How Can You Tell if Your Therapy is Good Therapy?

Let’s talk about the telltale signs of good therapy!
Read our telltale signs of good therapy, and how that helps you on your journey. Find out how BetterHelp helps navigate mental health in 2021

I’ve had therapy several times in my life, if we’re being frank. I saw a therapist when I was only four, right after my father had suddenly passed away. I saw a therapist when I was ten, and feeling overwhelmed and anxious by school, social scenarios, loud noises, and more. And I saw a therapist when I lived in San Francisco and I was trying to cope with all of the changes. I also saw a therapist starting when I was pregnant with Des, and having pretty big prenatal anxiety symptoms. She also helped me through my postpartum anxiety feelings, and throughout both kids getting older and starting kindergarten. Therapy is a two way street, for sure, in that it’s not just up to the therapist for it to work. It’s up to you as well. That said, there are ways a therapist can make therapy helpful and effective, so we’re focusing on that. It’s helpful to know the signs.

How Can You Tell if Your Therapy is Good Therapy?

Proper Therapist Conduct:

Of course, therapists should have the proper licensing and credentials in order to practice therapy. And after that, they should behave professionally. This means not making any grand promises, and being communicative about treatment, needs, and objectives. They should focus on YOU during sessions, and they should not be overly emotional. Your therapist should have solutions. It may not be during the first session or so, but after getting to know you, they should be offering solutions, treatments, and goals. Don’t be afraid to let them know you need more.

There is Progress Over Time:

Therapy should come with improvement. The timing varies, based on the nature of the situations and/or disorders, etc., the solutions, the rapport, and more. However, there should be at least minor improvements and steps in a short amount of time, like feeling better, managing emotions better, and feeling happier. Maybe there will be less struggles, challenges, or obstacles. Therapy is for a better quality of life, and good therapy from Calgary psychologists will lead you to it.

You Have Improved Relationships With Others:

When someone is getting good therapy, they should gradually notice improvement in their relationships with others. These improvements could mean feeling more comfortable with others, getting better reception from others, or removing oneself from a toxic relationship.

You Have an Improved Relationship With Self:

Of course, feeling better about yourself is a telltale sign of good therapy, because you will see improvements and make steps forward when issues in your life are being resolved. And this inherently contributes to who you are as a person and how you feel about yourself. As you can tell, the relationship that you maintain with yourself is important. And that’s because the way you feel about yourself sets the precedence for everything else in your life.

Going Through the Process:

Good therapy involves trust, and opening up to your therapist. It can seem uncomfortable and challenging at first, but it pays off in the long run. Even the best therapist cannot help you if you are not honest with them. They need to know how to help you. A good therapist will not tell you what to do, as good therapy is not about giving clients advice – it’s about helping clients find answers for themselves. And a good therapist will challenge clients without making them uncomfortable.

Some Good Therapist Traits:

They are strong in their communication, and will not rush your treatment. They’ll check in with you in a mindful way and will take the time to further educate themselves. And for my favorites, they earn your trust, stick to their word, offer a wide range of solutions, and remain open to alternatives. A good therapist will challenge you and give you the tools to do your work.


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  1. Great post! It is so hard to tell if you have a good therapist or not. Therapy can be a big investment, so you don’t want to waste time or emotional stability with someone who isn’t good. I’m so thankful for the good therapists out there, and for the ways that therapy can help all of us get through those difficult times.

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