How to Create an Herbal Apothecary Aesthetic in Your Home

Refreshing your home with an herbal apothecary aesthetic is easier than you think! From adding a few new decorations to rearranging your entire layout, here's how to get the look you want.

Bringing a sense of charm and comfort to your home can be done with the right design choices. Adding a herbal apothecary aesthetic is the perfect way to refresh your decor and create an inviting atmosphere in any space. Find out how to transform your home with a few simple tweaks, from rearranging furniture to adding some new pieces for that perfect herbal spa feel.

Choose Colors, Wood and Natural Stones.

For a full herbal apothecary aesthetic, it’s essential to select the right color palette. Choose wood and natural stones to anchor your look that are not too bright or vivid. Rosewood, cedar and walnut furniture provide warmth to any room. Add framed art works with botanical motifs and don’t forget to include some green plants inside for a more natural touch. Remember to keep in mind the color of your walls and furniture pieces when creating the aesthetic, as these should be complementary.

Incorporate Interesting Textiles and Lighting.

When going for the herbal apothecary aesthetic, try to incorporate interesting textiles and lighting. Layer up your furniture pieces with a combination of natural linen, soft cotton velvet and cozy wool throws to add texture, warmth and depth. Make use of raw materials as much as possible – think unfinished wood shelves; wicker baskets; unglazed terracotta pots; jute and hemp rugs, etc. Finish off your look by adding some elegant lights such as wall sconces in a brushed brass or copper tone for an extra dose of warmth.

Include Live Plants or Faux Greenery.

Nothing says herb-inspired quite like the presence of real plants. However, if you’re not the best at keeping them alive (or don’t have any natural light or space in your home to tend to them), adding faux greenery is an excellent alternative that will last much longer. Succulents, ferns and ivy in porcelain planters are some of our favorites that go perfectly with the herbal apothecary aesthetic!

Bring Isolation to Life With Natural Fragrances.

The little things like candles, diffusers, and aroma-therapeutic bath oils bring a special touch to the space. Look for natural fragrances from plants such as lavender and rose that can invoke calming vibes into your home while promoting relaxation and grounding. Select carefully and make sure all of your scents are aligned with one another so they don’t clash in your home.

Utilize Glass Jars & Bottles for Storage Solutions & Decoration.

No herbal apothecary is complete without a collection of glass jars and bottles. They add a beautiful touch whether used for storage solutions or purely for decoration. You can also use them to create unique designs by adding sand, stones, herbs, and other organic elements to the bottom of each jar or bottle. Not only do they look great but they also provide functions such as keeping your herbs pressed fresh and easy to access while creating a charming visual aesthetic to your home.

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