How To Become Clairvoyant.

Sometimes life just feels a little too heavy for my liking.

Even when it’s plowing forward with fast speed. Even when you fill your days with cuddly and obedient puppies, kids, schedules, plans, friends, love. Every so often, you still get a little lost. And the lost hurts ever more than before, because of everything you have GAINED along the way. And I guess the more you gain, the more you have to lose – and that goes with emotional health too. The farther you surpass your dreams of stillness and lighter breathing and lesser sick days and competence and more, the harder it feels to lose it all, or just feel like it. Sometimes fulfilling dreams feels like fulfilling dreams. And sometimes there’s the afterglow and then the crash. When you find yourself strangely chilly on a late April day – so excited for your sleeping son to wake up, because you haven’t seen him in a HUGE amount of time – 30 hours or so – but all he can really do is grin into your face and wander off to find Nana. And that feels less empty than the fact that you’d like to wander off and find Nana too.

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Sometimes I just miss it all – every happy time. Every sane time. Every smiling face. Everyone I ever loved. Most of the time, I’m quite full up with all of the goodness in the world. It’s enough so that I forget what emptiness can feel like. For a long while.

Perhaps I should backtrack. This is a happy story of celebrations and finding stuff you want to find. Sometimes it just hurts to come off of that. I get sad when I do something incredible and it’s over. I really need to learn more of that “smile because it happened” mojo. For now, let’s set the scene with thoughtful music. This was the song playing when the something fantastic happened over the weekend. It’s called “Madame X” and it’s on Robbie Robertson’s album, “How To Be Clairvoyant.”

If you came to this post to learn how to become clairvoyant, I may not have want you need. Unless you want to learn how to find moose. You almost do have to be clairvoyant to find moose effectively. I am a novice moose finder, going on expert level.

The moose story is ten years old, and it starts when we did. Cassidy and I met ten years ago this July and he found me my first moose. He has super night vision. This will come into play soon. Over the weekend, we celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. I had never left both kids overnight before and I’m not a great planner so we had hemmed and hawed about going away, just the two of us, but we still had no plan only a few days before this weekend. A little Google searching kept bringing me to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Perfection. It’s only 2-3 hours from home and is said to be filled with moose. I have seen moose in Maine, New Hampshire, Wyoming and Montana, but never Vermont. A check on my Moose Bucket List, if you will.

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We had secured a babysitter, my mom, months earlier after she had offered to watch the kids for our upcoming anniversary, and Scarlet had mentioning wanting a weekend with Nana. So we took off, with Athena too, to find some moose and spend a night apart from our kids. And very much with each other. The weather was crummy with even worse predictions but we didn’t let that stop us. We headed to St. Johnsbury, Vermont on a totally smooth ride. This was a scenic outlook turnoff on the highway:

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Athena was great in the car. I took these backwards while the car was moving, which credits a fast shutter speed:

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Then we drove into town – right into a beautiful Maple Festival in the pouring rain. And then a moose-related store:

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At our Inn, we asked advice for seeing moose. It’s a real thing with me. They’re not always easy to find. The woman who worked at the moose store told me she had lived her whole life there and had never seen a moose in town. The woman who worked at our Inn said she saw them daily on a drive through some bogs about 20 minutes out of town. I have spent many frustrating hours TRYING to find moose. I have also found many moose. There are places you can go in northern New England, nearly off the grid, where moose outnumber humans. In the west, Grand Teton National Park has always been a sure thing with me. There are moose in my own town, although I’ve never seen one. Sometimes I dream about having Predator-vision like in the Predator movies which would show moose up in bright red for hundreds of miles. This could save lives for driving at night too.

Where’s the patent office??

We drove off to find the bogs. Obviously I will tell you that I’d want to see ten moose at once, parading around me with full antlers and glossy fur. The truth is that they’re a bit funny looking in spring. They are shedding their winter fur and their antlers haven’t grown back in yet. They’re scrawny and hard to find. And your eyes will play tricks on you out there in the wilderness.

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We had fun just the same. There was SNOW everywhere still. And weird, abandoned buildings.

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We would have thought these bogs would be teeming with moose. It was almost comically and exaggeratedly moosey out there.

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I thought about Photoshopping a bunch of moose in there, as a joke.

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So pretty, but.. why can’t moose like warm and sunny beaches?

