How To Master Dairy-Free Cooking

Person Holding Sliced Vegetable When you look at recipes online or in books, often you’ll see that dairy is involved. Here are tips on how to master dairy-free cooking?

When you look at recipes online or in books, a lot of the time, you’ll see dairy is involved. While that might not be something that some people give a second thought to, if you’re lactose intolerant or you have to take dairy out of your diet for any other reason, it can really be a problem. All those lovely recipes might not be possible to enjoy after all.

The good news is there are actually lots of ways to enjoy dairy-free cooking, so you don’t have to miss out on as much as you might think. With that in mind, here are some ways to ensure your cooking can be wondering, even without the addition of dairy – read on to find out more.

Use Dairy-Free Substitutes

One of the best things you can do when you’re working out how to cook in a dairy-free way is to think about all the different substitutes there are for milk these days. In the past, there wouldn’t have been much, if anything, you could use, and any recipe that contained milk would have been impossible to make. Today, however, plenty of substitutes can work wonders for you, so you can make almost any dish you want just using a dairy-free alternative to milk.

One great idea is to make your own oat milk, using an specially designed product that helps you understand exactly what’s in your food and gives you more control over the recipe. On top of that, as well as plenty of other types of milk, like soy and almond milk, you can use things like coconut cream, cashew cream, and vegan cheeses to give you the taste and texture you’re looking for.

Try Different Flavors

Sometimes, the milk in a recipe isn’t there for any reason other than flavor, so if you can find something else that tastes good to use instead, you can forget all about the milk and make yourself a delicious, dairy-free recipe.

Some of the things you can use instead of milk include:

  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Citrus fruits and zest
  • Yeast
  • Mushrooms

All of these things, and plenty more, will enhance the taste of your food just like milk or cream would, but without any of the side effects that consuming dairy products would bring.

Expand Your Range

Did you know that a lot of global cuisines don’t use a lot of milk at all? Because of that, it might be wise to expand your range when it comes to finding tasty recipes, and try dishes from areas like Asia, Latin America, and the Mediterranean, which are all areas that don’t use a lot of dairy products in their cooking.

In fact, in many of these cultures, plant-based ingredients are more popular than dairy or meat, and a vegan diet is an easy thing to get right when you think a little outside the box and a little further afield. Although it might take some getting used to, experimenting with these flavors is an ideal way to find out what your preferences are, and to stay away from dairy at the same time.

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