How to Care for Elderly Parents: 5 Tips to Consider

Your elderly parent's safety should always come first. Here are five tips to consider in how to care for elderly parents.

How to Care for Elderly Parents: 5 Tips to Consider

Caring for elderly parents can be a difficult and demanding task. It is important to take care of seniors both mentally and physically, as they age. In this article, we will discuss 5 tips on how to care for elderly parents at home. From arranging a home to keep them safe, to understanding how best to communicate with them. Your elderly parent’s safety should always come first.

Secure their home

Prepare the home for seniors with other safety features. These include anti-slip flooring and non-slippery bath mats that can prevent falls while showering. Plus grab bars by the toilet and around the sink help elderly parents get up easily if they fall down. Ensure that there are no steps between rooms, which may cause tripping accidents as well once inside their home for elderly parents.

In case your parents use an electric power wheelchair consider building a wheelchair ramp. This will help elderly parents in a wheelchair to move from the house and onto the driveway with ease. In the elderly parents’ room, consider setting up a window seat. It should be big enough to fit a wheelchair or mobility scooter for elderly people. This will allow your parents the option of sitting down and looking out a window when they feel like it.

If possible, add handrails armrests onto all of the stairs leading off your elderly parent’s bedroom. So they don’t need to go up and down them without support from another person.

There should be no obstacles blocking a senior from getting a clear view of what is going on around them at all times. Be sure that there are no wires hanging down anywhere near walkways or open spaces. This can cause accidents while around freely inside the home for elderly parents.

Make it cozy

In order for aging parents not to become bored inside their home, add some plants indoors as well as outdoors. Indoor plants can give your seniors’ room an elegant touch. While outdoor plants will provide them with fresh air when they walk outside. If possible, also add comfortable chairs that match each other around the trees in your elderly parent’s backyard. So that they have somewhere relaxing to rest on sunny days out there too. To make the outdoor space even cozier for aging parents, consider buying new furniture that is both comfortable and practical. A comfy couch can make a big difference in their daily comfort, especially if they spend a lot of time sitting. Creating a warm and inviting space can help your elderly parents feel more at home and improve their overall quality of life.

Another tip of how to care for elderly parents is by adding LED lights into every single room of their house. Set the lights both indoors and outdoors and use them at night time. If your elderly parent needs help, they will feel safe and comfortable as long as there is a light on.

In addition to this, elderly people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease need special care. They tend to wander around aimlessly at night time because of their condition. You should turn off any alarm systems in the house for them during those hours. Furthermore, elderly parents also have trouble sleeping at times too. Make sure that each room has enough lights switched on. This will help your elderly parent who cannot sleep well without it being overly bright inside the bedroom.

Another thing you can do is place family photos everywhere where possible. Hang them up high on walls or place photo frames next to bedside tables. This way elderly seniors are able to see other family members and train their memory.

Consider In-Home Care

If you feel that your loved one needs a little extra support, but still want them to be able to retain as much of their independence as possible and continue to live in their home, then you may wish to consider getting in-home care in place for them. Providers like this In-Home Disability Care Services in Sydney, Care For Family provide live-in care anywhere from one hour to 24 hours/7 days a week for disabled adults and children. They serve the Sydney and NSW areas of Australia, but there will be similar providers wherever in the world you are that you should be able to find with a quick search on the internet.

Make sure they have company

Seniors enjoy having visitors and spending time with people who care about them. Elderly parents need to feel connected to their loved ones. It is important that elderly seniors have a sense of purpose in life by connecting with others for regular visits or telephone calls. This will make your elderly parent’s day easier and more enjoyable.

Stick to the schedule

Your elderly loved one’s daily living routine is important too! Changing up routines could result in confusion and disorientation. This may increase feelings of anxiety or depression in seniors who already face neurological decline due to age-related memory loss.

Make sure that elderly parents have some time to themselves too. This could be in the form of chores, daily walks, or even taking a trip out with friends on occasion. Your seniors need this time for themselves so they can remain happy and healthy throughout their golden years.

Provide fast response

Ensure that the home for elderly parents has an emergency button or call system in place. This way, your elderly parent can always be contacted when needed. They should have access to help immediately if something should go wrong. Tell your parents what to do and who to call in case of an emergency. If your aging parent lives alone, it is best to have a neighbor or friend check in on them from time to time.


There are many ways to care for elderly parents. Our five useful tips will help you get started and keep your older adults safe, healthy, and happy in their later years. We hope these pointers provide a helpful starting point in caring for aging parents. And we wish them strength and comfort throughout the years!

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