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We gave up after awhile and went back to town to rest and get food. We went out again at dusk, when moose are more active. (dawn and dusk) Cassidy was driving about ten miles per hour. I don’t see well at night and I had left my glasses at home. I basically just listened to Robbie Robertson for hours. Suddenly, and this was my Facebook status about it:

Cassidy and I just had one of the best conversations of our married life:
Him: (stopping the car) “What is that? I see something. Maybe people?”
Me: “Let me look with my zoom lens.”
Him: “What do you see?”
Me: “MOOSE! Two MOOSE! Holy ****!”
Then we both ran out of the car to see closer.

Success! It was 7:30 at night and I had a zoom lens, and not a low light lens. Plus, a river separated us..

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I got them the best that I could, though.

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Cassidy and Athena posing after the moose ran off.

Just those two moose made us dizzyingly happy. There’s a post-moose-sighting giddiness that follows, and then you crash HARD. Just like after a day spent playing Tetris and seeing the shapes fall in front of your eyes when you go to bed at night… can see moose shapes when you close your eyes at night.

Right after the moose we saw a turkey in a tree. Then it flew away. I didn’t know they could do that!

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I guess you just never know!

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  1. This made me think of my honeymoon, in Deer Valley, Utah, where a HUGE moose was hanging out in the neighborhood where we stayed, just RIGHT THERE in the middle of the road, antlers and all! πŸ˜‰ Love the photo of Cassidy and Athena looking at each other. Glad you found some MOOSE (and had a little getaway together – we all need those)! Happy Anniversary!

    1. Ah! Utah! I’ve never seen a moose in Utah but I would love to see one. I think a giant moose in the middle of the road is good luck for your marriage!

  2. Aww, even the simplest things can make us happy and giddy! And I’m so glad you’ve found a moose during your getaway, and not just one but two! You sure had a very fun weekend that it’s almost impossible to believe and think that those days were over. But at least, the memories remain! All the best and cheers to more years of marriage! πŸ™‚

  3. That sounds like the best. anniversary. trip. ever.
    One of my goals this year is a weekend away for just my husband and myself – much needed πŸ™‚
    If we stay in the area there is definitely a chance we’ll see some moose as well!
    Love that second picture of Cassidy and Athena.

    1. I’d love to hear where you two plan to go! Is it more or less complicated to go away when your kids are older? I struggled with leaving Des because he’s too young to really understand that I’m coming back, whereas Scarlet knew and was fine with it.
      Although he was fine too!

  4. You know how much I want to see a moose too. There was one right here in our town passing through and I missed him. He walked right past the road near my house. He was at my son’s bus stop a few minutes before my son got there. Every time we drive to Vermont and I see the watch out for moose signs, I wish one would appear. But so far, no dice. I’m glad you had such a great weekend AND saw moose. A magical moment, to be sure!

    1. I can’t believe there are moose in our towns! I guess you have to be in the right place at the right time sometimes.
      I had never seen one in Vermont. There are less moose in Vermont than there are in New Hampshire and Maine. And all of these are less than the ones in Alaska! And Russia!

  5. I love your dedicated moose seeking mission. And I love that you found some!
    I know the crash that comes after an amazing time. It’s like a hangover, except harder to get over. xo

    1. I’m pretty dedicated with moose. And cookies and blogging! You may have noticed.
      It’s totally like a hangover. It does help that today is Monday morning but it happens to be warm and sunny!

  6. I had seen your FB status and was SO SO happy for you!! Great pictures and sounds like a great getaway for you all. Let the happiness simmer…all.week.long.

    1. I will! I will try. And today is a gorgeous day! I’ll let the sun soak in because there wasn’t even a second of sun up in Vermont!

  7. I totally was offline for a good portion of the weekend to be honest. I checked in here and there, but totally missed your FB status. I love that you two got to go away just the two of you (Athena, too) and celebrate. I especially love the moose sighting and definitely sounded like the perfect getaway!! Happy Anniversary by the way πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you got some offline time! It’s so important on weekends with family.
      And taking Athena with us strangely still felt like alone time. That girl is very well behaved.
      Thank you for your well wishes! xoxo.

    1. It’s like winning the dog lottery! She’s very submissive and very mellow. Cassidy found her – he fell in love with her photo on a rescue site and interviewed the foster mother to get a good feel for her personality. And she was fostered with three kids so we thought she’d do well.

  8. I’m entranced by the idea that there is a place in our country called The Northeast Kingdom (and so close!!). And now, I must visit this place. Congratulations on a successful moose sighting!

  9. I get to see deer all the time. I like to think of them as smaller moose. Have you ever seen/heard the moose-goosers? (It’s a poem, a silly poem)

    I loved the first barn photo and the license plate covered building!

