How to Declutter Your Kid’s Room

Even if you clean the room every day it can often get messy right away. If this sounds like you, here are tips to declutter your kid's room.

How to Declutter Your Kid’s Room:

Is it just me or does every parent seem to struggle with keeping their kids’ room from cluttering?

Even if you clean the room every day it can often seem as if it gets messy right away. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. In this post, we will discuss some of the best ways in which you can stop your kid’s room from cluttering.

1) Get them to help out

If you are constantly feeling like you don’t stop cleaning, especially in your children’s room then a great way of having to clean less while keeping your kid’s room clean is having them to help out.

If you teach them that every item has a home they are far more likely to put back their toys when they have finished using them. You can also teach them that they have to put back toys before getting new ones out too. This way you don’t have too many toys out of their place if you need to put them back at the end of the day.

Kids love to be involved so showing them what they can do to help is often a fun activity to do in itself.

2) Get rid of items they don’t use

Quite often your children aren’t to blame for the clutter in their rooms. Clutter accumulates because you don’t have room for items such as new clothing, new toys, bedroom furniture etc. This problem gets worse when your children have gifts purchased for them around the year.

To help keep the clutter down you should clean out items that your children don’t use as often to make room for new ones. Keeping the items you own as well as your kids also makes it easier when it comes time to move home too as you don’t have to carry around too many items.

You should always make sure to get the permission of your child when getting rid of their items as if you do it without asking and they find out it will lead to tears, believe me, I have been there and have made that mistake.

If you don’t want to throw away your kids toys you can donate them to charity shops so other children less fortunate can get joy out of your kid’s toys too or you can even sell them on ebay to make some money back.

3) Invest in storage

When you have gotten rid of any items you don’t need or your child doesn’t play with any more you can move onto getting more storage for the home.  The smartest way to maximize the storage in your kids’ room is to use a stylish dresser. The main benefits of a dresser is to provide a lot of storage in your kid’s room. The drawers can be used for your kid’s clothes, toys, and other supplies.

Clutter usually results because of the lack of storage and most people don’t realise some of the storage options out there. You can get everything from little cube boxes to ottomans and shelving.

Creating storage especially in a smaller home can be difficult but it just takes some creativity. If you do get stuck you can look on websites like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration.

Another solution when it comes to storage is hiring a storage unit or locker. These storage units are useful because you can store some of your bigger furniture items in there so you have more room for everything else.

Storage units come in many different sizes and as a result, the price can drastically change too. What I would recommend is getting a storage unit that isn’t too big, that way you can save your money while storing the most important items.

4) Set a good example

Lastly, if you want to keep your children’s room clean you have to set an example yourself and keep the rest of the house clean. You can’t expect your kid’s room to be spotless when the rest of the house isn’t spotless either.

If you want your children to keep their rooms clean you will need to keep your side of the house clean too.


Keeping a kids room from cluttering up seems like a never ending battle that you can’t win, but with these tips above you are giving yourself a better chance of having a clutter-free kids room.

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