How to Get Your Vacation Rentals More Attention

If you have a property with all the potential, renting it out to vacationers can be a good idea. Here are some ways to attract customers and get your vacation rentals more attention:

Aside from a car and a house, another big purchase that most of us make are properties such as a log cabin, a beach house, or a personal vacation spot. Having such properties is the best way to enjoy all the hard work and labor you put in all those years. Just imagine yourself on your property:

  • Sand in between your toes
  • Sipping a cool drink under the shade of a tree
  • Enjoying the beautiful scenery

There’s just no great feeling like that. But what if you’re still young or able to work more? Surely you can’t be lounging the rest of your days in your dream vacation home when you have work. So what happens to your property then? Instead of letting your property get quiet for a long time, why not make it productive? Aside from your work, renting out your property can be a good source of income.

If you have a property with all the potential, renting it out to vacationers can be a good idea. Here are some ways to attract customers and get your vacation rentals more attention:

List it!

Listing your property on relevant boards, social media platforms, websites, blogs, and booking platforms can significantly increase your property’s visibility. Booking sites, for example, often collect feedback from guests about their stay in a specific property. A potential guest can see this feedback and decide whether a place is worth the stay.

Vlog About It

With vlogging so common nowadays, why not try your luck and dive right into vlogging about your place? Take videos of yourself while you’re chilling out in your place. Post Instagrammable photos along with your videos, do fun stuff on your property and just enjoy yourself. 

Start a personal blog where you can freely post your moments to make the most out of your videos and photos. If your place has the scenery, suitable accommodations, and the right amenities, vlogging about it can certainly attract potential visitors.


As mentioned above, we now have technology that can help us spread the word about our businesses. SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be an intimidating big word for an entrepreneur. However, you really don’t have to dive into a lot to know what SEO is.

SEO is basically tweaking what you have(your blog and listings) to make it to the first page of a SERP or a search engine results page. Sites that make it to the first page have the best visibility and traffic online. However, you need to optimize your site or blog to fit a search engine’s criteria before you can even make it to that stage. This is what SEO is.

SEO might sound like a lot of work(and it is), but again you don’t have to do it all yourself. With a team that specializes in Vacation Rental SEO, you surely see some positive results. Although spreading word about your property still works, you can’t solely rely on that nowadays. You have to up your game with SEO and other forms of tech to get your property out there.

Word of Mouth

In the old days, people didn’t have all the gadgets and technology to attract customers. All people had to rely on was word of mouth. Despite having better alternatives nowadays, word of mouth still works. 

With your property, a guest with a positive experience will always spread the word about your place. This fact is the reason why that first guest is so important to please. Do a lot to impress them, and your place’s reputation will slowly start to grow.


Having a property that’ll serve as a personal vacation spot is a blessing not everyone has. Make the most of your property and let it generate income by renting it out to guests. This way, your property is making money while you aren’t using it. The methods above will surely get your place out in the market for potential guests to see and visit.

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