How to Make a Room Brighter

How to Make a Room Brighter. Among the most frequent wishes we get from most homeowners is whether their home can be made ‘brighter’.

How to Make a Room Brighter

Among the most frequent wishes we get from most homeowners is whether their home can be made ‘brighter’. For some households, this can be a bit complicated compared to others due to the position of their home in relation to the sun, the number of windows they have or don’t have, landscaping, and other aspects of the house.

The good news is that there are very simple things you can do to make any space feel brighter. Of course, artificial lighting is your biggest asset if you are looking to make a room look brighter. Nevertheless, there are a plethora of other aspects that will aid together with the proper artificial lighting and make the overall effect greater.

Below are 5 methods to make any room look brighter with decorating:

How to Make a Space Brighter

1. Paint the Walls a Light Color

In a dark or small space, the fastest method to brighten up the space is by applying a light color on the walls. Medium shades and dark colors will take in the light and make it appear smaller than it actually is. If you wish to apply a dark or bold color, use it on one accent wall and leave the other part light.

2. Use Lightweight Window Treatments

Not only should you go for light-colored window treatments alone, but also lightweight. A light window material will permit light to pass through them and maintain a general feeling of lightness in the space. If you wish to put blackout curtains in the room, select light-colored ones and pull them entirely to the sides when open, then layer sheers under them to maintain your privacy while not blocking light from entering.

3. Reflect Light with Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best materials to use in a small and/or dark space. Other than them looking amazing and coming in various designs, they also do an excellent job of reflecting light. Position them adjacent to your light source, such as artificial light or window, and it will be reflected back to the room.

4. Decorate with Light-Colored Furniture

Similar to window treatments and walls, the color of your furniture is essential as well. Dark, big pieces will make the room appear darker. Use darker colors in your accents and select light colors for the bigger pieces so they don’t soak up all the light. For instance, the sofa and entertainment section in a room, the bedding, and the console table in the entrance. Choose from the range at The Designer Rooms.

5. Accent with Metallics

Metallic accents function identically to mirrors capturing light and bouncing it back into the room. They usually look as if they are glowing with light as a result of their sheen. There is a wide selection of metallic accent options, so they don’t need to be feminine or glamorous if that’s not you. Vintage copper accents, for instance, function well in a rustic or masculine space but still give off the same effect.

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