How To Achieve A Non-Surgical Facelift


A non-surgical facelift might sound like it is an at-home treatment without any results; however, here are some alternatives you can try today

How To Achieve A Non-Surgical Facelift

Aging happens to everyone, and as we begin to age, the collagen under our skin begins to decrease, which means the skin loses plumpness and volume. A non-surgical facelift might sound like it is an at-home treatment without any results; however, for many years, there have been many alternatives to tighten the skin from massages, a change of diet and lifestyle, a tight ponytail. Fast forward to today, there are now non-surgical treatments you can opt for from Thermage, Ultherapy, Thread lift, Fillers or the latest treatment Endolift.

How does Endolift work?

Endolift is a minimally invasive laser treatment that does not require going under general anaesthetic. No scalpel or scars are required, and the treatment will boost your skin structure and work to reduce skin laxity. A small single-use micro-optical fibre would be inserted under the skin during the treatment to promote skin tightening. Endolift is a one-off treatment but can be repeated for a boost of results within the first 12 months. The results and course of any treatments would be discussed with your medical consultant or doctor. 

 Benefits of the treatment include:

Minimal invasion

Minimal recovery time

No incisions

One-off treatment

Targetted treatment

More affordable than a facelift

Does Endolift hurt?

As a skin tightening treatment, there can be some discomfort with this treatment but little pain is reported. Before the treatment, a small amount of controlled numbing can be used to help with pain and make the treatment more comfortable for the client. This would be discussed prior to having treatment during your consultation. Post-treatment, there is no downtime, and clients are able to return to normal activities or work a few hours after their treatment.

Is Endolift permanent?

After an Endolift treatment, you will not notice visible results immediately, but over time the skin will improve following the procedure, as collagen is allowed some time to build within the deeper layers of skin. The optimal results are achieved from 6 months post-treatment. As with all aesthetic procedures, the results and longevity can vary for each client, and where the doctor seems it is required, other treatments may be performed alongside Endolift. The results from Endolift treatment can last around 2-3 years; however, the natural ageing process cannot be halted with this treatment, so you can expect the laxity in the skin to increase, but there are many lifestyle factors that can help with slowing down the ageing process alongside Endolift treatments.

Who is a suitable candidate?

Three types of laxity can be treated with Endolift, from those with little laxity to those with more laxity. If there is a client that is looking to prevent ageing or have little laxity these are the best candidates as we can provide enough energy to their skin to stimulate collagen. Those with more laxity with deep lines and wrinkles may require multiple treatments after six months. Endolift can be treated on the face, chin, neck, and body on several areas from knees, glutes, stomach, and thighs.

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