How To Decide Whether To Get A Cat Or Dog

How To Decide Whether To Get A Cat Or Dog

How To Decide Whether To Get A Cat Or Dog:

While many of us can either call ourselves dog or cat people, there are also many that are just animal lovers and would be happy with either a cat or a dog. If this is you, then you can be left knowing you want a pet, but unsure of which one to get. There are many reasons for and against both sorts of pets and it is up to you and your family if you are buying a pet for you all, to decide which will be most suited to you. Here are a few things to think about that could make your decision that little bit easier.

  • Do you like going for walks?

If you are someone that loves going on walks or wants an excuse to get out of the house during the day, then a dog is a great choice for you. Most dogs need walking twice a day, so it will get you out of the house in the morning and the evening, getting some fresh air. It is important to keep in mind that this will need to happen come rain or shine, so you will need to be committed to this every single day. If you prefer to let your pet get its own independence then a cat is perfect as they will just let themselves out through their cat flap glass door and into the garden, or wander around the house during the day.

  • Do you want a pet you can train?

Both dogs and cats are excellent companions, however, if you are looking for one that you can train, a dog is probably best. Dogs can learn many tricks, such as fetch, rollover or paw. Cats, on the other hand, love to play and can be trained in simple things such as to go to the toilet in the garden or their litter tray, but aren’t so great with tricks. Cats can be great lap pets to sit and cuddle when you are relaxing in the evening, while this might be a bit trickier if you have a big dog! Are you looking for kittens for sale? This can a wonderful addition to your home.

  • Are you at work for a lot of the day?

Dogs require more company than cats and if you are out at work a lot of the day, it might not be the best idea. While cats are a lot more independent, dogs will require company and to be checked on. If you are at home a lot then this is absolutely fine, but if your job requires you to be out from early in the morning until late at night, it wouldn’t be fair on your dog.

These are a few top tips that should help you decide whether to get a cat or a dog. Introducing a pet into your family is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you will ever do. They will soon become a part of your family and you will wonder just what you ever did without them. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I never thought about getting a cat truthfully but my brother lives with two cats and a dog and a fiancé and they are the cutest happy family. Dogs have always been my jam, but I love that each animal has a very distinct personality ❤️

  2. Those are really important points. My daughter would always try to train and discipline our cat (Lucy), and the rest of us would just laugh. Lucy never did anything she didn’t want to! We still miss Lucy and talk about her all the time. Sunny, the Yorkie, is my baby, and we have an intense bond. (Maybe a little too intense. When I’m gone, my husband says Sunny goes on a “mom hunt” the whole time.) Dogs and cats are so different, and I love them both so much.

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