How to Create Beautiful Photos for Instagram

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How to Create Beautiful Photos for Instagram:

When you browse through Instagram, you’re likely to come across a few feeds that stand out instantly. What makes some feeds catch your attention as you scroll depends a lot on their aesthetic appeal.

While Instagram may have given aesthetic photography a whole new meaning, creating a beautiful Insta feed is more than just taking pictures, and sometimes getting the right clicks may not be easy.

Therefore, to help you create beautiful photos for Instagram, we’ve put together a few tips and ideas that are sure to get your Insta feed lots of attention and appreciation.

  • Set Up Your Phone 

Even before you start taking photos for your Insta feed, make sure to check the settings of your phone’s camera and adjust it accordingly. You may need to consider the two critical things while setting up your phone’s camera through exposure and HDR settings.

Most mobile phones tend to over-expose shots, leading to over-highlighted areas. To avoid this, change your exposure settings so that your photos are slightly underexposed.

HDR or high-definition range is often challenging to work with if you’re an amateur photographer. It may make your pictures look unnatural and overly defined. You can avoid this by switching off your HDR settings.

  • Focus on the Composition 

For beautiful photography on Instagram, the first step is creating the right picture composition. One of the sure signs of excellent photo composition is its ability to hold the viewers’ attention and nudge them to explore the image.

To start with, you may use the rule of thirds, a classic photo composition rule that can help improve your pictures. The rule of thirds is especially beneficial for beginners. Nowadays, several phones have an overlay of gridlines of the rule in their camera settings. If you have the gridline setting in your phone camera, you may use it to compose pictures.

Using the rule of thirds will make photo composition easier for you and will help you learn photo composition quickly. However, though the rule of thirds is a great way to start photo compositions, you may get creative and try different ways to compose your Instagram photos.

  • Create a Style 

To target a particular niche and get them interested in following your feeds, considering creating your unique Instagram style that reflects through your feeds, picture styling, and brand identity.

When followers view your feed, they should know what work you do and what kind of photos and content to expect from your feeds. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan your pictures from before instead of just going for one image at a time. This will provide a cohesive style to your photos and integrate your Instagram feeds as a whole.

For beautiful pictures to stand out on Instagram, consider focusing on storytelling through your images. Don’t forget to add a trending hashtag to improve your feed’s visibility. For some of 2021’s best hashtags for photography, click here.

  • Lighting

Lighting is a crucial component of photography, and one of the best ways to take good photos is by utilizing natural light. If you’re indoors, consider avoiding artificial light and sit near the window to get the perfect natural lighting.

To get picture-perfect images, consider planning your shoots ahead of time and utilize the golden hours. Taking photos during dusk results in soft shadows and light contrasts, giving a magical glow to pictures.

  • Editing and Cropping Images 

After you’ve taken a beautiful photo, consider using some fantastic apps to edit those images to make your feeds stand out. Apps like Vsco and Snapseed are easy to use and are perfect photo editors to enhance and fine-tune your photos.

When you’re working on post-production images, make sure to use the RAW format to help preserve the picture quality.

If you want consistency in your Instagram feeds, consider choosing a filter and sticking to it. This is an easy way to create a cohesive brand style.

  • Styling Your Photos 

Finally, before you post the beautiful photo you’ve created for your Insta feed, consider styling it in a way so that it fits seamlessly with your grid, or the first six images that appear on your Instagram profile.

To style grids, you may use Instagram to create an app called Layout that helps you create collages for Instagram and other social media platforms.

  • Utilizing Hashtags

Hashtags are important, because relevant and top-performing hashtags can help you hit the explore page, and have new followers discover you. You’ll want to use an Instagram hashtag generator so that you’ll find the right hashtags every time.


One of the most vital elements of an Instagram feed is the photo you post. While posting on Instagram may be a click away, creating beautiful images for your Instagram feed that are aesthetically appealing and catch the users’ attention may require some work.

Therefore, to create beautiful photos, you may start with following these simple tips given above, like setting up your phone’s camera, using photo composition, shooting in the right lighting, and editing photos appropriately to create beautiful images for your Instagram feed.

To make your photos stand out, get creative and add your personal touch by styling them well to fit your Instagram profile seamlessly.

How to Create Beautiful Photos for Instagram. When you browse through Instagram, you're likely to come across a few feeds that stand out.

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