  10. Hooray for moose sighting! St. Johnsbury?! My grandparents lived just a stone’s throw away their whole lives. I haven’t been up there in several years. The North Country is beautiful, isn’t it? You’ve done an amazing job capturing it, as always.

    If you want to see more moose, you might want to check out photographer Rick “Moose Man” from my old stomping grounds in Andover NH. He has made it his work to capture amazing images of moose. Here is his Facebook page:

    1. Now you have gotten me hooked on Rick “Moose Man”. Holy cow if I could follow him around for a day. Do you happen to know his locations? All around Andover? If so, I’m getting there immediately. And he has such good info on moose!

      1. Sorry to say I don’t know his locations. I think he has held a workshop or two in the past, if memory serves. Wouldn’t that be fun to stand waist deep in a swampy pond at 4am in the morning with other photographers to await the arrival of the moose? :-O
        I guess I would prefer a kayak. Now that’s my idea of fun, to be on a kayak on a quiet pond before sunrise.

        1. I think that would be something I would HAVE to attend. I’ll see if I can subscribe to his blog/mailing list. Thank you!
          I can think of few other things I’d do at 4am other than sleep. I’d do this.

    1. We actually got married in Vermont too! We did go there again for my birthday a few years ago but Vermont is a special place for us. I kept waiting for a moose to crash our wedding and sadly, it didn’t happen.

  11. Haha, I adore your storytelling, Tamara! I’m so glad that you saw that moose. To be honest, I never even thought about moose until I found your blog. They’re pretty cool animals though, aren’t they? I have seen a live turkey before and it was SO BIG!! Way bigger than the Butterball on the Thanksgiving table.

    1. They’re so cool! They’re even in CT, actually! Although that’s rare.
      I have about nine wild turkeys that hang out in my yard. I always count them too, to make sure they’re all ok.

  12. Revealing my Midwestern roots here… I had no idea there were moose on the east coast! I thought they were only out west in the mountains. We have lots of turkeys that live in the nature preserve just outside of town and oh yes! They certainly can fly, at least up into tree branches. They’re pretty fast runners, too! I’m so glad to hear you saw your moose, and HOORAY for a night away! I know it’s hard to leave the kids but it’s great to get out of parenting mode sometimes.

    1. Moose really are in a lot of places. I have a book that tells the approximate breakdown of the amount of moose in every state/country, however by now it’s dated!
      I remember being surprised that CT and even parts of upstate NY (near the Adirondacks) have a small moose population. Then a lot of northern New England and some western states. Alaska and Russia have TONS!
      Getting out of parenting mode was weird but I liked it!

    1. I feel the same way, and yes, giddy. There are lenses that can really capture such things but they cost more than… my car. I think.

  13. Tamara,

    Sometimes when I am in the middle of goodness, I also feel the fear that it all can change in an instant. It makes me appreciate the present much more, but I am constantly aware that the pendulum can swing in the other direction.

    I wonder what stories those abandoned buildings held.

    Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful celebration.

    1. It makes me sad that I think that way but every time I’m having this wonderful time with the kids, I stop and think, “This won’t last forever! They will leave home!” Ugh, I wish I didn’t do that because the present is quite beautiful and not as short as I think.

    1. When they’re babies, they are SO adorable. It’s a bit like a baby deer mixed with a baby donkey!
      And what beautiful words – thank you.

  14. My family has been visiting the NEK for 30 years and I have never seen a moose. We have a home in Jay. Where were you guys? PS. we travel up every year on Christmas Day. If you aren’t home, please leave key in mailbox. I refuse to eat at the Denny’s in Holyoke ever again!

    1. We were in St. Johnsbury. We have friends with a cabin in Westmore right near Willoughby Lake. Know it?
      We’re rarely here for Christmas Day because we spend it in NJ but you’re welcome to find the key under the TARDIS mat and come in!

  15. Love the barn with all the license plates! As always, your pictures are amazing. I can’t believe you got such incredible pics of Athena – backwards while moving!

  16. Happy anniversary!! Sounds like an amazing get away! I LOVE all the abandoned building pictures…I feel like they have such a story to tell. I am collecting license plates from all the states I’ve lived in adulthood. Between us we have 8 so far. Now I just need to find a barn to cover! I totally get the hangover that the amazingness is over.

    1. I just don’t know where they got all of those! Maybe from a junkyard or something? I saw a few buildings like it but this one was the winner.

