Hosting A Valentine’s Day Party for Friends and Family

Hosting A Valentine's Day Party for Friends and Family. As soon as you have kids, it's hard to make Valentine's day special and romantic...

Hosting A Valentine’s Day Party for Friends and Family

As soon as you have kids, it’s hard to make Valentine’s day special and romantic…unless you want to pay for childcare on one of the busiest childcare days of the year.

One alternative is hosting a party for family and friends and all celebrating together. Just think, the kids can play together, while the adults eat and drink, socialize and relax. Bliss.

Though it might not be the one on one time you originally hoped for, it at least gives you a reason to dress up and enjoy each other’s company. Today’s post is all about how you can host a kid and adult-friendly Valentine’s day party that everyone will enjoy.


Obviously, if you’re hosting a party, there needs to be plenty of food. Whether you’re having a few friends around for a small dinner or hope to invite the whole neighborhood for a buffet and drinks, you need to think carefully about what food you will serve. For a fine-dining feel, steak, mussels, and prawns are always a delicious combination that provides a special restaurant feel without the high price tag. As for a buffet, pasta dishes, cheese boards or fondue, vol-au-vents, and more will give guests plenty to work with.

Dessert is where the real Valentine’s day vibes can come into play, though. These Valentine Heart Necklaces are a perfect after-school activity that all the kids can get involved with to prep for the party. On the day, each child will be gifted their own necklace to nibble on. Heart-shaped candies and other sweet treats will certainly keep the kids happy and quiet, too… until the sugar kicks in!

For the adults, think chocolate-dipped strawberries, red velvet cupcakes, and even a chocolate fountain. Anything that oozes romance is a winner.


If you’re feeling adventurous, prep cocktails for guests to grab when they arrive. This list of romantic cocktail ideas is a great place to start. For the kids, strawberry milkshakes with all the toppings and a tasty fruit punch will definitely go down a treat.

Remember, this is your party too, though. So rather than spend all night hosting, why not leave that to the experts? Event Bartenders offer bartending services Denver and Colorado-wide. All you have to do is pick a package, buy the alcohol, and they’ll take care of the rest. When you get Bartenders to hire, you can focus on catching a few quiet moments with your partner or friends.

Decorations & Activities

Candles, fairy lights, roses – this trio will transform your home into a dream, romantic getaway for guests. You can also scatter heart-shaped confetti or balloons around the space.

As for activities, create a small craft corner for the kids, or provide a goodie bag of sweets, bubbles, and smaller activity packs to entertain them. Meanwhile, guests can test their partners with a ‘Mr. & Mrs’ game or couples can take photos together if you hire a photo booth with masks and other props.

A quick search on Pinterest, and you’ll have 101 Valentine’s party ideas. There’s nothing better than everyone getting together and enjoying each other’s company. And, with just a few weeks left before the big day, it’s time to start sending out the invites and preparing the decorations! Enjoy!

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