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How Peggy Sue Survived Cancer

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Read and watch about how Peggy Sue survived cancer. Cancer Free Living and alternative options for cancer patients might considered for cancer treatment #ad

We have all been touched by cancer in our lives – whether distantly or too close.

Every name is etched in my heart forever, but the sad truth is that cancer has taken too many loved ones from my life, and I fear it will continue to do so. That’s why I read Peggy Sue Roberts’ survival story with great interest. She went from having two months to live, to being a 10-year cancer survivor. She did this by using natural cancer treatments at a Mexican cancer clinic. Her son created Cancer Free Living and it helps to inspire people in late stage 3 or stage 4 cancer to get professional help. In fact, you can fill out their contact us form right on their website to find out more information today.

Here is more about Peggy Sue Roberts:

Peggy Sue is a 10-year, stage-4 cancer survivor who lives in southern California. She was sent home to die in 2006, after her oncologist simply said that he couldn’t do anything else for her due to her near death reaction to chemotherapy. Peggy Sue’s husband, Jim, researched alternative cancer treatments instead of accepting the oncologist’s prognosis. The family came across an alternative cancer clinic in Mexico, which was having success treating late stage cancer. They got a consultation and traveled to the clinic. When Peggy Sue arrived at the cancer clinic in a wheelchair, she only had several weeks to live.

She was a new person after several weeks of natural cancer treatments. These days, you do not need to go to Mexico for natural cancer treatments. It’s no longer necessary! It took Cancer Free Living the better part of 10 years to find a center located in the United States that will clearly do a better job than clinics in Mexico. They’re better because they treat the root cause of cancer on the genetic level. It’s taken years of hard work to lower the prices of genetic testing so that all families can afford this type of care. They focus time and energy on discovering the ROOT CAUSE of why you have cancer.

This was the game changer that Cancer Free Living was searching for. They do things differently than other cancer centers, and are loyal to getting you the results you need. And in general, 2 out of 3 people responded well to their treatments in just 3 weeks. With extensive testing, the 1 out of 3 responds well too. Let CancerFreeLiving.com shine as a source of education and actionable advice. Visit their site to fill out a contact form for you or someone you care about with cancer.

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