How to Achieve Top Nail Trend Looks at Home

Most great nail looks can actually be done right at home. In fact, many of the trending 2023 top nail trends can be done right at home.

Nail art has come such a long way from the early days of a single, bold colour. Today nails can be miniature canvases all on their own. You can mix and match designs, go for bold, unique looks, or keep it simple. There are so many ways to dress up your nails so that they’re eye-catching, interesting, or just pretty. It doesn’t matter what your preference is because there’s a nail look and artist out there that can give it to you – but what if you wanted to try it out for yourself? DIYing your nail art is the best way to start saving, and despite common belief, you can get salon-worthy nails right at home.

Sure, the out-of-this-world designs are still firmly in the hands of the professionals, but most great nail looks can actually be done right at home. In fact, many of the trending 2023 nail styles can easily be replicated at home, and this guide will help you get started in a jiffy:

What You Need to Achieve Quality Nail Results

You’ll need a manicure kit, a quality base coat, top coat, and a nail color of your choice. If you really want to up your nail game immediately, upgrade to a gel nail polish. If this is your first time using gel polish, know you’ll need the UV lamp to set the polish. If you’ve ever struggled with getting hairs in your polish while it’s drying, or can’t seem to let it dry enough before it smudges or gets scratched, then gel polish is for you.

Always use the base coat, then the polish, and then seal it with a top coat. As for your nail health, aim to rub cuticle oil into your fingers before bed. You’ll also want to ingest more biotin and vitamin E, as well as calcium, to keep your nails as healthy as possible.

How to Get Top Nail Trend Looks at Home

  • The Chrome Nail

Many of the top trends today are very simple, making them a breeze to do at home. One of the top looks today, for example, is a semi-sheer chrome look that’s easily achieved by either using a single layer of chrome polish over a neutral base shade and then topped with a milky coating or with a thin dusting of chrome powder. The goal is a semi-sheer, glittering look – and that’s it! Chrome nails are a single-color finish, meaning you can easily accomplish the look right at home.

  • The Clean Girl Aesthetic

Another easy-to-replicate look at home is another variation of the clean-girl aesthetic. Here a polished, natural look is perfect, so find a shade that’s close to your nail bed’s natural shade and clean up your nails using your manicure kit for flawless, easy-to-do-at-home results.

  • The Chic Touch

Even the most boisterous of this year’s trending nail styles are very easy to do at home. Add jewelry and bling to your nails by placing down small gems either at the edge of your nail or by the cuticle. If you really want to go all out, pierce your acrylic nail (or your own natural nail if they’re long enough) and hang earrings or nail jewelry from them.

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