Host the Most Fun-Filled Wreath-Making Party This Year!

It’s December. The best, merry-making time of the year! So here is your guide to hosting the most fun-filled party of the year. Wreath-making

Host the Most Fun-Filled Wreath-Making Party This Year!

It’s December – the best time of the year, the merry-making time of the year! And what could be better than making your own wreath? Hosting a wreath-making party is quite simple and a great way to get together and do something festive that doesn’t revolve solely around food. 

So, here is your guide to hosting the most fun-filled party of the year.

First things first – decide the date

Plan a date that works for everyone that still allows for everyone to enjoy their finished wreath ahead of time. Usually the first week of December is best for door wreaths but if you’re planning for a last minute event, creating centerpiece wreaths for the Christmas dinner table is a great way to go for a last minute gathering.

Make a list of supplies you would need

Some of the common supplies that are needed for wreath making include wreath forms, glue guns and glue sticks, scissors, floral wires, wire snips/pliers, clippers, fresh greenery, pine cones, fresh greenery, holly berries, ribbon, paper roll etc. Do you need ribbon in one color or two? How about faux berries? Think about it and make a list.

Of course, you can always provide the hard materials like forms, glue, wire, etc. and ask your guests to each bring a bouquet of greenery each. Depending on where you live you can even forage for most of the materials or have each guest cut fresh springs and gather pine cones from their yards.

Location and Setup

On the party day, plan at least 2-3 hours for setup, depending on the venue. Make sure that your space can accommodate plenty of tables so your guests will have enough room to work. You’ll also need space for drinks and snacks.

Making wreaths can get messy. Pine can carry a lot of sap and needles will inevitably end up covering the floor. We suggest setting up work stations outside while keeping food and drink inside for guests to warm up.

Set your outdoor table early so that when your guests walk-in, they are inspired by the details you have created for them. Layout supplies in bundles and on trays so that guests can easily access the wreath making supplies. Having at least 1 finished wreath will give your guests inspiration and show them how they are constructed.

Do not forget to include the music

Music adds an element of festivity to the parties, so do not forget to include background music that goes with the theme of the party. It shouldn’t be too loud, but just enough to add the holiday cheer. A holiday jazz playlist is great for this occasion.

Entertain – that’s the most important element

Enjoy your time with your guests. Great hosts, anticipate needs and make sure that their guests have access to everything they need. Remember to have fun!  So, are you ready to host the party now?  

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