How I Honeymooned Your Father, Part XIV: The Big Chill

If you’re just tuning in to our Alaska adventures, here are the links to Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, Part IX, Part X Part XI, Part XII and Part XIII. Where did we leave off last? After two canceled bear expeditions, we said goodbye to Homer, Alaska and set sail for Seward. We didn’t see the sun. We didn’t see otters. We were booked on a 4-5 hour glacier cruise that I was having doubts about, after hearing that half of the previous day’s ship had lost their lunch.


Boy, sometimes I don’t scare easily. Like snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. Bull moose breathing near my neck, and closed bear paths. Then I hear about half of a boat barfing on themselves or overboard and I think, “No.” The thought was.. terrible. Even the chanciest chance of a lifetime can be spoiled by multiple barfers. Heck, I can be ruined by one barfer. Adult barfers are the worst. Being on boats gives me claustrophobia more than small planes and elevators. I may never go on a cruise. That’s ok. I DID go on a five hour boat ride in California, seeing whales, dolphins, and one shark, and no one lost their lunch. I did get the worst sunburn of my life, though. Mixed with windburn, I had to take steroid pills. Why are we talking about barf and steroids?? Let’s go back to the beginning.. of Day Six in Seward, Alaska. We woke up and it was gloomy.


We were gloomy.

Alaska(Juniper wasn’t gloomy. Our friend/catsitter sent this to us during this gloomy morning.)

I’m gloomy that I’m using photos from previous posts because there was a 2-3 day period in Alaska in which I didn’t reach for my camera at all. I’m even checking my phone for photos I may have missed uploading. What the what? So lonely.

I’m so gloomy and lonely that I’m using YouTube videos where pictures would be if I had, I don’t know, TAKEN them. I’m telling you I have regrets, my friend. I even (SPOILER) planned my last Alaska post to be called, “I Wish” or “I Wanna Go Back.” The “I Wish” is the darker version of what I wished I had done differently, instead of self-loathing. The “I Wanna Go Back” will be just about the wonder of Alaska and how I think about it daily and told Cassidy’s boss on Friday night that I’m going back. It’s true. I am. Enough about barfing, steroids, and spoilers, though. Don’t you want to know what happened?

I whiffed it. A ball sailed smoothly to me and I whiffed it.

I lost over $300. I couldn’t go on the boat. I just couldn’t. It was so dark and overcast. Visibility would be bad. Barfers would be worse. I whiffed it and I thought Cassidy hated me for it and I self-loathed and we didn’t talk for an entire day or two. I think about rainbows and magic and bean soup and serendipity and we had had it a day or three before this. Was the spell broken? Was the trip over. A little & NO. There was magic left yet. We checked out of Alaskan Wish Lodging & Art Studio.

We asked Carol for a breakfast recommendation and were told to try Le Barn Appétit Inn & Creperie. This definitely begs to answer the question, “What on earth is this place? And how on earth to explain it?” Yvon and Janet were sitting there waiting for us, even though they had no idea we were coming. Yvon was behind the stove. He’s Belgian, slightly hard of hearing, over 80 (or 800) years-old, and astonishingly awesome. He frowned when I wanted pork sausage instead of reindeer (can’t do it, Rudolph!) but he smiled again when I wanted mustard with my cheese and sausage and whatever else was in there. Magic. Janet is from New Mexico, and we bonded over losing parents in front of us as children, delayed/instant reactions to grief, and seeing things with spirituality. Cassidy and I got our own savory crepes (he wanted reindeer), and then split a dessert one.

There was a friendly reindeer outside too.

See why I couldn’t eat reindeer sausage?

I urge you to go there. There’s nothing I can do to explain the smells and tastes and vibes. Some things can only be experienced. I can write my heart out, and sometimes even effectively, but you just have to go there. It might have been the most magic I’d see in Alaska. It’s a contender. Sometimes it’s not northern lights or flying above clouds. Sometimes it’s the grand love between two aging, affectionate, and bickering creperie owners. You can quote me on that one. Print it up!

After that special kind of earth magic, we got out of Dodge. I really don’t remember much of the way back. We were aimless and barely talking. We were cold inside and outside. I know we were thinking about the Denali area/scenery, but we wound up back in Anchorage for a few hours. We headed to Kincaid Park and to a special trail. I was looking for moose. I ALWAYS am.

We found this view by the airport instead.

I also saw a man there with two sled dogs pulling his bicycle! Only in Alaska. He wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Eventually we mustered up enough conversation to decide to head to Talkeetna. Would we see Denali? We had no idea about anything, weather or mood-wise. Talkeetna was maybe two hours from Anchorage. We said goodbye to Anchorage again.

Driving into Talkeetna was enough to brighten anyone’s spirits. It was festive and fun – full of restaurants and shops. We found a room for one night at Swiss Alaska Inn – the manager there was AWESOME – and then went to dinner. Maybe dinner was first. I don’t know. All I know is.. Talkeetna! What a cool place! I’m going back for the northern lights and the Mexican.

One day.


