How to Create Beautiful Home Videos on a Budget: From Cameras to Props

Our previous article pointed out that everybody takes videos when there’s something they want to capture, whether it’s a celebration, vacation, or just simple moments at home to cherish. If you want to create a home video yourself but don’t want to break the bank, today is your lucky day! In this article, we’re going to cover simple ways to create beautiful home videos on a budget.

1. Use props you already have

When it comes to props in your home videos, there’s no need to spend extra money because the best props are the ones you already have. For example, if you’re filming a video on cooking, you could use cooking utensils and pots you already have. Home videos don’t require flashy new gear, and the sentimental value of using things you already own can actually make your videos more meaningful.

2. Make use of natural lighting

Professional lighting is great, but also very expensive. To minimize costs, use natural lighting to enrich the quality of your videos and produce the color temperature that you want. If you’re indoors, you could record near a window and make sure that your subjects are facing the window to avoid shadows. You can also use a mirror to reflect the natural light source. Natural sunlight is abundant and free, but it does have a time limit so plan your recording schedule accordingly.

3. Invest in a multi-purpose camera with still and video capabilities

Smartphones take good videos, but not all have great quality. If you were going to invest some money in your home videos, this is where it should be – in a camera! Multi-purpose cameras are often the best, most affordable option for families. For example, mirrorless cameras, like the Canon EOS R6 or the Sony Alpha a7 IV, are a great investment. These cameras often come with solid specs that can immediately boost your video and photo quality, and when well-taken care of can mean years of amazing home videos.

4. Edit the content after with free software

Once you’ve captured your videos, you’ll want to edit raw the footage into the final product. There are a number of free video editing tools available for download that can help you do this. For example, if you don’t have too much video editing experience, Lightworks has a simple user interface and is easy to learn. You can upload your videos, use the trim functions to cut out unwanted portions, and sync footage from multiple cameras. If you would like to try an advanced editing tool, you could download HitFilm Express Or Double Jump Media and produce professional style home videos. This software allows audio and video transitions, motion tracking, timeline track creation, and even has an auto-stabilizer that can make shaky footage look smooth.

5. Learn about framing and composition

Instead of just randomly recording videos, learn to use framing by deliberately positioning the camera so that it delivers an intended purpose. An example of framing would be when people take selfies, they often hold the camera up high, which forces people to look up to the camera, thus making them appear thinner. When you become familiar with framing and composition, you can make your home photos and videos look so much better than they already do.

Creating home videos are a great way to record your memories, and wouldn’t they be more meaningful if done beautifully and with a purpose? Thankfully, with these 5 tips, this is an achievable goal – even with a limited budget!

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