How to Dress to Match Your Handbag

How to dress to match your handbag! A bag these days is so much more than a way to carry around your personal possessions. It can be a style statement.

How to Dress to Match Your Handbag

Traditionally speaking, your accessories would be chosen to do precisely that – accessorize your outfit. It used to be the case that the number of accessories one possessed was actually somewhat limited too. There might be a couple of bags, for daytime and evening wear and a single pair of sunglasses, for example. They wouldn’t really form an integral part of the outfit and really, would be overlooked as a functional item that at best might look quite nice with it.

But oh, how times have changed. Not only do we have multiple items in our wardrobe to suit all manner of occasions. We are even able to access premium products thanks to online retailers selling them at affordable prices. Designer handbags for cheap, designer trainers, sunglasses and more – all can be purchased in a reputable way throughout the year with no need to wait for the sales.

Since there has been this shift in balance with your extras being more focal to an ensemble, it can now even be the case that an outfit centers around a key piece such as a statement handbag. So if you have an item that you really want to show off, how do you dress to match your handbag?

Let it stand alone

If you want to showcase one particular element of any outfit, you need to ensure you don’t overpower it with other pieces that are too striking. Heavily patterned outfits can take the focus away, for example, as the pattern will draw the eye away from the designer bag you’re keen to show off. Consider using Promotional Bags to complement and highlight your chosen accessory without detracting attention.

Consider your purpose

What event are you actually dressing for? This should not only have a bearing on what clothes you choose but also your bag. For example, taking an oversized, slouchy shoulder bag to a festival might make you look cool in certain pictures, but the sheer impracticality of it will stand out and possibly ruin your fun. Instead, make sure that the styles tie into the same purpose to ensure your overall look has an air of cohesion and just makes sense.

Contrast it

Wearing understated clothing to allow a bag to stand out is one way to draw attention to it but equally so can forcing opposing styles into the same look. A sharp contrast will do the exact same in that it will allow the bag to be highlighted beyond how it would have been otherwise.

Pick a color scheme

If you want to perfectly match your bag, so your outfit is sleek and chic, you need to ensure your clothes will tone in with it. Camel leather, for example, would be nicely set off by creams and whites, beiges and neutrals. Considering the bag as an integral part of a complete look will allow you to dress completely to match so that everything blends together in harmony.

A bag these days is so much more than merely a way to carry around your personal possessions. It can be a style statement, a bold accessory, the perfect accompaniment to your get up and also a talking point when it really stands out. Dress to impress with yours today!


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