How to Deal With Your Teen’s YouTube Addiction

Treat your kids’ YouTube addiction by doing these methods! The new era of modernity has begun when we are more focused on our small devices.

The new era of modernity has begun when we are more focused on our small devices. Back in the day, there wasn’t a platform to make, share, and gather ideas from all over the world. Everything changed when YouTube came around. Although YouTube is great, it’s a place where you can basically find and see everything; but over time, people are starting to look for a YouTube addiction recovery method. 

Adults may easily overcome it since they still have responsibility for work and other serious things in the world. But what about teens? Parents feel more and more concerned after looking at their kids staring at nothing but their screen watching YouTube. So, what to do about this? How to cope with the issue of raising successful children?

What Is YouTube and Why Is It Addictive?

YouTube is a video-sharing platform where everyone can make and share their own content. Some users who successfully made entertaining, viral, or relatable content have gained millions of subscribers on YouTube. What makes it so addictive is the kind of content you can find there. It’s basically limitless.

The algorithm will follow your personal preferences and will show you videos that are related to your liking or hobbies. Thus, you can basically watch an unending list of content that’s suitable for you.

The charm of YouTube also comes from the YouTubers, the content creators on YouTube. Your kids might’ve been a fan of one of the YouTubers, and as a fan, it always feels so addictive to watch new videos uploaded by your favorite YouTuber. This is the reason that causes the strange addiction YouTube.

Overcoming YouTube Addiction

Parents can feel overwhelmed in taking care of their kids’ addiction, but it’s still possible to make changes. IIf you sense the YouTube addiction symptoms, you can start using the monitoring apps, like iKeyMonitor app, which can help them in overcoming this problem through its notable features, such as:

  • Blocking access to a certain app. Most teens usually play games on their devices. If you feel that their grades are slowly worsening after they play certain games for an excessive amount of time, you can block access to an app.
  • You can check your kid’s browser history and see whether there is something inappropriate comes up.
  • Setting a reminder, which limits the device usage.
  • Set a limit on what kind of content they can watch on YouTube.

Other than that, you can also take a more physical approach by spending quality time together as a family. You can go eat at a restaurant, go traveling outside the city, and make a new experience by doing new activities together, like biking, surfing, paragliding, and others.

Identifying YouTube Addiction

So, after knowing about how to get rid of YouTube addiction, you may learn more about the signs of a YouTube addiction to prevent the same thing from happening in the future. If your kids are starting to watch YouTube excessively, it could be an early sign of an addiction.

An addiction will keep worsening if the kids can’t really cut the time to go off the device, as if their hands are glued to it. It’s easy to notice this, but most parents are usually busy with their own things, so even clear signs like this are missable.

If your kids are abandoning their duty as students by not doing any homework, not helping with chores, or simply doing nothing at all but watching YouTube, it’s another clear sign of YouTube addiction.

Kids can also feel depressed, although the signs aren’t as clear as the ones adults feel. If they become angry, sad, or frustrated when separated from YouTube, yes, it’s another clear sign of YouTube addition.


YouTube, or social media platforms in general, isn’t usually bad. They could offer new information we need. They can entertain us with colorful content they can always provide. But once things turn uncontrollable, when we can’t really do anything but watch YouTube, it is a bad sign of addiction. So, parents need to know about this and work their hardest to prevent the addiction from happening.

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