How to Help Your High-Schooler Think About Careers?

High school is one of the most important turning points in any student's life. Here are 5 steps to help your high-schooler think about careers.

High school is one of the most important turning points in any student’s life. It is a crucial time when they need to decide about their future career path.

Even at the end of 4 years, many students remain confused about the field they want to choose. They might have differences in learning and thinking, hence, require good guidance to help them make a decision.

As a parent, you must support your child and guide them appropriately. Here are 5 steps to help your high-schooler think about careers.

Make Them Self-aware

As a high-schooler, your child’s thinking capacities might only be limited to his current educational system. Their field of knowledge, learning, and decision-making abilities would only be confined to his school. But it would be impossible to deal with the real world with such limitations.

The students often think that the problems they are facing would end with their high school degrees. However, it is important to make your child aware that this is not how the real world works. Their problems will not automatically go away with the end of their school life. There would be more issues to deal with when they step into the real world.

Making your child self-aware and helping them accept themselves is a vital step to preparing for adult life. Self-awareness also teaches them about their strengths to deal with any situation or problems that may come forth.

Explore Multiple Options

You must go over different career options with your child. This would expand their knowledge and help make them choose something they like. See your child’s interests and what makes them happy.

Your child might be interested in science, math, art, technology, music, or sports. Maybe he likes to cook or code on his computer. Exploring such options about a career option would widen their perspective. It would make your child know whether they like a particular field just as a hobby. It would also show them if they can spend their future making a career out of it.

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Understand the Value of Work

Having a career just to make good money should not be the only motivation for your child. Your child must learn the actual value of work.

Make them understand that a good and successful career is one that you love and enjoy. This would ensure that they are happy in their work-life and ensure a better future for them.

Go over the challenges, difficulties, rewards, and benefits of whichever career path they want to choose. Encourage them to talk to close family and friends that would give them good advice. If they are already interested in a particular field, they must talk to professionals in it. This would help them gain deep knowledge regarding the insides of that field.

Prepare Them Practically

Before your child goes into the real world, they must be well-prepared practically. Try to instill good work skills in them from the start. Make them do some house chores regularly. These could include doing the dishes, doing their laundry, cooking food, etc. All these activities would make them disciplined and consistent in regular work.

Encourage them to get a part-time job while in high school. This way, they would be able to learn to manage their finances and time properly as well.

Make a Good Transition Plan

Having a good transition plan for your child could do wonders. It would help make the transition from high school to adult life a fairly smoother one.

The transition plan could be incorporated into the Individualized Education Program if that is what your child has. If not, you can still create a customized plan for them. This would be based on their skills, interests, passion, and guidance from their school counsellor.

Final Thoughts

It is never too early to start preparing your child for adult life. Exploring different career options and their pros and cons helps your child choose the right path. This would give them an edge when it comes to career planning and would help them shape their future in the right direction.

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