How Elfster Lets Your Family Have the BEST Holiday EVER

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Thanks to Elfster’s Wish List feature, you won’t have to ask questions. You get the answers! Kids work with parents to build a list of everything they want!

Here’s the thing – I have loved Elfster for so many years now!

I have four siblings and we’ve been doing Secret Santa exchanges since we were kids! We used to draw names out of a hat, because this was before the days of the Internet, and we’d leave sneaky notes and gifts all month long for our recipient. On Christmas morning, we’d reveal ourselves with a big gift! This is one of my fondest memories and I’m glad we still do it, only, it’s grown some! In fact, it’s grown quite a lot! Now that the five of us are adults, and four of us are married with kids, our Secret Santa exchange has grown nearly out of control. How do you keep track of a Christmas morning with 20 people?

That’s where Elfster’s Wish List feature comes into play.

In my family, we are one HUGE extended family. We are living farther apart and seeing each other less now that we’re adults. It’s hard seeing my nieces and nephews more in photos than I do in person. It makes it so awesome when I do see them and I get to learn so much about them at once, but I still need a little help first. Shopping for kids can become a seriously stressful situation, instead of being fun. How can we make it fun?? How can we make it special and memorable?

If you’re like me and you’re the cool aunt (or wants to be cool), or the cool uncle, grandparent or friend looking to buy the BEST gifts for the little ones in your life, you may ask yourself these questions I ask myself. What do they like THIS week? How old are they, again? What’s their size? Do they already have that? Do they really want that? Will they be happy?

And thanks to Elfster’s Wish List feature, you won’t have to ask any questions – you’ll get all the answers!


How does it work? Kids in your life can work with their parents to build a list of everything they want from anywhere online. Then, parents can email the wish list to you so that all you have to do is tap into that information gold mine, and score big points with the littles you love. So for us, Elfster used to only help us keep track of our Secret Santa exchanges, and now it also helps us shop for each other’s kids. It’s really magical that way. It helps kids (and you) have the best holiday EVER!

To learn more about Elfster the way I have, check out their home page, the Wish List feature, the Secret Santa Generator, and the blog! All of these are my favorites. Elfster has been in my family for 10+ years now and I LOVE it.

Have you ever used Elfster?

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  1. I’ve never heard of Elfster, but it sounds really awesome. I’ve spent years trying to be the cool aunt and Elfster could have made me so much cooler. I need to use this for my kids. 🙂

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