How to Fight Back Against Baldness

Wondering how to fight back against baldness? Unlike grey hair and wrinkles, fighting against hair loss is much more difficult.

Aging is a natural process, but it can also come as a shock. This is made even worse with how often incredible-looking celebrities appear on every gossip mag and entertainment channel we see. When you start noticing fine lines, gray hair, or even worse, hair loss, it can feel like your days are numbered.

This isn’t true at all. The only difference between you and those stunning celebrities is how much money they’ve invested into their looks. Money that you too can also invest in yourself. To save, of course, you’ll want to be selective in which treatments you choose. For those on a budget, getting rid of gray hair can be very cost effective by going to the local pharmacy and picking up some hair dye, but unfortunately, those fighting against baldness will need a more comprehensive approach.

Causes of Hair Loss

There are many different causes of hair loss. The most common reason, unfortunately, is genetics or hormones. Other causes include stress, diet, malnutrition, and even medication. To help you to understand the cause of your own hair loss, it’s a good idea to improve your diet, care for your scalp with oil and massage treatments, and work on cutting out as many serious chronic stressors in your life as you can. Medication will need to be discussed with your doctor. There may be an alternative to your medication that you can take instead that won’t cause your hair to fall out.

Routine Changes to Make

There are several changes to your routine that you’re going to need to make immediately. The first is to boost the amount of vitamin E and omega-3 that you get in your diet. You can do this by eating whole foods, or with supplements (or even both). You should also see if rosemary oil or minoxidil treatments can help to promote hair growth in your scalp and boost the health of your hair. Mostly, however, you’ll want to try to de-stress. The most effective way to do this is to remove the chronic stressors from your life. This will typically be your job if you feel stuck in a rut or constantly burnt out.

Professional Treatments for When the Rest Fails

Unfortunately, eating right, caring for your scalp, and cutting out stressors can only do so much when your hair is falling out due to genetics. Thankfully, there are ways to reverse it. Enter, professional hair loss treatments. The most popular option today is known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. Here, professionals remove hair follicles from a donor area of your head (usually the back of your head) and transplant it to where your hair has thinned out.

Alternatively, you can opt for ATP or Advanced Tricho Pigmentation, which works to replicate the look of naturally growing hair to visually thicken the look of your hair, even without making it fuller itself.

Take Hair Loss Medication

Hair loss medication can be used to either stop or at least slow down hair loss. It’s best taken as soon as possible when you’re in the early stages of hair loss. This way you can minimize the loss and get more value out of your hair transplant or reconstruction investments.

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