How to Get Massive Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly-engaging visual search engine and with 444 million monthly active users worldwide, and many use it for business!

How to Get Massive Followers on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly-engaging visual search engine and with 444 million monthly active users worldwide, many people use it to promote their business. However, you need to have a sufficient number of followers that can ultimately help you go viral. Although you can also take help from tools like Pinterest growth by PinGrowth which helps you gain followers every month organically, the best thing about Pinterest is that most of the traffic comes organically from Google too.

Now it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to put any effort as there are plenty of ways that can help you get massive followers on Pinterest fast. If you’re interested in knowing them, keep reading this article.

Post Original Content

Although it’s okay to take inspiration from some of the trendy pins, you shouldn’t copy-paste the exact same idea when creating your content. Think this way – you don’t want to post the same thing on your profile which has already gained massive user attention.

In order to increase your following fast, you need to post something unique and original. For this purpose, you can save your own inspirations immediately to your phone when they pop up in your mind.

Self-Promote Your Pinterest Account for Free

If you have a lot of followers on your other social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram, you can share a link of one of your best pins and ask your followers there to follow you on Pinterest for similar exciting content.

However, you shouldn’t over-promote your account, as this won’t help you in enticing your followers down the line.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

This strategy also requires you to get help from your other social media accounts, like Instagram or Facebook. You can run a contest or giveaway, and you should ask your followers to follow you on your Pinterest account or tag two to three friends on one of your pins in order to enter the contest.

This strategy will definitely give a boost to your Pinterest account, and you will be able to witness a tremendous increase in your followers.

Make Sure Your Pins Are Aesthetically-Pleasing

The first thing that attracts a user to click a pin is its visuals. The more the clicks, the higher the chances are for you to gain a new follower and even make your pins go viral.   

Therefore, to attract the user’s attention at a glance, you need to ensure your pins have a vibrant-colored theme with high-quality images and easy-to-read text. Pins with text tend to get more attention than others. Therefore, incorporating such tips will help you get a lot of repins and, therefore, more followers.

Optimize Your Pins

As you would optimize your blog posts to rank on the search engine, you should do the same with your pins if you want them to show on top of the already “busy” search result.

The right and relevant keywords and hashtags will be your best friend here. For hashtags, you can search what hashtags other top-ranking pinners in the same niche are using for their pins.

Whereas, for keywords, you need to see the automatic suggestions in the search bar. For instance, if you are about to upload “summer outfits”, you can type the same in the search bar and automatic suggestions will show you what most of the people search for when they type “summer outfits”.

You can then use these keywords in the title and description of your pins and your boards as well. This will make your pins more discoverable and will help you increase followers fast.   

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