  3. You can probably give me a million photog tips but I'm still not going to be good at it. Except keeping the moose and child out of the same photo. I think I have that one covered. 🙂

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