  17. Yay for seeing moose! I’m so excited for you, Tamara! I also love that barn with the license plates. That must’ve taken some time to do.

  18. This is too funny. I was reading this thinking, I know she saw one at some point because I saw that Facebook status. I think your obsession with seeing one is so awesome. I know you said that day wasn’t so nice but the pictures look beautiful!

  19. Thanks for the easy listening while I read your great post. I just know how it goes when life gets heavy. Been busy with life and took away from my writing. Love that barn with the license plates. I’m glad that you found those moose after a day of hunting!!

  20. Sounds like you guys have a fun weekend looking for moose. I’m happy you guys were able to spot some. Just an update on my son, he is now saying that he wants to stay at Disney the whole day so he can see the fireworks. I also, told him he would get to see Tinker Bell flying, but of course he didn’t believe me. LOL.

    1. Thank you!
      And yes! He will certainly see Tinker Bell flying over that castle! It was so magical I honestly thought it was real. Scarlet still talks about it.

  21. Happy Anniversary!! What a magical setting. You get to see such beautiful places! I feel like I live in an industrial park when I look at these pictures. I’m so happy you got some moose shots on your search, even though I think your quest for moose will never really end until you have one for a pet. ATHENA IS SO SPECIAL. She is a fox, she has to be. I love the two pics of Athena & Cassidy, And the license plates. Love those too.

    1. ha about the industrial park! Well I live in a much more populated area myself. This drove me a little crazy, but so do cities. I’m weird like that!
      Happy Anniversary to you too! I can’t wait to go read about it!
      And Athena is amazing. She was off leash and posing for me with no problems!

    1. Thanks!
      And yes, it was wild. And so gloomy! And I was using just a zoom lens. Totally a different thing for me than the happy, sunny kid pictures I usually take with a fixed lens!

  22. Hooray for the moose double sighting!
    I was thinking one of the things you wrote – why can’t they like warm beaches?!
    I love that building with all of the license plates!! And, that turkey is very cool.
    Hope you had a great getaway and now have a super week at home!

    1. Moose could really benefit from warm beaches. There are islands of wild ponies on the east coast – why not islands of wild moose? Well, I suppose all moose are wild moose.
      Thanks for the good wishes, Kim!

  23. Happy Anniversary!

    That place with the license plates all over it… odd.

    Glad you found your moose! I agree, they should love warm, beachy areas! LOL! πŸ™‚

    Like you, I had not idea turkeys could fly! That was cool to see.

    1. I was really wondering where they got all the plates from! There was another little shed like it in the next town over. I guess it’s a Vermont thing.
      Flying turkeys – who knew!?

  24. Seeing those moose must have been really exciting for you! My husband and I celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary this past weekend. We didn’t get away, though. I bet you and Cassidy had a wonderful weekend getaway. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the rest of your day!

    1. I noticed a lot of anniversaries this week! Must be something about late April. I’ll tell you for us it made a HUGE difference to have a wedding the last week in April, rather than a week later in early May. It was a 30% discount to have it in April since it’s still “off-season.”
      So we did! And now I really love April.

  25. Yay! I am so happy that I was with you when you documented this! I have been following your moose-search and think that it is so cool that you saw TWO of them on your ANNIVERSARY weekend. I do not think it is a coincidence! Happy Anniversary & glad you had some wonderful memories of this weekend! Check that one off the list πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you! No coincidence to me too. I always thought they were more solitary animals but I guess they can travel as more than one!
      Thanks for your well wishes!

  26. I’ve seen a moose once. I was not looking for it, and it scared me to death. My then-boyfriend-now-husband and I were driving one night from Aspen to Boulder, and we saw that this road called “Independence Pass” was “open.” We thought, “Why go the long way on the interstate when this is quicker? The map says so!” So off we go, two little naive dating twenty-somethings, up this mountain path, late at night. I’m sure it is beautiful during the day, but at night on the edges of those cliffs, it is scary! And a moose decided to run across the road in front of us at one point. We survived.

    Happy celebratory weekend to you! So glad you found the moose you were hoping to find!

    1. Whoa! Now that’s a story. Sometimes you really see them when you don’t want to. There are times I don’t want to see them – while driving at night. While eating or drinking (because I would spit out my food!). Once I showed my friend April her first moose and she screamed at the top of her lungs! That was actually hilarious.

