How Much Is a Tag Heuer Watch and Is It Worth It?

The Tag Heuer company is one of the most popular brands in watchmaking. This article will answer: How much does a Tag Heuer watch cost?

How Much Is a Tag Heuer Watch and Is It Worth It?

The Tag Heuer company is one of the most popular brands in watchmaking. The watches are known for their quality and style, which can be seen through their best collections. This article will answer the question “How much does a Tag Heuer watch cost?”. Let’s check why Tag Heuer watches are so popular and if they are worth the price tag.

Tag Heuer History

Tag Heuer is a Swiss watch manufacturer. The company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer. He invented the oscillating pinion, which is still used in the industry today. Tag Heuer was originally named “Heuer & Company”. Over time, other watch manufacturers joined and they decided to change their name to Tag Heuer.

A significant point dated by the 70s of the 20th century when Heuer invented the first self-winding chronograph. Jack shared his innovation with another watchmaker Willy Breitling. They split the expenses between the companies to be able to bring the development to life. Eventually, they ended up with Project 99 that was sooner renamed Calibre 11 and released in 1969.

Tag Heuer is owned by LVMH. Other brands that are part of the group include Zenith, Hublot, and Montblanc. The watches are known for using quality materials while keeping up with current trends. The price of a single piece ranges from $500 to $50,000 and higher. You can also get models with colorful Tag Heuer watch bands – rubber or leather – depending on what design looks better to you.

Tag Heuer Watch Collections

Tag Heuer has many different collections that are well-known around the globe. The most popular ones are the following:

  • Grand Carrera collection started in 1963 and was inspired by its racing heritage. Some of the pieces include stylish chronographs that also offer functionality for diving, skiing, or other sports activities. Prices start at $1300 to go up to several thousand dollars if you opt for a diamond case or bracelet embellishments. You can get this brand around $1500-$2000 depending on your choice of materials like steel, titanium, ceramic bezels, etc.
  • The Aquaracer series is available since 1985. This makes it one of TAG’s longest-running models today. It comes with both quartz and automatic movements while some watch editions have diamonds all over them too (price starts from $2000).
  • Another Tag Heuer watch is Monaco Calibre 12. It’s a classic model inspired by the design of the brand’s first automatic chronograph in 1969 and also their famous race car. Its price ranges from $12000 to over $20000 for diamond bezels or bracelets. You can get this luxury timepiece around that range too with steel materials instead of diamonds if you want something more affordable, but still stylish enough.
  • Link series was designed as an entry-level option for people who would like to own Tag Heuer watches without breaking their bank account (price starts at below $1500). This beautiful piece has both quartz and mechanical movements although it doesn’t offer multiple functions as other high-end Tag Heuer watches have.
  • The famous Monaco series is one of the most popular Tag Heuer timepieces out there. It was introduced in 1969 to celebrate winning a Formula One race by Jacky Ickx. And also linked to Steve McQueen’s character from Le Man’s movie which was released several years later. This watch collection has plenty of models that are worth mentioning here. But everyone knows this beautiful design with a square bezel on blue dials or sportier variants like racing edition (with tachymeter scale).

How Much Is a Tag Heuer Watch?

The Tag watch prices vary based on model, limited editions, etc. The average range goes between $1000 and $20000. There are several different models that have their own price ranges as well.

For example, some basic style models are about $500 while others are more expensive. It depends on what special features they offer such as diamond bezels or dials. If you’re looking at buying a used Tag Watch expect to pay even less money if there were no diamonds included with the piece initially. Newer pieces have better resale value than older ones.

TAG uses diamonds in their designs which makes them very classy-looking pieces so you can see why they’re such an expensive brand compared to other high-end names like Rolex or Omega. A basic stainless steel Tag will cost around $5000. But there are others available for less than $1000 if you don’t want any precious metal on your piece at all (no gold, platinum, or rhodium) and prefer titanium instead.

Tag Watches vs Other Brands?

What makes Tag Heuer watches special are the unique designs that make them stand apart from many other brands like Rolex which most expensive model costs $60k. But Rolex has similar specs compared to TAG which might cost up to $150k. It depends on how complex the design was crafted by Swiss watchmakers (it takes months if not years in some cases to make a watch).


Tag watches come in different styles, colors, and sizes so there’s something for everyone no matter your age or gender. These are great gifts if you have the money to spend because they’re regarded as luxury timepieces which makes them very special indeed.

So is Tag Heuer Watches worth it? The answer depends on how much you can afford to pay but these are definitely high-end items that will last a long time. Thanks to their superior craftsmanship – especially when it comes to finer details like engravings. They represent value for money given what they offer compared with other similar brands.

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