How to Make Self-Care a Priority in 2022

As we enter a new year, many set goals for themselves. This guide breaks down how you can put self-care at the top of your list this year!

How to Make Self-Care a Priority in 2022

As we enter a new year, many set goals for themselves in the hopes of being better, happier, and more successful. These New Year’s resolutions are a tradition that have stood the test of time, and for good reason. It can be difficult to measure success until we close on one year and start on the next. This allows us time to reflect, cultivate gratitude, and focus on what we can enjoy more in the year to come. 

If you’re considering your goals for the New Year, consider prioritizing self-care. Finding time and energy for self-care is essential  to overall well being. If we don’t take time to rest, rejuvenate, and take care of ourselves, we can experience burnout. 

While self-care is important, it can be a challenge to make these activities a priority. This guide breaks down how you can put self-care at the top of your list this year! Read on to learn more. 

Self-Care & Mental Health

One way to think about self-care is that it includes any activity that supports or improves your well being, mental health, and physical health. This can include activities as simple and routine as brushing your teeth to getting a massage at your local spa. 

Self-care looks different for everyone, so depending on your life, your needs, and your coping mechanisms, one form of self-care may work better for you than others. Self-care plays a critical role in maintaining mental health, satisfaction, and peace. 

For instance, one benefit of self-care is that it helps soothe feelings of overwhelm, worry, and stress. If we let stress build up, we can become moody, irritable, lose focus, and lose energy. Unmanaged stress can even lead to physical consequences, like high blood pressure, lack of sleep, muscle tension, headaches, loss of appetite, and more. 

Self-Care & Physical Health

Self-care is also necessary for maintaining physical health as this is critical for your overall well being. Some self-care activities include taking a walk, getting proper exercise, stretching, and eating a well-rounded diet. 

By taking care of your physical body, you can support its normal processes like sleep, mood, appetite, metabolism, natural pain relief, energy, and more. In turn, this supports health in other areas. 

Tips for Self-Care in the New Year

Self-care doesn’t always come easily. If you’re busy with work, taking care of others, or navigating the challenges of life, engaging in self-care can seem like the least of your priorities. However, when you take time for yourself, you’ll find you’re able to excel in other areas of life. 

Let’s take a closer look at some easy ways you can make time for self-care in the new year. Here’s what you need to know! 

Drink Up Health Benefits

When you think of self-care, soda likely doesn’t come to mind. Nevertheless, Vina is a smart soda that presents a range of health benefits. Drink up the health benefits with this prebiotic soda. Here’s how it works. 

Prebiotics and probiotics are two essential supplements that help balance the microflora and bacteria in the gut. Prebiotics are responsible for nourishing the microflora and creating this balance, whereas probiotics maintain the ratio of good bacteria in the gut. It’s common to lack prebiotics in the diet. 

Luckily, this organic, prebiotic soda is packed with plant fiber, minerals, and nutrients to delight your senses and support your physical health. With flavors like cherry pop, ginger fizz, lime lemon, and pomegranate, there’s never been a more delicious way to show yourself some love.

Soak in Self-Care

For many, engaging in self-care means taking a long, hot, bubble bath. Bubble baths are an excellent form of self-care for more than one reason. 

First, hot baths help soothe the body, release tension, and provide relaxation. If you’ve had a long day, nothing can seem better than melting into the perfect bubble bath. Add some spice to your self-care with candles, your favorite music like the Jhene Aiko vinyls, a glass of wine, and a book for you to read. 

Another reason baths make great self-care activities is because they support skin care. Spongelle helps you cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and nourish skin, all while soaking in the relaxation. With this bacteria-free loofah alternative, you can create the perfect at home spa treatment without the expensive visit. 

Soothe Stress with a Weighted Blanket

It’s no secret that life can get stressful. Sometimes the weight of the world can build up if left unaddressed. It’s important to learn how to manage and regularly soothe stress to help support mental and physical health. This is a critical aspect of self-care. A Layla Weighted Blanket can hug and soothe you, and can both improve sleep quality and ease stress and anxiety.

There are many ways to help soothe stress. Going for walks, exercising, journaling, doing yoga, talking with friends, and taking bubble baths are all excellent tools for stress relief. However, these often require time and effort. If you don’t have much time to devote to stress relief, consider the benefits of a weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are just like regular blankets, but with added weight to them. In general, weighted blankets weigh anywhere from 7-12% of your body weight. In recent years, these blankets have become more and more popular, and for good reason. The science behind weighted blankets supports many aspects of wellness. 

Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy with a weighted blanket:

  • A good night’s sleep
  • Relief from feelings of anxiety and stress 
  • Support for the production of melatonin and serotonin
  • Total mind and body relaxation

When you use a weighted blanket, you can enjoy deep touch pressure stimulation. It’s like being hugged by a blanket. This blanket is designed for circulation, breathability, coolness, and is made with natural, sustainable materials, and premium grade glass beads that help evenly distribute the weight. 

Take Control of Your Wellness Without Leaving Your Home

While COVID-19 has impacted much of life, we’ve also discovered ways to adapt. One of these adaptations has been in the world of telehealth. From medical appointments you can attend online to therapy sessions over messages, the advances have proved beneficial for mental and physical safety. 

Vessel health takes these advances to the next level. If you’re looking for ways to support total body wellness, from immunity, energy, sleep, exercise, mood, metabolism, beauty, and overall lifestyle enjoyment, look no further. 

With a team of nutritionists and doctors, you can access support for health whenever and wherever you need it. This app lets you track what your body needs so you can live a better, fuller life. How does it work? Here’s what you need to know. 

All you have to do is pee on a test strip, allow three minutes to pass, and then scan the strip with the app to receive accurate results and recommendations. Then, just wait for results to start streaming in. You can enjoy immediate, simple help whenever you need it! 

The Future of Self-Care is Bright 

With a new year, it’s more important than ever to support ourselves. Whether this means drinking your health, soaking in the tub, or using an app to support health, there’s no shortage of ways to supplement your wellness. After all, taking advantage of the future of self-care is an excellent way to support your bright future as well. 

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