How to Decorate Your Bedroom in 2022

By a show of hands, who's still clinging to outdated bathrooms? Yup, that's what we thought. Here's how to decorate your bedroom in 2022.

By a show of hands, who’s still clinging to their outdated utilitarian bathrooms? Yup, that’s what we thought. Bathroom updates are, unfortunately, a widely overlooked aspect of our homes. Don’t get us wrong, we hold nothing against a basic functional bathroom, but come on, we’re halfway into the year, and your space could use a spruce. And before you protest and hold onto your wallet, you should know we’re not talking about the thousands of dollars worth of bathroom updates. That’s right; this is a purely penny wise bathroom decor campaign– all the trendy accents and designs that won’t take away from your bathroom practicality yet still bring a wow factor. If this sounds anything like your kind of jam, hang tight because we’re about to blow your mind.

Four bathroom decor pieces hallmarking 2022

According to interior decor enthusiasts and real estate agents, improving your bathroom is a valuable home investment. While we can list a million reasons to back this notion, we’d rather stick to the feel-good aspect- when your bathroom exudes calm, refreshing vibes; groggy grooming routines take a turn for the better. That aside, a tastefully accessorized bathroom will tie your whole living space together, but where do you begin with all the bathroom-crazed decor tips? Right here, with four timeless bathroom elements that are working the trends.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Cost-effective, stylish, versatile, and functional; what’s not to love about bathroom mirrors? Freshen up your bathroom with a vogue digital mirror so you can catch up on your daily news updates and weather forecast on the go. For the ladies fancying some functionality for their makeup routines, a backlit mirror for your bathroom should hit the spot. Alternatively, minimalists looking for a touch of character in their sanctuary, vintage is a win.

Scent games

Early morning nerves and stale bathrooms don’t go together. Cue to make room for some aromatherapy action in your bathroom with humidifiers, scented candles, and reed diffusers this season. Fragrant infusions have a way of effortlessly touching up the feel of a space instantly boosting your mood, you can bet we’re going to give our vote on this one. You’ll also appreciate the aesthetic packaging of these additions against your bathroom counter; pretty perfect is the word.

Sticky situations

3D peel and stick stickers are making a comeback this year, and we’re here for it. Adhesive wallpapers are the in thing, coming in an incredible variety of colors and textures to replace the costly surface slabs and tiles we had grown accustomed to. Invest in some gorgeous 3D murals to incorporate texture into your bathroom space; if not, settle for a block-colored wallpaper for a pop of color on your bathroom walls and cabinetry. Did we mention you could use them for your flooring needs too? Talk of diversity!

TIP- Inject dimension to your bathroom by installing 3D peel and stick wallpapers to one wall

Seeing green

Potted plants have never looked better in a bathroom corner- quote us on that. Go ahead and show out with mother nature’s lushiest greeneries in your bathroom- anything bloomy, leafy, and green should do the trick. We know some of you are serial plant killers but who said they have to be real? Organic or not, you could never go wrong with indoor plants. Might we suggest going with a pot or vase that complements other elements of your bathroom for the ultimate shake-up?


From increased home value to aesthetics, bathroom facelifts are the real deal. While cost stereotypes ultimately hold most homeowners back, we maintain that bathroom revamps are the most affordable upgrades. Play around with chic accents, additions, and colors to strike the perfect balance for your bathroom, and the best part is it could be anything. Vanity desks, statement lights, drapes, and touchless faucets there’s no limit to how far you could take this; our advice; find items that speak to your style. Don’t forget to draw from previous bathroom inspirations as well.

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