How to Create a Stylish and Functional Crèche

There are many ways to fuse style and function in the creation of a crèche for your baby, and this guide will show you how. 

There’s a famous design motto: “form follows function”. What’s meant by this neat saying is that items should always be functional, and how they look should only be decided when their initial functionality is confirmed. This is especially the case in baby products, which must be rigorously tested for safety before they’re embellished with any patterns, designs, and logos to make them more aesthetically attractive. Still, there are many ways to fuse style and function in the creation of a crèche for your baby, and this guide will show you how. 


Most crèches are created in an unused room in the home, preferably next door to the parental bedroom. With your baby approaching, you have the opportunity to make this room as you wish it to look and feel. Concentrate on the walls and ceiling, painting them in calming, warm colors. Also, concentrate on natural and artificial light to ensure your baby will be able to sleep at the right moments and see at the right moments. Finally, consider the security aspects of the room, including fire hazards and the entryway, in order to make your crèche as safe as possible for your newborn. 


There’s one vital item of furniture for the crèche, and that’s a crib. Other than that, you might want to arrange a table to change your baby’s diaper easily and a seat of some description on which you can feed your child. Consider purchasing additional handy products like attractive storage bins from websites such as Crane Baby, which specialize in products that can help make parents’ lives easier while also looking stylish and matching with the overall aesthetic you’ve set up in your crèche. The sooner you search for furniture and furnishings, the more options you’ll find that’ll put your taste and the requirements of your crèche. 

First Weeks

During the first weeks after the birth of your baby, you’ll learn what you got right about your crèche, what furniture would really make your life easier, and what you should tweak to make things a little more functional. This could be everything from finding a portable crib that you can easily wheel into your bedroom to adding a blackout blind to your window to help your baby get a little more sleep. Consider sound insulation, too, which could help your baby sleep undisturbed if they’re regularly waking up in the middle of the night. 

Maturing Babies

Babies mature fast. Before you know it, they’re on their second, then third, sets of clothes. They’ll go from being unable to lift their heads to scurrying around on the floor with ease. Eventually, they’ll learn to speak, eat, and explore with far more boldness than in their first months. All of these changes will require changes in your crèche, including further security measures that take account of the growing independence of your child. An obvious example is always hiding small objects from the room – and plenty more will follow as you learn how to be a great parent in those incredible first months. 

Use these tips to make your crèche as functional and stylish as possible in the weeks and months before and after the birth of your new child. 

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