  27. “somewhere down the crazy river…… I think I’ll go down to Madame X, and let her read my mind.” LOVE Robbie.
    She knew you wanted moose and moose she gave. AWESOME!
    So happy for you guys and how such a glorious moment unfolded.
    nights without kids is pretty glorious too.
    those moose tho. πŸ™‚

    1. I love me some Robbie too. So very much. This song was a Clapton song, I believe, or it was both of them playing on there.
      Madame X read my mind, didn’t she?
      Hotel rooms without kids – highly recommended. Although Athena was there..AWKWARD! (not really)

  28. How funny are you!? I had a friend in college who also had a moose obsession- I guess it’s a thing! Glad you saw the moose (s)? Oh my goodness- what is the plural of moose!!!??? And Happy Anniversary!

    1. I think the plural of moose IS moose! I think.
      I know I’m weird. There are many of us out there, apparently. I always thought it was just me until I started looking for moose and finding other people out there…looking for moose! Too funny.

  29. Man that’s awesome – happy anniversary love! πŸ™‚ Glad you had a wonderful weekend and got a glimpse of some moose! πŸ™‚ The turkey is AWESOME! I could see photos of Athena all day she’s so beautiful. πŸ˜€ Lol why the fascination with the moose though? I have a thing with deer – whenever my bf spots them he points it out to me and slows down so I can enjoy the view. They’re so elegant looking. Anyways I love animals so there’s that. Lovely photos even though cloudy! Man 6 years.. My bf and I are celebrating our 2nd anniversary next Wed, babies! πŸ™‚ Have a great one Tamara! -Iva

    1. Oh, the moose. It’s a tale as old as time! I have loved them since high school or so. I never really thought about them at all until we visited my grandparents in Vermont and they told us we had missed four moose on their lawn by only ten minutes when we arrived.
      This was before Google, so I consulted an encyclopedia and got FASCINATED by these dark, elusive creatures – bigger than horses.

  30. I love the moose story. We once saw a moose from afar…some place out west…only one came even though I made up an amazing moose call πŸ˜‰ And I like how you describe the feelings you have…almost as good as looking at your incredible photos.

    1. Ooh! Where was it in the west? I’d love to hear your moose call. Might that be a YouTube on your blog one of these days?
      And thank you..that made me feel really good inside.

  31. I thought I was the only one who saw Tetris blocks falling when I closed my eyes. So nice to know I’m not! And so glad you had an amazing weekend. I understand the sadness that follows the end of something great – I try to just smile because it happened but I’m not always successful.

  32. Oh Tamara!!!! Every picture I scrolled thinking “did they?” And I even squinted on a few praying there was a scrawny little antler-less moose somewhere in that terrain!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you found two TWO and that you captured them LOOKING at the camera- it’s like they stopped and posed for you. Just you two… nature and time and all that is beautiful froze for those moments. Ahh…. oh, how I adore this!!

    And then the Turkey? I never knew they could fly??!!!!!

    And yeah… the crashes. I know.


    1. Totally posing for us! Or wondering if we were a threat, which so very much weren’t! Just the paparazzi over here.
      And apparently turkeys can totally fly! I had no idea!

  33. Oh my gosh, that was the best post lol. You need to photoshop in some moose, that would be hilarious. Dang, those moose crashes sound rough. I’m glad you got to see some though and get so many beautiful shots! And I did NOT know turkeys could fly – whaaaat?!

    1. I really need to do the Photoshop thing. It would be hilarious!
      And someone stopped me in public yesterday to tell me she had read my post and that turkeys CAN fly, but they’re not very good at it!

  34. Moose are such cool animals, but sooo foreign to me being from the South. There just aren’t any Moose down here!

    Though gloomy, what a blessing it is to be married 6 years and so much more to look forward to. My hubs & I will be going on 2 years in June. Yay! I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach leaving my little guy for more than 12 or so hrs, if that! Lol! :-$

    1. There aren’t a lot of moose up here either! We do get them but mostly just north. I always get sad when I hear about them around here and I haven’t seen them myself!

  35. Yay! you found a moose! I was caught up in the suspense! And that last house looks awesome. And just seeing the word tetris has me seeing tetris when i close my eyes… that game had a good hold on me for a while.

    1. haha! I can see some shapes if I really will myself to see them. Tetris forever. I used to love it on old school Gameboy. I wouldn’t even recognize it these days, I bet!

  36. 1. Somewhere in a parallel universe, there’s a blogger who went apesh*t because she saw a turkey in a tree, and then added at the end, “oh yeah, and we saw a couple of moose.”

