How To Be A Sustainable Parent

Being a parent is tricky in many ways. Here are our top tips to create a more sustainable way of living, and to be a more sustainable parent. 

Being a parent is tricky in so many ways, but with the pressure to have all the latest baby gadgets and accessories for them, it can feel overwhelming and as though your space is cluttered with stuff.  Here are our top tips to create a more sustainable way of living, for you and your baby. 

Use eco-friendly nappies 

Roughly 2-3% of annual household waste is caused by parents throwing nappies in the bin – why not swap to reusable nappies to do your part in saving the planet. Although this can seem expensive to purchase initially, it can save you money in the long run especially if you have more than one child. Most importantly, eco-friendly nappies can be far kinder to the planet than disposable nappies, especially if you opt to air dry your products outside on a washing line.

Try washable baby wipes

Consider switching to washable or bio-degradable baby wipes, rather than disposable wipes which continue to fill up landfills globally. Washable baby wipes can be unique and customizable, creating a perfect present for other mums. They are a kinder, natural, and cheaper option than disposables, and have a positive impact on our planet – what is not to love?

Consider second-hand items 

Whilst you are pregnant your body is continuously changing, therefore consider purchasing second-hand items to save yourself money, and also be kinder to the environment. Second-hand clothing could also be considered for your baby- as they will be constantly growing resulting in you having to replace and get rid of clothes regularly. Consider donating outgrown clothes to charity or to be recycled, do not send them to landfills.  Use websites such as eBay to get a good bargain this summer.

Baby clothes

Opting to try and purchase clothing from sustainable and eco-friendly businesses is a great way to try to parent more sustainably. Why not consider buying bamboo baby pajamas, that are made from renewable and natural materials, but are equally as trendy as fast fashion items. They also benefit from being high-quality, and durable and will last a longer period of time in comparison to their cheaper alternatives. 

Participate in a swap shop

A swap shop is a great opportunity to find a bargain item, and also get rid of products that you do not need. You are able to still get the buzz of buying something new, and it helps to do your part in creating a sustainable environment for all. 

Swap clothes or toys with local parents.

Swapping clothes and toys with other local parents can give your child the opportunity to build social skills such as sharing and friendships with others. This will mean you are not continuously purchasing new items for your child, and they are learning to appreciate used items.

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