How to Care for Your Injured Child

Children love playing, don’t they? If you have a child, you might be used to them running in the mud and jumping. Here's how to care for your injured child.Image credit – Pixabay

How to Care for Your Injured Child

Children love playing, don’t they? If you have a child, you might be used to them running around in the mud, jumping in puddles, and generally getting up to a whole load of mischief! It’s part of what we love about our children – their incredible energy and enthusiasm. However, a child’s willingness to always jump first and think of the consequences later can give you heart attacks, and turn you into one of those moms who is always shouting ‘be careful’ after little backs.

If your child does get injured in a minor accident – in a slightly more serious way than just a little bump or bruise – the momma-bear feelings can become overwhelming. All you want to do is wrap them up in a blanket and growl at anyone who gets close. It can be super hard to know how best to deal with these situations and help your child in the best way possible. Well, do not fear! You’re not alone, and below are some helpful tips for dealing with injuries in the best way for both yourself, and for your child.

Doctor’s Advice

Of course, the most important action you can take to care for your child is to follow your doctor’s advice to the letter. If an accident happens, try to get your child to a doctor as soon as possible, and ideally a specialist children’s doctor! Little ones often have different needs to adults, as their bones can be softer, and the chemical makeup of their bodies is not the same as when they grow up. What works for you might not work for your kid, so make sure you’re giving them the right doses of any medicine as well!

Make it Fun

As worried as you might be, the most important thing is for your child to feel safe, secure and stress-free. A good way to encourage this is to find fun activities and games they can play even with any reduced mobility. If your child is wearing a cast, you can decorate it and get their friends or siblings to help! Family board games and activities can also be a great way to keep them feeling included and engaged.

Good Foods

When your child is injured or struggling, it’s easily tempting to offer them treats and otherwise-disallowed foods to make them feel better. Whilst this is absolutely fine, try not to get carried away! Keeping your child on a healthy diet will help them far more in the long run.

Legal Advice

If the accident that happened was the fault of a particular institution, company or person, it may be a good idea to contact a qualified injury lawyer to talk about your case and advise you on any next steps you should take. Throughout this process, remember to keep talking to your child and checking they are okay with any part of the claim they may need to be involved with! The health and feelings of your child must always come first.

Hands Off

Even without pursuing any legal claims, it’s vital for you to keep talking to your child and being aware of how their recovery is going from their point of view. As a mom, you will become overprotective of your injured child, and it’s super important this doesn’t turn into smothering them. Be aware that at some point they will want to run around and jump in the mud again, and you’ll need to be able to let them go!

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