    2. Did you ever see the Woody Woodpecker episode when he ate a moose, and then tried to eat a cat? It’s a morbid episode. Probably on the Woody Woodpecker lost tapes.

    3. Who ever thought a southern girl named Athena would be out scouting moose in Vermont.

    1. HA! #1 made my afternoon. I really hope that’s true. We should all find those special somethings out there waiting for us.

      2. Scarlet is obsessed with Woody Woodpecker. Remind me to find that for her. We’re good with lost tapes.

      3. Athena. Who knew?? When a basenji mated with a husky in a trailer park, and the two puppies this produced ran amok in Alabama, who knew? I mean, who knew one of those puppies was headed to extreme Dorkdom?

  37. YAY, MOOSE! I haven’t seen a moose in years – and there aren’t many in the area of Nova Scotia where I live, so it will probably be a bit longer before I do. But I always used to get so excited when I did. Once I saw a mama moose with THREE babies. I was all alone and couldn’t wait to get home to tell David.
    You took some beautiful photographs, Tamara. Were those license plates on that house? How cool. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes! I saw it at another place too – people putting license plates all over the houses! So interesting.
      I did hear a good story come out of Nova Scotia about a moose trapped down a well or hole, and people rallying to save it.
      And a moose with triplets!!!!

  38. My favorite picture (of all the beautiful pictures…) is the one of Cassidy and Athena looking at each other. That is adorable! Glad your hunt was successful!

  39. So glad you had a moose sighting! And for your anniversary too! Ken tried to take me to see penguins for our anniversary one year, but the aquarium exhibit had ended and we didn’t know til after we got there. It was a nice trip anyway!

    1. Aw, that’s a nice idea! Luckily penguins are more accessible than moose, at least in captivity. I suppose if you wanted to see them in the wild, you’d be in for a trip!

  40. Hey Tamara! You’re on the blog today. I loved getting to learn more about you! Thanks so much for sharing,

  41. Sound like you two had an amazing time! I am so happy that you got to see moose. That pic of Athena and Cassidy looking at each other is great. That definitely sounds like my kind of trip, too! Have a great week!

  42. We had a black bear living in the woods behind our house. He even pooped next to my car and I never saw him. I was really bummed- I would have liked to have seen him from the comfort of my kitchen window, of course! I wonder if bear spotting takes the same skill as moose spotting?

    1. I’ve seen bear poop on my driveway! It’s huge! I think it’s probably easier to see bears than moose, but I guess it depends on where. I’ve been to places so moosey, that I really only saw moose there.
      I’ve seen bears in my own yard! Five, to be exact!

  43. You saw moose! That is amazing. When I really want to see something, it always happens when I’m not paying attention. Yay!!

  44. Definitely missing the wilderness right now!!! I haven’t left LA since December, so I think it’s about time I get back to nature…. VACATION where art thou! I need to go hang out with my MOOSE FRIENDS! πŸ˜‰

    1. Aw! I bet the wilderness misses you! Although..isn’t it kind of nice to skip winter in favor of LA?
      Moose is a nice lean meat, right? Ever eat it? I may be thinking of bison.

      1. Moose is super lean, but tastes a bit gamier than Elk and Bison and Venison – It’s still good but the other three are better in my mind πŸ˜‰

        And heck yes, I do love ditching WINTER – however…. Every so often a few snow flakes are nice πŸ˜‰

    1. When I was growing up, I ALWAYS saw deer in NJ. Daily. For some reason I never see them up here. I guess they have more room to hide? I know Jersey is pretty developed, but still. I miss them!

  45. Yay, so glad you saw them! I was about to tell you about the time we saw a bunch of moose in Wyoming, and then I remembered that they were actually buffalo. That’s just like seeing a moose, right?

    That turkey in the tree is wild! A few weeks ago I saw one roaming around the Mount Auburn cemetery in Cambridge. Apparently they’re always hanging out in Harvard Square. Now if I saw a moose roaming around Cambridge, that would be super wild!

    1. haha! Well I guess it’s like seeing a moose, depending on how obsessed you are.
      I bet there have been moose in Cambridge! I heard there was one on the loose in Boston somewhere many years ago.

  46. Yay for your moose sighting!! I was obsessed with seeing a moose for a while in college and lucked out during my drive across country. Of course we stopped and hiked around Grand Teton and saw my one and only moose!

    1. Was it a cow or bull moose?
      I saw quite a few in Grand Teton but none in Yellowstone. I made that drive twice, about a few years apart, and totally different times of year. Made a huge difference.
      I want to go back now!

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