For dinner we had planned to go to Wildflower Cafe, but ran into people heading out as we were heading in – and the guy said, “If you have a choice, don’t go there.” We did have a choice. We don’t like bad service. So, we made another decision:

Denali Brewing Company – it’s exactly what I imagined a brewery in Alaska would be like.

Next up – We still have a little magic left. What am I talking about? We have a LOT of magic left yet. Wild adventures await. My whole trip goal was to get out of my comfort zone/footsteps at least one more time. Guess what? I DID! I do!

See ya SOON!

Part XV

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  1. I don’t blame you for skipping out on that boat ride. I don’t have a fear of vomit, per se, but knowing that the chances are likely would definitely make me NOT want to do something.
    I could see why you wouldn’t want to eat reindeer sausage. I think if I were to really think about the animal behind the meat I’m eating I would never eat meat again.

  2. I totally would have skipped out on that boat ride, as well. I am so not a boat person and big reason why I haven’t jumped at the chance to do a cruise at all. I am more of a land person in all honesty. But still glad you found something else to do instead and now can’t wait for more magical adventures coming soon here 🙂

    1. I have never been on a cruise, and I’m pretty sure I never will! Whale watching is generally ok for me – with sun and somewhat smooth waters!!

  3. Like you, I was overwhelmed by the visual magic that was Alaska! I know we both feel very lucky that we have been there. But no way would I want to live there 🙂

    1. That’s right! Cassidy says it has a certain appeal and I get that, but for visiting. Maybe visiting more than once too, if I can swing it.
      I say this in between packing for Florida, which has a better appeal to me right now.

  4. I kinda like moody Alaska… like it’s a challenge I’d love to meet. If I could of course. I’d probably get on the boat, and quite more possibly, regret it later. Hopefully should I ever get there I can be open to all the faces and personalities Alaska wants to show me. Hopefully, I’ll just get there!

  5. I understand that heavy weighted air between two people… it’s awful, lonely, and full of intensity. I’m so super sensitive that I can’t bare it for long when it happens. I’m so sorry you had it for these few days. I’m sure the disappointing things just crashed and burned for a bit and you two needed to get the inspiration back to salvage the magic-seeking once again.

    Sometimes I think we become wise to ourselves and step boldly through fear or because of fear… I think BOTH paths are important and to be respected and praised. If we don’t listen to our inner voice leading us- whether saying ‘no, I just am not up for this’ or ‘Okay, I gotta go for it!’- they both deserve to be heard and honored. I’m learning this as I keep trying to honor mine- despite the disappointments that come with it. I’m proud of you for saying no. It doesn’t mean you gave up or let down or failed at all. It just means you honored who you are and boldly took care of YOU. (Who wants puking and bad views anyway?)

    I’m so glad you found magic again in the most beautiful of places-CONNECTION. I think there are wonders all over this world- but I swear I always find the greatest wonders of all in people. <3 (And maybe the food… okay, yeah- the food. lol)

    1. Cassidy is like that – so sensitive he can’t bear it. While I hate it more than anything but would rather brood alone in the woods than deal with him sometimes. Opposites attract.. I think? Hope?
      I Love how you always read to the hearts of my posts. LOVE IT.

  6. I love how you and Cassidy went off the beaten path. I get the “coming down from the high” gloomies – we’ve had those on vacation too. Glad you overcame them in Part XV…

    1. We used to go away for two weeks at a time as kids, and boy, the coming down from the highs blues were fierce. And numerous! Two weeks is forever when you’re a kid.

  7. I have heard of Denali and a Brewery would totally rule with us. That boat ride is not something I would have liked. Sounds like you made some good decisions!

  8. reindeer sausage? That is hard to hear especially around this time of year. Glad you went with the alternative. They are just so gorgeous!

  9. I have seen those Mexican moose, beware!! Glad you found your silver lining at the end of kind of a bummer start to a day. Just goes to show that it’s there right?! If we keep looking and trying 🙂

    1. I was wondering if those moose were more interested in the warm weather. The sign was not even near anything good – like Mexican food – and I was wondering if it was offensive or funny. I hope not offensive.

  10. Uggh. I probably would have passed on the boat ride too. Having spent some time on choppy water with Hubs, it’s definitely NOT my favorite thing to do. Smooth sailing is much better. And yes…next time is much better than I regret. Because there’s always next time.

    1. Seasickness.. while I don’t know the feeling – only because I have never allowed myself the chance – I can imagine it being quite dreadful. I can’t.. I just can’t!

  11. I could not have made myself get on that boat either. Having a good chance of being seasick does not sound fun and like something you want while on vacation.

    1. I hear that a lot. I got motion sick a bit when I was pregnant – from my mother-in-law slamming on the brakes! Although in the realm of roller coasters, I only just started so I’ll never know if my tolerance would have been better as a kid.

  12. Wow you aren’t going to believe this. In reading the beginning of your post, I said “No way. I’d be sure to smell some leftover barf.” I definitely catch of whiff from ‘knowing’ what happened there. YUCK. Can’t do it. I cannot not witness it. I can not whiff it and I certainly canNOT identify it.

    Anyway, I’m catching up on the series I’m soooooo far behind but at least I know I can finish it without waiting for the next episode.

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