How to Do a Bedroom Makeover with Modsy

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Modsy is amazing! See your exact room expertly designed in 3D, with actual pieces of furniture from well-known brands that you can buy right on the spot #ad

I have to be honest here. This. Is. So. Awesome. And I have a coupon code for you! Use the code: Tamara20 at

As in, these photos have caused gasps of pure delight in my household and they will in yours too. This is where the dreamers and do-ers overlap. Thinkers, and dreamers and do-ers! As you know, our house has been a work in progress. Lately we’ve been upgrading bits and pieces of our lives that I feel had reached critical mass. It’s making me feel much more possible. We didn’t have a working bedroom closet. Now we have a walk-in. We had no tub. Now we have a luxurious bathtub that overlooks the woods! Our kids went through growth spurts and their pants were so short, their ankles showed.

And now new pants!

Modsy is amazing! See your exact room expertly designed in 3D, with actual pieces of furniture from well-known brands that you can buy right on the spot #ad

And now, we talk kid bedrooms! The kids shared a room up until March of this year. I took them to NJ for a few photo shoots and fun with family, and Cassidy secretly gave Des a brand new bedroom. Des was so excited, but Scarlet wound up with a big outdated room all to herself! And after Cassidy and I got a bedroom makeover as well, she was the only one left in need of a change. And THAT is where Modsy comes in. All of the magic. Look at her room here, and don’t mind the mess:

And now visualize it in 3 new ways:

I am IN LOVE. I am drooling. When I showed these designs to Scarlet, her jaw dropped. When I showed them to Cassidy, he thought it was so cool to see – and to start to put the wheels in motion. And THIS is where Modsy comes in.

How to Do a Bedroom Makeover with Modsy:

Modsy is a way to see your exact room expertly designed in 3D – with ACTUAL pieces of furniture from well-known brands that you can buy on the spot! Lately I/we’ve started to feel more possible. It works so seamlessly. You show Modsy your space by taking photos and measurements – clutter and all – which is why I shared the above photo. It’s ok if it’s a mess! The point is to visualize. Then you tell Modsy about your project and take their Style Quiz to share your project needs, existing furniture, and budget. You’ll get custom design plans. The designers will create two custom design plans of your room in 3D.


Then you can revise your designs and work with the design team or 3D Style Editor to fine-tune your designs until they’re just right! I had to do this, but not a lot! And then you shop with confidence directly from your design plans.

It’s one easy checkout, and you can earn exclusive discounts too!

So how cool is that? Modsy is a personalized home design solution. It utilizes 3D visualization technology to let you try on furniture before you buy. Like an amazing virtual fitting room for your home. I love that you can design and shop for your home, in one place with products from hundreds of partners, without having to leave your home. I also love that it truly takes the guesswork out of buying furniture, which can be a daunting task. It’s something I used to struggle with.

Talk about a before and after. Think about how easy it is to go from THIS:


It’s actually not that hard! Use my special code: TAMARA20 at the site. It’s really one of the coolest technologies I’ve seen. I can’t wait to get started on her room renovation. It will be gorgeous!

What room would you redo on Modsy?

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